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Bridget Perkins

Posted: Wed Sep 23, 2020 9:43 pm
by Monica Stone
Bridget Perkins was introduced in "Man of the House" seemingly just as a background character to Wyatt's story. We didn't know much about her; she made some snarky and sarcastic comments towards Wyatt and appeared to love her family a good deal. But that was all. She appeared next in the controversial (?) "Playing Favorites." This time, she was crucial to the story. For the good portion of the episode, she seemed to be mindlessly mean. Towards the end, she shows that deep down she does care for Wyatt, even if she struggles to show it through her words & actions. Things were still fuzzy by the end of the episode and it remained somewhat unsatisfying. But then BOOM, we get "Always Home" and "Bridget, Redefined." Both are brilliant episodes that unravel the depth of her character, exposing her motivations and even explaining why she behaves the way she does. I could go into a deeper analysis, but I'll save it for later thread replies. ;) One thing absolutely worth mentioning is Keely Marshall's performances as Bridget. Fantastic. She brings Bridget to life in a strikingly well-done and realistic way. Every emotion Bridget feels is portrayed is so meaningful. She deserved not only a nomination, but the award for best actress in "Always Home."

What are everyone's thoughts on Bridget?

Re: Bridget Perkins

Posted: Thu Sep 24, 2020 10:42 am
by ASmouseInTheHouse
I actually don't understand Bridget very well, so I'd be up for a deeper analysis ;)

Re: Bridget Perkins

Posted: Thu Jan 14, 2021 2:48 am
by Bren
On the surface of things I love that Odyssey has a teenager in the work force. We haven't seen that in a while.

Given the developments of "Jumping Off, Jumping In" and "The Protector" we have a whole new wrinkle to Bridget that makes her an even more enjoyable character in a way similar to how "Wooton Knows Best" gave me a whole new enjoyment for Olivia.