Occasionally, the webmaster gets sudden bursts of inspiration to express his artistic side. That is what this section is for. The following sketches have stories behind them, and I'm sure you'll find some of them enjoyable.

It Was a Riot

As the first official sketch, it wasn't drawn as quality or as accurate as it should have been. Whit looks as if he has gained about fifty more pounds and his moustache is very wide.

Floor Shadows

I decided to take a creative approach with this sketch. It's anyone's guess whose shadows those belong to. This was also a test of my drawing capability in that I had to make things appear smaller as your eyes gaze up the picture.

Falling Sensation

This is a famous picture among AIO fans, so I decided to re-draw it, only this time... no color. I think it was very well done.

Constance Kendall, Private Eye

It doesn't seem like Connie to be a sleuth when it comes to mystery, yet I wanted to draw this picture anyway. At first I had problems drawing her face and head, however everything became more proportional in the end.

Reaching Arms

I've been longing for the old days of Odyssey in which Whit was a grandfatherly man of God. I decided to put my drawing skills to the test, only to realize how easy this piece was after all.

Barclay Boy

Since Jimmy is one of my favorite characters of all time I couldn't refuse to draw him. This one is taken from the "500th Episode" CD but only parallels the sketch of Jimmy on older coverarts. Barclay Boy is the first sketch with total shading.

Just Add Water

This one was a real test of patience. I've never been skilled at drawing anything that resembles a cup, so it took a while to get the shape right. This is the result of not being able to sleep at 6:00 a.m. one morning.

Back on the Air

One of the worst things about drawing is the process of duplicating text. It causes more stress than enjoyment. I thought this sketch was appropriate, considering AIO is always on the air.

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