The Rules and Guidelines of The Gallery

A place to discuss your own works. Whether they may be literary, visual art, or music pieces, this is the place to show off your stuff!
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The Rules and Guidelines of The Gallery


Hello, Soda Shoppers. On behalf of the administration staff, I'm going to lay down the rules for the use of this new forum.

The Gallery was designed for the purpose of showcasing your talents, such as writing, photography, posting accomplishments in your personal life, whatever. However, there are some stipulations. Each person gets one topic to themselves. They can put as many stories, photos, music clips, personal stories, whatever. But, only one topic per per medium per person. That means you can have a separate thread for writing and art, but not 12 different topics for different writings. Otherwise, our board would be clogged with this:

My Story Bob
My Story Joe
My Photography Ed
My Music Mozart
My Story #2 Bob

...and on and on and on. Okay, those are the rules. If you make more than one topic, we will have to merge your topics together, so it might get confusing. Also, please remember, it is a board for all ages, so post your accomplishments, but talk to the administrators before posting it if it is something like this:

"I successfully removed a two-pound blood clot from a patient's aorta today!"


"I streaked across the field at the Super Bowl and completed three laps around the field before being caught by security!"

Or stuff like that. Don't do that, please. It's not nice, people will complain, and we will be on you like a fat man on a Twinkie. That is all. Thank you!

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