Adventures in Odyssey is full of memorable moments. Immerse yourself in a collection of the oddest of oddities in Odyssey history, thanks to a team of creative minds who bring the town of Odyssey to life.



Power Failure   Dying of Embarrassment



During a power outage on, the gang at Whit's End sings their now-famous Communicate rap in Lights Out At Whit's End.




Lucy is scolded by Whit's End employees and a host of the shop's patrons. (Choices)

Camp-In   "I now pronounce you Whit and—?"



The Barclay family enjoys the most comfortable camping trip ever—in their living room! (Our Best Vacation Ever)




Everyone in town receives news that Whit is getting married to Emma Douglass. (Curious, Isn't It?)

Pre-meditated Pilferer   Feline Frustration



Odyssey's window washer gets handcuffed at Whit's End in Suspicious Minds.




Robyn Jacobs and Jessie Morales chase a cat to Connellsville in the oddest of transports. (All's Well with Boswell)

Meltsner Murderer   Rest in Peace



When a body is pushed off of a train, evidence points to Eugene as the murderer. (Train Ride)




Eugene sees his name carved on a tombstone in Odyssey. (Last in a Long Line)

Ministry or Madness?  

Cursed to Fall



Dr. James Dobson, president of Focus on the Family, steps into Whit's End. (Dobson Comes to Town)




An Indian medicine man creates a scare at Whit's End in The Curse.

Stampede!   Plummeting



Whit's End is swamped with people across the globe who want to touch Jesus' robe. (The Jesus Cloth)




Whit and Bryan Dern find themselves trapped in an elevator during a bomb threat! (Real Time)


Pauper to a Pawn   Aliens in Odyssey?



Bernard stars in a play about himself. (My Fair Bernard)




Aliens are attacking Odyssey... or are they? (Terror from the Skies)

Soda Shop or Childhood Home?   Unto Us a Stewart Is Born



A man walks into Whit's End and claims he used to live there. (The Mysterious Stranger)




During a live Christmas Eve performance on Kids Radio, Mary Barclay makes a mad dash for the hospital. (Unto Us a Child Is Born)

Keep Those Eyes Open   Too Chicken



Cryin' Bryan Dern takes Odyssey 105 hostage to boost station ratings. (Top This!)




In a daydream of epic proportions, Edwin Blackgaard finds himself tarred and feathered by angry Odyssey residents. (Welcome Home, Mr. Blackgaard)

Broken Vows   Meltsner to Monk



Eugene crashes his future father in-law's wedding ceremony. (The Right Choice)




Eugene's closest friends imagine what it would be like if Eugene joined a monastery. (Solitary Refinement)

Checkmate   Touched by an Angel



Eugene takes a game of chess just a little too seriously. (Poor Loser)




An angel visits Odyssey to relay important messages. (Malachi's Message)

A World with Two Moons   Sugarcoated Madness



A stranger tells Tom Riley about strange new worlds. (Passages: Fletcher's Rebellion)




The kids of Odyssey revolt when impending doom is closing in on the town's right to have fun. (The Y.A.K. Problem)

For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll   "It Was a Riot"



Temporarily, that is. Connie and Eugene find themselves in love in I Slap Floor.




Odyssey's citizens break out in a riot over Novacom's television programming. (Green Eyes and Yellow Tulips)

All in a Black Box   Technology is Killing Us



Odyssey becomes concerned when a strange wave of irritable behavior and violence makes its way to the town's unknowing victims. (The Black Veil)




Tom Riley saves the world from mind control, with the help of Whit and Jason. (Exit)

All in the Name of Fun   Is It Worth It?



A disguised Whit chases Wooton and Talia through obstacles with a climactic splash. (For the Fun of It)




Wooton chases Bernard for two miles to Trickle Lake for a brownie. (Do Or Diet)

Lights, Camera, Action!   Dare to Love Your Hair



The Washington family finds out they're stars on a reality television show. (The Mystery at Tin Flat)




Mandy and Jared star in a "Hoorah Hair" commercial. (Split Ends)

Wedding Nerves   Epiphany Moment



Eugene and Katrina show up late to their own wedding, even though they are already married. (For Better or For Worse)




Connie and Eugene discover that they had met years before moving to Odyssey. (The Champ of the Camp)

Deja Vu   Indigestable Chaos



Eugene finds his name written on a tombstone in Odyssey Cemetery. (A Time for Action)




The Washingtons and Rathbones make a scene at a local restaurant. (My Favorite Thing)

Clean Those Windows, Walton   Nervous Breakdown



The Powerboy symbol for "help" appears on windows all across Odyssey. (The Other Side of the Glass)




Connie Kendall finds herself on an ice cream dish temper tantrum during an identity crisis (The Inspiration Station)

The Birds   Frozen in Time



Birds in Odyssey take flight and find a strange attraction to Eugene Meltsner's head. (For the Birds)




The Odyssey clock tower keeps getting reset to 11:45. (The Mystery of the Clock Tower)


Do you know of an Oddities in Odyssey moment we've overlooked? Share it with us and we'll add it to the list... if it's odd enough!


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