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Review by aiofan



I LOVED THIS!,things i liked:,-that Emily seemed human not perfect ,-that Jay and Pricilla were in it,-the story was one of the best of 52,-the characters seemed more like the old characters,-i liked the line about the movie being unrealistic because the ship could not have survived the attack from the jelly monster, Things i disliked:,-i have heard all the kidsboro boy characters but this would have been a good episode for Valerie to be in., ,over all i would give this 5 out of 5.



Review by Bob (Town of Odyssey)



Without revealing too much of the plot, the premise of the episode is that several of the Odyssey kids (Matthew Parker, Emily and Barrett Jones, Jay, Priscilla Peterson, and Nelson) are going to do an all-night Rockathon for an orphan charity. As an extra incentive for the kids to do a good job, the pastor has bought a piñata in the shape of a falcon, and filled it with bags of milkballs, with one stipulation: To take a swing at the falcon, you must have been awake all night. By the end of the night, however, the milkballs have all gone missing! Emily wants to investigate, in spite of Mr. Whittaker's request that they all come back in the afternoon, after everyone's had some rest, and settle matters then.


This takes the basic premise of the detective agency episodes and neatly subverts it, by the same method that one of Agatha Christie's most unusual stories is renowned for. It offers up a truly interesting, and seemingly impossible crime -- I was genuinely eager to find out how someone could steal a piñata's worth of milkballs, and not be detected, even when they're in a room full of people to observe the crime. This episode also teaches a message that the listener never would've seen coming, with just what they know from the beginning.

All of the characters have their moments to shine. I once said that Matthew Parker was the "useless sidekick", but now I think I might have perceived things the wrong way; he's really more of an unwilling sidekick. He simply doesn't strike me as being as passionate about the entire crime-solving gig as Emily is. It seems more like he's just in it because, for whatever reason, he considers her to be one of his best friends, and it's something she wants to do.

Emily is passionate, as usual, to solve the mystery, but once again, like in "Square One", her own failings prevent her from coming to the right conclusion.

When I first saw Jay on the show, I figured he was just a stereotypical bully, but now that he's actually appeared in several episodes, I can see that they have something different in mind for he appears to be just "one of the guys". While his seemingly random accusations are over the top, that's perfectly fine; I get the idea he wasn't entirely serious about everything he said. Jay's niche in the show right now seems to be comic relief.

Barrett is his usual, average-guy self. I'm not sure his voice is entirely the same as it was in some of the last few episodes, but it was still basically recognizable.

Mr. Whittaker plays a key part in this episode, and cleverly traps the children into confronting their failure. I was overall very pleased with how they wrote him in this episode, and with Andre Stojka's performance. While it's true that Andre doesn't sound a lot like Hal Smith, Katie Leigh was right in that he seems to have a lot of the same spirit, and I think that anyone who judges him based solely on the fact that his voice isn't a carbon clone of Hal's or Paul's could be making a big mistake.

Nelson is shaping into a great new character. When I first heard Kidsboro, I thought, "Great, another throw-away three-parter that will never be of use to Odyssey again, just like Passages", but the Odyssey team's done a great job of merging the Kidsboro characters in to the town of Odyssey.

Finally, Priscilla Peterson is the subject of the one complaint I have to make about the episode...when I first heard her voice, I didn't initially catch that she was a distinct character from Camilla or Olivia Parker, to the point where I wondered why Matthew and Emily had to climb her tree to talk to her -- since she's Matthew's sister, he ought to be able to see her any time. It was only after I realized that her name was different that it came to me who she really was. While I admit I should have been more observant, the fact is that this wouldn't have happened with any of the old female child characters; Melanie Jacobs is clearly distinguishable from Robyn, or Lucy, or Donna. It would be nice to see the Odyssey team try a little harder in the future to make the girls sound more distinct -- except for Emily; they've done fine with her so far.

All in all, a strong episode, that highlights a lot of what's right with this new take on Odyssey. While I'm reluctant to pass out high ratings -- I don't think this is equal to, say, Clara, or a lot of other old episodes that I would give a rating of 5, I do think that it is better than Square One, which I gave a 4.

Therefore, we get 5/5. If it was a scale of 0-99, it might be more like 85/99



Review by EMBEE (Town of Odyssey)



I thought this episode was great. I loved the whole idea of the Rock-a-thon. In some ways, it reminded me of the lock-ins that we have with my youth group. Jay is becoming one of my favorite new kid characters. I thought this episode was very well written.



Review by Marvin D. (Town of Odyssey)


(out of 10)


This was an...interesting case to say the least. The rockathon was a cool idea. I've heard of jumpathons before, but never this. It actually sounds fun, in theory. *in a Matthew voice* I'd sleep through the whole day. The scene where Jay and Barrett and the guys were watching the movie seemed like sometime familiar to me. I don't know why, just because.

I happened to see a remark about this episode being similar to "Broken Window". I didn't make the connection that it was similar to what Whit had done earlier (namely, steal the candy and see what the others would do). I figured that out, at the end. Genius.

I'll be a little briefer on this episode. Whit seemed like the more normal Whit, probably because it was similar to what he did previously. I really enjoyed that aspect, though.

I'm glad we're not going to kick out characters like Nelson and Priscilla though--it's nice to have characters stick around instead of using them for one or two episodes and kicking them out (like Tony and Erica in the Novacom saga). I hope we hear more of them, even though I think Priscilla sounds a little...upper class? for her age. Maybe it's just me.

And about Matthew, I really wish we'd hear him helping Emily a bit more. He seems almost as though he absolutely detests it, and is really just...thrown in for it. Either let him help, or let him go through the back door, imo.

Emily, as usual, is always raring for another case. A little annoying, at times. There's no need to make a full-blown problem on this, is there? And because of this, the wrong person is blamed. I did enjoy the twist ending, however.

There were a few clues in the episode which led to my figuring out that it might be not what we thought it was. Namely that everyone was asleep, and even Jay admitted to it. But, I didn't put two and two together (to equal four) and figured it out. Sad for me.

In the conclusion, it turns out Jay's finally told the truth! Huzzah! He's done the good deed. *pats Jay* It won't last long, kiddo. Moral? Rather simple. I wish Nelson had told the whole truth instead of not telling everything. All in all, this was a nice story, better than I expected.



Review by Mrs Jason Whittaker (Town of Odyssey)



I liked this one. Made me hungry for maltballs.

I don't like rockathons...just saying. If you're going to sponsor a child to do something by the hour, why not make it something productive, like nursing home visitations, or baking cookies for an elementary class. But rocking? Ok, I'm off the soap box now.

It was a fun mystery with a twist at the end. It also made a good point.

And I'm beginning to really like Jay. Not your average bully.



Review by Taw (Town of Odyssey)



  • Novel idea: Rock-a-thon. It's different. It's believable. It's fun.
  • Excellent message: Honesty. Not just tacked on at the end, but taught in the very framework of the story. Plus Psalm 139 is one of my faves.
  • Whit as culprit: We've seen this before (Broken Window, anyone?), but it worked well again.
  • Kids gelling: Okay, we've gotten to know the six kids (Emily, Matthew, Barrett, Priscilla, Jay, Nelson), and they worked very well combined; each one's personality contributed to the story. I haven't been a huge fan of Emily's sleuthing thus far, but she did really well as narrator! Matthew's blow-up cushion was consistent with his inventive mind, and I appreciated Nelson's large functional coat. A couple of Jay's humorous comments really spiced up the episode, such as when he suggested "Throw away the key!" and remarked at the end that he was the only one who told the truth at first. A demure Priscilla and brother Barrett provided two great suspects to involve in Emily's search. I really enjoyed the search, the flashbacks, and how we were brought up to the present.
To sum up, the Malted Milkball Falcon is absolutely my favorite kid-centric episode since the reboot. I've been listening to the new episodes weekly, but this is the first time since the inception of the season (The Mystery of the Clock Tower, Parts 1 and 2) that I'm excited about Odyssey. I'm telling my siblings to listen to this episode posthaste!

By the way, did everyone notice Chris' line at the very end after the credits? "Is anyone gonna eat that last maltball?" A nice touch!

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