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This isn't actually an AIO fansite, but I didn't know where else to put this because it does pertain to online third-party AIO content.

So TV Tropes, to make a long story short, is a wiki that discusses the various tropes, or literary devices, used in various forms of media. Adventures in Odyssey has a page there, and there's also a page there for characters. I've been adding to it, but most of my work has been done on my flash drive...which I unfortunately lost. (I had fifty-four pages of work on there, none of which was backed up because I didn't foresee the possibility of losing a flash drive that I've had around for seven years, and I've asked around with no luck to see if there's a way that file could somehow be retrieved from the depths of my computer.)

(Also, before anyone goes over there, I should mention that it's pretty PG-13, so just be careful before you look around. It's really helpful if you want a comprehensive treasure trove of literary devices to explore and discussions of how those devices are used in various works, but it's not really what I'd call kid-friendly.)

Anyway, I decided to start over, and this time I'm making backups. ;) So I wanted to ask all of you if you would take a look at this list of characters whose entries I want to add to or edit and tell me if you think there's someone I should add. I'm trying to hit main characters and main child characters; I'm willing to add some tertiary characters here and there, but this is a pretty big undertaking as it is. Here's my list:
John Avery “Whit” Whittaker

Constance Mildred “Connie” Kendall

Eugene Meltsner

Thomas “Tom” Riley

Bernard Walton

Katrina Shanks Meltsner

Jack Wilbur Allen

Joanne Judith Woodston Allen

Wooton Bassett

Edwin Blackgaard

Walter Shakespeare

Regis Blackgaard

Phillip Glossman

Richard Maxwell

Bart Rathbone


Bennett Charles

The Chairman

Monica Stone

Lucy Cunningham-Schultz

Jimmy Barclay

Donna Barclay

Curt Stevens

Jack Davis

Isaac Morton

Sam Johnson

Lawrence Hodges

Rodney Rathbone

Rusty Gordon

Brian “Butch” Evans

Jared DeWhite

Sarah Pratchett

Alex Jefferson

Cal Jordan

Mandy Straussberg

Marvin Washington

Tamika Washington

Trent DeWhite

Grady McKay


Camilla Parker

Matthew Parker

Olivia Parker

Emily Jones

Barrett Jones

Priscilla Peterson

Jay Smouse

Vance King

Buck Oliver

Jules Kendall
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