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Bethany Shepard
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PennyBassett wrote:Stunning as always! Can't wait to hear more! :D
Aww, thanks! <3
Tarol wrote:Wow, I forgot how good you were! Being in a music school I hear classical singers all the time. I feel like I understand all our old singing conversations now lol. :lol: But it's so refreshing to hear a happy pop voice in English without tension and freedom that you have! Keep up the good work Bethany. =)
Awwwwwwwwwww, my heart! Thank you! Singing without tension actually changes everything. Tone, annunciation, vocal accents, breathing, and stamina. I miss our recording days! haha (also, I emailed you and wanna hear all about your school life!)

If you guys have any song suggestions, I'm open to them.
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