Blatherings & other thoughts from Doll

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Blatherings & other thoughts from Doll


I still vividly remember joining this forum back in 2012. It’s crazy to me that so much time has passed since then. I was 17 when I first joined, now I’m 26. Next May, this place will have been around for 10 years!

Looking back, I am acutely aware of how I have changed, matured (hopefully), and grown over these years. I cringe when reading through the old debates I was a part of, as some of those opinions I no longer hold to. This was the place where I did a lot of my growing up.

AIO used to be a main facet of my life, now it is just one of many many interests that I have which I try to juggle in my “free” time.

In some ways though,I’m still the same. I still collect dolls (hence the change to my longest standing online nickname, granted to me by Kaida back in 2013.) I still hang out under Dan’s couch, and in my head I’m still dreaming of that Soda Shop road trip we planned years ago.

I may not be around as often, but I don’t plan on ever fully leaving.

Anywho, just an update to let you know I am still around.
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