Adventures in Odyssey fans to the extreme

For almost 25 years, Adventures in Odyssey has inspired thousands, if not millions, of people. The Christian values and themes presented in each episode have helped families everywhere. Fans admit that they can actually relate to the characters, and Odyssey is what they're looking for on the road map. And now there's a place to speak out our fan-dom. A place to admit we've collected all the albums. A place to believe Mr. Whittaker is real. A place to hope Eugene will continue speaking in another language. A place to sign... the Fan List.




871.  Alyssa, Kentucky     SEPTEMBER 2, 2012

Adventures in Odyssey is a fun, creative show that encourages the listeners to think about the morals and about their relationship with God. I really appreciate this show, and I recommend it to anyone. The best part is, it\'s AUDIO!! I can listen to Odyssey while I clean my room, draw a picture, or work in the kitchen!! Thank you Focus on the Family!!


870.  Gordon Frohloff, Maine     AUGUST 31, 2012

Our children have been listening since 1996. Every morning our 9 year old asks to listen to "Odyssey" She absolutely loves the program.

Thank you for all you do.


869.  Cocoswis, Indiana     AUGUST 26, 2012

I have listend to odyssey since i was born.I am like the biggest fan. My grandma gave me the first 14 albums in cassette tapes. I love wooton:)


868.  Anita, Canada     AUGUST 25, 2012

I love the show.


867.  Caleb, Virginia     AUGUST 22, 2012

AIO is the best show ever!


866.  Breann, Kentucky     AUGUST 20, 2012

I love AIO. It is part of my daily routine!


864.  Joshua Kawase, Kansas     AUGUST 16, 2012

I b


865.  BIGGEST fan of AIO, Washington     AUGUST 17, 2012

I am the BIGGEST fan ever (no matter what Ethan Daniels says) I love AIO I\'ve listened to album 56 and its AWESOME.


864.  Joshua Kawase, Kansas     AUGUST 16, 2012

I became an Odyssey fan last March. I got hooked. By now, I have eleven albums, the Blackgaard Chronicles, The Novacom Saga, and 15 other episodes (right now, I'm thinking about going on 17...). My cousin and I have figured that I've listened to at least 60% of all Odyssey episodes in the past few months, and I can't get enough. On a trip to Asia and New Zealand, I bought the 15 episodes and three albums on the way home (I had to return one of them eventually). I paid extra money so that they would get home the day after I got there. I am hooked. I listen to them while I do chores, while I'm relaxing, and when I go to bed... (I'm 15, just so you know). My cousin calls me her Odyssey disciple, and I'm trying to disciple my family. I have had the most fun with Odyssey ever.


863.  Johnny Sullivan, Illinois     AUGUST 14, 2012

Adventures in Odyssey is my absolute fave!


862.  Jared (Ontario, Canada)     AUGUST 8, 2012

Just Love Your Show


861.  Joe Mellow, North Carolina     AUGUST 8, 2012

Favorite story: "The Secret Weapon"!! But, a Christians most powerful weapon against evil is Jesus and He's no secret at all!! Love you guys and God bless your ministry!!


860.  Brittany, Illinois     AUGUST 8, 2012

I have been listening to AIO since I was born and I absolutely love it! AIO has been a constant blessing in my life for 20 years and I can't imagine my life without it.


859.  Daniel Sheets, Illinois (Website)     AUGUST 8, 2012

Favorite Odyssey Quote: "If we are contemplatives, we are contemplatives in the world."


858.  Geno Majuta, Arizona     AUGUST 8, 2012


857.  Samuel Robinson, Illinois     AUGUST 8, 2012


856.  Deborah, Ohio     AUGUST 8, 2012

Been listening to FOTF Radio Theatre since before Family Portraits...Episode One was on my 11th birthday... yes, I'm that old, but have loved it from the beginning! :)


855.  Chris Doornbos, Michigan     AUGUST 8, 2012

love whit connie


854.  Robert Lanski, Washington     AUGUST 3, 2012

Adventures in Odyssey is a blessing through God


853.  Meredith, Washington     JULY 30, 2012

I have listened to Adventures In Odyssey since I was 2 years old which I have listend to for 20 years.


852.  A, Oregon     JULY 29, 2012

AIO is great! my brothers and sister and even my parents listen to it every night of the week! GO ADVENTURES IN ODYSSEY!!


851.  BIGGEST fan of AIO, Washington     JULY 28, 2012

Odyssey is the AWESOMEST. Nothing can beat it. It's just the best. Plus I am the BIGGEST fan of AIO (no matter what Ethan Daniels says).


850.  Montie, Kansas     JULY 25, 2012

AIO is awesome.


849.  Ruth Svec, Michigan     JULY 20, 2012


848.  Hannah, Texas     JULY 13, 2012

I <3 Odyssey! Been listening 4 years! Go Penny!


847.  Polly Woodward, Virginia     JULY 12, 2012

Hi my name's Polly and I have been a fan for forever AIO rocks keep on doing what your doing :)


846.  Michaela, Louisiana     JULY 10, 2012


845.  Ben Chiles, North Carolina     JULY 10, 2012


844.  Shaina, New Jersey     JUNE 21, 2012

I love you guys so bummed could not make the 25th Birthday Bash but hoping to enter the Get in the Show Contest!!!


843.  Sharon, Oklahoma     JUNE 19, 2012

I am a lifetime AIO fan, I can't even remember a time when I haven't listened to Adventures in Odyssey! Each character is special to me in some way, the stories are real issues we deal with from day to day, and the best thing is "You never know what might happen next!"


842.  Branson, California (Website)     JUNE 16, 2012


841.  Noah Robertson (Website)     JUNE 14, 2012

I love AIO! I've been a fan for 7 years. I listen to it every night while I fall asleep. I have over 30 AIO albums and all of the books.


840.  MarciLyn, Pennsylvania     JUNE 12, 2012

Great job, Odyssey!!!


839.  Caleb Canna aka C-guy, Florida     JUNE 7, 2012

"Never be without, the Odyssey Scoop."


838.  Skylerbuck (Saskatchewan, Canada)     MAY 26, 2012

I listen to a lot of episode evry night.


837.  Pen, Michigan     MAY 22, 2012

Odyssey has been an inspiration for years. Thank you all for your dedication to God's work!


836.  John Bear, Florida     MAY 12, 2012

AIO is awesome!!!!!!! We've listened to it for 22 years!!!!!!! I love it so much!!!!!(and Jonathan Park)


835.  Natalie Graham, Ohio     MAY 11, 2012

i love this show


834.  Charlie Liggett, Oklahoma     APRIL 30, 2012

odyssey has blessed me so well. the first album i got was when i went to the hospital to see my sister and i saw some odyssey albums. thank you for making aio. god has blessed you in so many lives. keep going and god bless.


833.  Hannah, Virginia     APRIL 30, 2012

I love odyssey it is my favorite thing to listen to. I go to bed with every night. I love it it helps me understand and grow in Jesus Christ


832.  Elizabeth Sieling, North Carolina     APRIL 18, 2012

I don't know what to say, I listen to AIO all the time! There are so many things that were more clear through AIO than just hearing them, and I have also learned to much.


Thanks All, Elizabeth

  Emily H., Virginia    
APRIL 16, 2012

I love AIO.I listen to it every day


830.  Macon West, Missouri     APRIL 16, 2012

I am so glad I found AIO! My favorite album has to be the Green Ring Conspiracy! Even though I'm older than most fans, I still love Adventures in Odyssey.


829.  Ruth, Texas     APRIL 13, 2012

i listen to odeyssey every day! i listen to them while i do algebra, latin, sleep, eat... luv adventures in odeyssey


828.  Kristina Fedorov (British Columbia, Canada)     APRIL 4, 2012

AIO IS THE BEST! I listen at least once a day!


827.  Lexie, Maryland     MARCH 31, 2012

i love adventuers in odessey it is amazing all of the adventuers i cant stop listening to them they help me thourgh the hard times!!!!!


826.  Samantha, Missouri     MARCH 29, 2012

Oh, you mean like ordering extra chick-fil-a toys just to hear more episodes? ha ha ha!


825.  Todd Bailey (Alberta, Canada)     MARCH 29, 2012

AIO is superduper fantastic fun,truly making my life brighter and i love to share Odyssey with everyone I know and meet!! Ask anyone that knows me...AIO and Todd inseparable!!! Thank you, and looking forward to hearing more of "THE DEEP END" adventures!!


824.  Alivia, New York     MARCH 28, 2012

Its is just plain Cool and I Love it!!


823.  Candida, Massachusetts     MARCH 16, 2012

Wonderful! I listen every day on my ride home from work. (In Connecticut). I then share with my step-daughter and husband at night. LOVE ADVENTURES IN ODYSSEY. The adults and children all can learn from such a valuable program!


822.  Neicey, Washington     MARCH 12, 2012

Adventures in Odyssey is amazing...Especially Jay! He is my favorite character!!! WOO Go Jay!


821.  Brittany K, Georgia     MARCH 9, 2012



820.  Hannah, New York     MARCH 8, 2012

I Love AIO and this is a GREAT resource! I just Love it I have grown so much in my faith!


819.  Ally, Washington     MARCH 7, 2012

I love this because Travis Tedford played in it and he's hands down my favorite actor!


818.  Charlie Liggett, Oklahoma     MARCH 6, 2012

adventures in odyssey has touched me briefly and i can't get enough of it. i like the imagination station episodes. Thank you focus on the family for adventures in odyssey


817.  Joy Lucas, Virginia     MARCH 4, 2012

odyssey is so wonderful [ i would say a better word but i can't spell very well ] not only is it fun but good to.


816.  Carli, Indiana     MARCH 1, 2012



815.  Z, California     FEBRUARY 27, 2012

I had my uncle tell me about odyssey. I am so happy he did or ,I dont now what I would do with out it. I love odyssey.


814.  Amelia, Oklahoma     FEBRUARY 26, 2012

I loooooooooooooove Odyssey!! My favorite actors are Eugene, Katrina, Whit, Connie, and Mitch. They are awesome!


813.  Kat, South Carolina     FEBRUARY 6, 2012

I absolutely LOVE Adventures in Odyssey. I listen to them during all my free time. Odyssey rocks and the its Christian based which makes it all the better. I love God and AI0!!!


812.  Macy, Oklahoma     JANUARY 29, 2012


811.  Emily, Washington     JANUARY 27, 2012

THE MOST AWSOMEIEST audio thing ever =)


810.  Morgan Grace, Alabama     JANUARY 27, 2012



809.  Kristen Williams, Michigan     JANUARY 21, 2012

I love whits end its so amazing! Thanks for the inspiring stories!:)


808.  Nicki, Wisconsin     JANUARY 18, 2012

I have grown up listening to Adventures in Odyssey. Every December we would take a trip and we would buy a new album to listen to on the road. I remember listening to the episode "The Case of the Disappearing Hornet's" and laughing so hard!!! I love the old Odyssey's and I miss the old Whit SOO much!! I miss the old characters and how much they were a part of my life! I listen to the old episodes more than i ever listen to the new ones...It reminds me of when I was little and would get up at 7:30 a.m. on Saturdays to listen to Odyssey on the radio with my siblings. When I listen to certain episodes it brings me back to my childhood... :) I remember listening to the NovaCom Saga and hearing Mitch and how I was so sad when he died than he actually didn't and he was Arem. (<--? spelling)..I love Odyssey and hope they never go off the air!!! :)


807.  Nicky Sunny, Alaska     JANUARY 18, 2012

I love Odyssey!


806.  Audrey/Ceilingfanlover, Texas     JANUARY 16, 2012

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Adventures in Odyssey. It teaches me so many lessons I use all the time! Keep on rockin, AIO!


805.  David Heinrichs, California     JANUARY 15, 2012

"History should never be repeated. Just honored and reviewed." -Me


804.  Sasha, Pennsylvania     JANUARY 8, 2012

When I was little, Odyssey was always the highlight of my night. Now I'm in college, and I love the episodes more than ever. Random fact: I LOVE voice acting. I always thought the cast of AIO sounded like a lot of fun to work with. I used to sit in my home on the East Coast and mope and mourn that I lived too far away to audition for Odyssey. To this day, if I ever end up in Cali for some strange reason... :)


803.  Silver, Missouri     JANUARY 8, 2012

I just love your new album The Green Ring Conspiracy! My mom and I both think that Mr.Skint is the voice actor of Tom Riley...


802.  Carson, Maryland     JANUARY 6, 2012

I never stop listening to it .........its entertaining


801.  Cinderella, New Zealand     JANUARY 6, 2012

I really enjoy listening to AIO. Great stories! Keep it up!



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