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"You Go to School Where?"

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Review by AIO Cowgirl



I'm home-schooled, so I have to say that this episode is nothing like an average home-school day. It was okay, but I am probably not going to listen to it again. Not the best, but not the worst.



Review by Wendy



This episode was very, very strange, but I found it hilarious! I have been homeschooled K-12 and although there are occasional days like that Robyn Jacobs experienced, I have to say that that is nothing like a typical homeschool day. Furthermore, most homeschoolers (at least that I've ever met) do have some idea of what it is like in the public school setting even if they have never been to an "actual school". Plus, homeschoolers often do a whole lot more than public school kids (there are many exceptions, but this tends to be true in general). But I still found this episode to be enjoyable and interesting, to say the least.



Review by Rebeckah



I heard "You Go To School Where?" on the official podcast. The whole introduction to the show was a constant disowner, I-had-nothing-to-do-with-this, kind of introduction. Dave Arnold promised that all the homeschoolers would be offended and would probably never listen to the podcast again. So after all this, I listened to it, expecting not to like it at all, but I did. It is a little inaccurate but not to the point that I wouldn't enjoy the show. I think the main message, being content where you are and the grass not being greener on the other side, was still well portrayed. As a homeschooler, and having been all my life, I wasn't offended, but rather entertained, especially by the whole fire station and cat rescue scene. Just for those of you who don't know, homeschoolers do have shorter days than the average public or private schooler, but it really depends on the parent for how much shorter it is and what work is done. And we do have fun field trips like that, though I have never helped rescue a cat. All in all, it was a good show.



Review by fan of odyssey



I have in home school all my life. I don't know about everyone but I have books that are written to teach by themselves that just need to be graded.

I understand to a certain extent why they would hide this episode, but it seemed like a good episode to me. And I like the fact that they would try to make a home school episode, so I think You Go to School where deserves three stars.



Review by Naomi Schneider



This was okay. Though home schooling has become so popular where now a days. Home schoolers know what a public school is and what they do there. This show was okay but i have defiantly seen better.



Review by Nikki G.



I wish more people knew about this episode. Even though it isn't very accurate about homeschoolers, it's really fun to us to listen to! It'd be really neat to actually switch schools for the day! The funniest part of the episode is how they pronounce the word "homeschooled" like "homeSCHOOLED"-- I didn't know there was a way to mispronounce it! ;) But overall this is a wonderful adventure!




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