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*Steps up to the podium*
Thank you, Pound Foolish! It is such an honor to be chosen to fill this position. I know for a fact that nobody can replace you, but I shall do my very best to fill your shoes. Shoes of honor and loyalty to Emily and this Klub which you have established when you founded and ran this Klub. It is you who inspired me to follow in your footsteps, so I’d like to thank you for this opportunity. I promise that I shall do my very best in everything I do as new President of the E.R.K.

On the topic of promises, I feel like I should probably take an oath of office, or something. Looking back at our records, back when Aftershocker was chosen to be vice-President, you had him take a pledge filling some of his duties to the ERK. I shall do the same.

I, Polehaus53, solemnly vow:
To burst into our anthem at every possible moment (I’m not a great singer, but I’ll give it my best effort).
To support the E.R.K. and Emily, adamantly, without fail.
To refute any and all attacks upon Emily’s good name made on the Soda Shop.
To never change my positive opinion on Emily.
And to always like the color green!

The E.R.K. has always held a prominent position here in the Soda Shop Message Boards. I hope to continue this legacy.

However, my becoming President is not the only important thing that has happened. There is another significant event. The Emily Rules Klub has turned ten years old! :clap: :clap: :clap: \:D/ \:D/ \:D/

The first thing I shall do is to declare a celebration!


Cue the fireworks and balloons!
One decade ago, our founder, Pound Foolish made this Klub, and it immediately became one of the most popular topics on the Soda Shop. It has defended the name of Emily Jones in all aspects, whether it be from the battlefield, in the midst of espionage, and in intense debates.
If there are any old E.R.K. members out there who would like to give a speech, share any memories, or say a few more words in honor of this occasion, please do! It would be very much appreciated. :yes:

I have also ordered a ton of brownies and extremely large cake in honor of the occasion! (After the disastrous desserts made by an unqualified baker last time, I decided to play it safe.) Please help yourselves. Eat all you can, we don’t want it to go to waste (and I don’t have enough room in the fridge for all the leftovers).

That’s all for now. More things are to come, so stay tuned.

Emily RULES! \:D/
-Signed, PolehausFifty-three

Member of The Emily Rules Klub (est. 2012)

“We have it translated in every language: (กฎของเอมิลี่, Emily es la mejor, 艾米莉规则, Emily Quy tắc!, エミリーは最高です, emilyyay ulesray!, Эмили Правила!, Emily é a melhor, एमिली नियम!, Emily est la meilleure!, إميلي هي الأفضل!, Emily Kuralları!, אמילי שולטת!, Emily Regeln!, 에밀리 담당!, Si Emily ang pinakamahusay!, എമിലി രാജ്ഞിയാണ്!, એમિલી નિયમો!) that Emily RULES!”~The E.R.K.
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