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Oh my gosh, that Puritan church is absolutely gorgeous.

I've almost always had churches in gymnasiums and other super non formal settings and I've never been a huge fan of the setting, so I looooove ornate, fancy churches. The first one is absolutely beautiful. I love. Reminds me of a church I went to in Prague; I could have spent hours just staring at everything in it.

I don't know, personally I find it difficult to really get that church feeling in more casual settings. (I mean for sermons, not small groups) I didn't know that until I visited a church on a mission trip and we had held services in their gym every day until we actually visited their sanctuary. I felt so much more connected to God in that beautiful room surrounded by other believers who weren't in folding chairs and...Christian things i guess? Crosses, beautiful stained glass, high ceilings and lots of windows, etc. (Side note: I really dislike churches where service is held in a windowless beige room. Granted I'm claustrophobic, but I find them so so stifling.) I think the church is a place to worship our great God, so it should be a great room.

But like I said, that's probably just a me thing, and the best church I ever went to was in a gym with a basketball hoop over my head. So it depends.
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