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"Square One"

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Review by B.W.P.


Square one was interesting. Though it was not my favorite episode in Album 52, it was mildly good. Matthew's irritation with Emily is very typical of his character. Exasperating as she is, Emily is beginning to slightly grow on me. She has an interesting personality, being a stubborn snooper. AIO hasn't done a character like that before. Also, I was glad to hear from Ryan again. Nelson's voice is a little annoying, but it reminds me of Oscar, Isaac, and Trent, all good characters. Pete seems too much of a class clown, always having the punch line, but other than that, he's a relatively likeable person. One line by Mr. Whittaker continuously bugs me. "What were we talking about?" does not seem like something he would say. Oh, well. It's a new Whit. Emily's 'Four Sure-Fire Methods' were interesting and very normal of Emily Jones, though I think Matthew's attempts at them could have been written better. Overall, a good episode, but not the best.



Review by Shennifer (Town of Odyssey)


I really liked this one because for once I actually liked how Matthew and Emily interacted and seemed like realistic brother and sister, who don't always get along, but make up in the end. I thought the story was interesting and for once I actually liked Andre in this one. This episode was engaging and creative.



Review by Marvin D. (Town of Odyssey)



Yay! I liked this episode decently. Matthew and Emily were both portrayed realistically, and I'm also glad that we haven't heard as nearly as much of Matthew as we have in the last few episodes. I think that what Emily did what was naturally expected of her, so it wasn't so much of a shocking twist. Matthew wouldn't have blundered and told Emily all about it, though, I think. He would have said nothing, imo. All the actors were great for the show, and this sort of reminds me of "When You're Right, You're Right", when Emily was stubborn in grasping the truth. So I'm glad that they didn't totally change her. Good moral, one that I think we should all work on.



Review by Catspaw (Town of Odyssey)


I really enjoyed this episode, because Emily can be obnoxious with her "helping"/meddling, and as much as I was cringing and wishing she would stop doing what we all knew she would want to, I was really glad that she didn't get away with it, and actually realized that her actions weren't helping her friend out. I listened to this one a few weeks ago and should listen again so I can add more detail, but I enjoyed this episode a lot. That's what I remember the most - I did really like the episode and how it played out. I was invested in what was going on, to the point of verbally reprimanding Emily on several occasions. Yes, I was alone in my car when I listened. I really like Adam Wylie's voice, so that was nice. I find it easier to tell the voices apart in episodes like this (several male characters that we haven't heard that much from) when I recognize some of them. I first heard his voice in the Storykeepers movies (did anybody else watch those?) and then from the Last Chance Detectives audio files as Mike, so it was great to hear him again this season!



Review by The Kings Daughter (Town of Odyssey)


I am very please with how this one turned out. Not because I loved the storyline, although it was good. But rather because this seemed like one of those average AIO episodes that I remember listening to before all of the changes like adding characters and removing characters were made. It just seemed to me like on of the old ones. No 'big mystery', no drastic life-changing event.

Kids had a problem, kids got advice from Whit, kids worked through problem. Yay Square One!

Ahem, moving on.

I think Emily Jone's role in this episode was well played out, and she admitted she was wrong at the end. Actually I was pretty much please with everyone's performance this episode.

*Eugene moment* In closing, I found the entire episode most pleasurable to listen to, and I look forward to being able to make re-hearing it a repetitive tradition in the upcoming days ahead.



Review by Sapphire (Town of Odyssey)



This was a pretty cool episode. I loved that Nelson, Pete, and Ryan were in it. Very interesting, and it had a great moral. Emily Jones was a bit annoying in the episode. It reminded me of Connie's curiosity. I'm glad that she admitted she was wrong in the end. I liked the scene where Whit tried to give Matthew and Emily advice. I will give this episode four stars out of five.



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