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Review by Shennifer (Town of Odyssey)


I thought it was an amazing episode; very funny and creative. Predictable moral, but still fun along the way. I liked all the characters, and I could actually tell them apart this time. I'm still getting used to Whit's voice (probably taking longer for me because I'm listening to older episodes, and hearing these new ones in between)
But I liked how the story was comprised of newer characters (with the exception of Whit) and of course all the things Ryan had to do before getting the Owl.

And the ending was great too; I picked up on the Karate Kid reference and there may have been a Maximum Ride character reference (Coach Fang?? lol I'll have to listen to it again.)

Overall a creatively awesome episode



Review by DanP740 (Town of Odyssey)



Kill the coach. Please. He's so annoying...

Yeah, the coach being there kind of lowered my opinion of it... and what's with all these new people with similar voices again? And was that Barrett (or Matthew) asking Vance to sabotage the team? Do they not like their own school?

At least it didn't quite end with "Well, we can't find the mascot, but you just need to get your confidence back that you lost when you thought you needed the mascot."



Review by The Chairman (Town of Odyssey)



To say that I was pleasantly suprised with today's show would be an understatement. After being slightly dissapointed with Opposite Day, I was not expecting a lot from this episode. I was thankfully wrong. The Owlnapping, which happens to be a great title by the way, was a success with me.

The Characters:
I was very very happy to realize that this episode included Ryan from Kidsboro. I liked Ryan in the Kidsboro episodes and was happy to see him come back up out of the dark hole where Mitch and Officer Harley most likely live. I also thought that Pete was a good character. Now, my question is: is this the Pete from Kidsboro, or is this a new character. I could tell it wasn't the same actor, but does that mean it wasn't the same character. A little clarification would have been nice. Another note would be that Vance King is being played by a different actor. I didn't really have a problem with this as Jason Earles kept making me imagine Vance as Hannah Montana's brother. I don't get why people don't like coach Feng, I know he was a little on the edge with a few lines in Target of the Week (Album 51), but the team seemed to correct that this time. Some of his lines were hysterical. I really liked his monolouge at the very begining of the show. The one about the basketball and the scoreboard. That rocked. Whit was spot on perfect this time for me. No problems. I really liked Andre' in this show. In fact, when I read Whit's lines in a book or quote, I hear Andre'. Just sayin'

And now the story and moral.

The story was fantastic. Hilarious. Total ownage. It made me laugh so hard. The whole scene with Ryan running around, oh man! "Go to the guy at the end of the counter and eat a spoonful of his soup." Oh my word. That was genius and the little girl movie spoiler scene! That was good! The only part I didn't get was when Ryan went to the barber shop. I mean, it was funny, but not explained too well. For starters, why did Vance send him to get "The Owl Cut" why not just a plain old mohawk? That's the real name for it. And why did the barber say, "Oh, you're that kid." ? Did the barber know that Ryan was coming in? Did Vance tell him beforehand? Why didn't the barber question "Why did this punk kid tell me that this other kid is going to come into my shop and ask for this ridiculous haircut?" Just wonering? I picked upt the reference to Karate Kid . That just made it for me. Also, when the Owl's sound clip played, did anyone notice that it was Andre' doing the Owl voice he used in Winnie the Pooh? I bet that they wrote the part specificly for him. The moral of the story was good. People do worship mascots and even things like crosses and not what is right. Now I'm not advocating worshiping sports tieams, just God, but people do this and worship teams. Like crazy sports fanatics. But that's another post for another time.

In all, The Owlnapping was great episode. Good characters, good story, god morals. A true Odyssey standout and winner. (I couldn't choose one.) Four out of five stars!!



Review by American Eagle (Town of Odyssey)


The Owlnapping is my second favorite episode of Album 52, but it could have been better. The main characters were good, and Vance has shown, yet again, that he is one of the best new characters of the relaunch. Eating a guy's soup? Spoiling the end of a kids' movie? Those are brilliant stunts and Vance put them together well.

I didn't like most of the guys on the basketball team, but oh well. At least they weren't the main characters.



Review by takeitfromthetop (Town of Odyssey)



Wow this was a good episode!

I was PLEASENTLY surprised when I listened to this episode. I was very happy that Vance was back but for some reason his voice sounded different. I really enjoyed the plot about superstition and how kids that age CAN fall into that trap. Oh we canít win without help from spinning backwards! Or something like that. I thought Ryan was a good leader in this episode and how he didnít really believe it was going to make a difference (which it didnít) and I was glad that they didnít win the game. Otherwise kids would be like oh the owl has magical powers and it did help them after all! No matter what Whit or anybody else would say about it. This was a very good episode. Also when Pete was in the alley waiting for Vance and Vance said I said COME ALONE and then Peteís like WHAT?!? I SO wanted Matthew and Emily to show up then and help get the owl back. I thought Jeez these basketball players arenít very bright are they? Youíd think theyíd know not to bring the WHOLE basketball team. I mean come on! Ok Iím done with that now. Next: my thoughts on

I though Vance was really well played this episode. I like the idea of him being the extremely smart bully instead of Rodney. I really think I can get used to Vance. Next I liked Whit in this episode and his regular classic advice at the end thing. It was pretty classic and I enjoyed it. Coach Chang Fang still does not sit well with me. Some of his stuff about new age is still iffy with me. I really didnít like his role in this episode and Iím like: last season you were a baseball coach: now youíre a basketball coach: and you didnít make the playoffs either times! Think about itÖ otherwise I liked Ryan and how he was played in this episode. His whole running around Odyssey scene was funny. I didnít laugh out loud but I thought it was entertaining.
I REALLY like this episode and give it 9/10 stars.



Review by Sapphire (Town of Odyssey)



I tremendously enjoyed this episode. It had a great moral to the story, and I loved the characters. The coach had a very interesting voice. I still can't figure out what accent he had. I really didn't care coach, but I wasn't annoyed by him. I am liking Vance more and more. I think he has made his place in AIO (in my opinion). I hope he will be in many more albums. He's like Rodney Rathbone, yet he's different too. I was very happy to see Ryan in this episode. Overall, I give this episode four out of five stars.


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