The Soda Shop's 12th Anniversary!

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The Soda Shop's 12th Anniversary!



The Soda Shop Message Boards is a dozen years old! \:D/ :clap: :mad: :jason

I am by no means an older member, but I can say that the time I have been here has been amazing. I lurked on this site for a number of years before actually joining in 2020. To this day I regret not joining sooner. The Soda Shop has been a place which brought people together during its time, and it is truly an honor to be a part of it. I have enjoyed being here and look forward to the years to come!

Anyone else, maybe some members from back in the early days, who have words to say in honor of this occasion? Please speak up! I know you're out there!! :yes:

Let the celebrations begin! I have ordered a full-course dinner and fireworks! \:D/ \:D/ \:D/

I know, the actual anniversary was yesterday, but I messed it up; please don't shoot me! *casually hides in the corner with cake*
-Signed, PolehausFifty-three

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I have a few words:

First of all, woot, woot!

Second of all, I see Polehaus53 has served spaghetti.

I do not like spaghetti.

It is one of my most despised foods.

I said what I said. Come at me bro.

Also, thank you to Kirren/God's Girl/Belle/Doll, the person who is now basically giving this site mouth-to-mouth resuscitation: Polehaus53, Aaron Wiley/Garrett Vandenberg, and all the other admins and mods we have and have had over the years doing the work of keeping this now borderline defunct hellsite going, as well as its founder Jacob Isom. I know my teenage self brought you guys some grief in the past, I'm glad it's ended with me not banned some-flipping-how. Thank you to everyone who's read, praised, argued with, and generally cared far too much about my absurdly numerous posts it really does mean something. I've had a lot of joy thanks to this site and I'd have spent many more lonely hours with no one to talk to without it. Here's to The Soda Shop and here's to AIO, flaws and all, the radio drama with the best writing, best sound design, best voice-acting, and best musical scores of any radio drama ever. There may be other shows that get some of that right, but it is perhaps the only show to get all of that right, so consistently, for so long. When it comes to The Soda Shop and AIO, most of us may move on, but many of us, as long as we live, will never forget.

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