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"You're Two Kind"

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Review by Maxwell



I liked the part with Ryan and Brad. But the bejeweled gifts part was weak. Katrina gets on my nerves soooooooo much. If there wasn't the part with Eugene, Connie, and Katrina, I would give it five stars. At the end it (To me personally) seemed like they were trying to copy one of the episodes from the "W-O-R-R-Y" era. I loved the part where Brad expresses his deepest heartfelt feelings for Valerie. And the part where he says she said that he could buy her an ice cream.



Review by Lee (Town of Odyssey)



5 stars. This has to be my favorite episode since the relaunch. It seemed very realistic, except for the be bejeweler thing. Connie needs to grow up a little I think. A bejewler sounds like something a 10 year old would get for their birthday.

The reason it's five stars is because the parts with Brad and Ryan (I really am liking his character) were really well done and a great lesson.



Review by whittaker96 (Town of Odyssey)


I enjoyed this episode, for the most part. It WAS very realistic, and I really enjoyed the Ryan and Brad storyline; which was well acted by both Adam Wylie and Justin Prentice. But what was up with Eugene's storyline??? First of all, why is Connie using a bejeweler when she's like, 21ish. What happened to all of her Penny Saved maturity? I get that Connie has tried to teach Eugene a lesson in ways like that before (See: Broken-Armed and Dangerous), but this was a little extreme. It's nice to hear from Katrina, teaching in a middle school situation; that will cause many good episodes in the future (and I'm looking forward to How To Sink a Sub). I must wonder, as I do often, the question I've been wondering since Album 51. DID HAND UP JUST DIE? Eugene's working at the college again and Katrina's substitute teaching? Is this some alternate universe of Odyssey? And I did not like this line: "Whit, you've been standing there quietly with a silly grin on your face." This is Week 2 for people to make a case. Or as Ben Warren puts it, "Forgiving More...or Less" features one of the most painfully awkward moments in Adventures in Odyssey history. The moment is awkward because John Avery Whittaker, my childhood hero and role model, says one of the most embarrassing jokes I've ever heard: "Big Scoop? I've got one here for the Ice Cream! Har. Har". Surely Camilla could have laughed. Someone could have laughed. Do we really want Whit to be portrayed as a bumbling, out of touch, geezer? If I remember correctly, the Whit I grew up with was a relatively funny guy who knew how to say a clever joke. Sigh. I suppose even role models say bad jokes, too." Whit is slowly getting back to advice to the kids, even if it's a little mechanical at times, but it's very awkward still with adults. So sadly, this could have been such a great episode, but the seemingly backward step in character and plot development for Connie, Eugene, Whit, and Katrina left me saying that this is simply, a good episode.



Review by Jesus' Princess (Town of Odyssey)


I liked this episode a lot, I really liked Bradshaw character, and Ryan was really well done, they were both very realistic. The jeweled items by Connie were a little corny though, seriously? I would have liked her to come up with something a little better. It was nice to hear from Katrina again too. I think this was a very likable episode overall.



Review by Graces4you (Town of Odyssey)


This episode is one of my favorite episodes from album 54. The bejewler thing was a little weird, it didn't really seem like a young adult thing. I liked the storyline with Brad and Ryan, was relistic, something that your typical middle schooler might do. I liked that Katrinia was in it, the part with the haircut was a little different. Overall it was a pretty good episode.


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