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Review by Harrison



It's Opposite Day at school, and Olivia wants to go all out. Her plan is simple: do the opposite of what you would normally do! Olivia Parker wouldn't normally go to computer club meetings and she wouldn't normally search for cool rocks... so that's exactly what she does! But when she accidently makes a science-geek named Amber believe she likes doing those things, she may be going too far.


I enjoyed some of the episodes in Cause and Effect. I enjoyed Wooton's Broken Pencil Show and A Thankstaking Story and The Malted Milkball Falcon. They were clever. But I also didn't enjoy some of the episodes in Cause and Effect. I didn't like Grandma's Christmas Visit. And An Agreeable Nanny was weird. But the worst episode was Opposite Day.,It's very hard to distinguish one voice from the other when Priscilla, Olivia and Amber come into a scene. Their voices are very similar, and the first time you hear the episode you can't understand who's saying what.,Mostly, though, they did not make the lesson very clear. I suppose the lesson was that you shouldn't worry about being friends with other people who can't become your friends, but instead focus on your real friends...? But honestly, I don't understand. Wasn't Amber lonely because her friend moved away? Shouldn't Olivia continue to try to be her friend, but maybe try to find things they both enjoy?


I thought Barret playing on "Club-Kid Chat" was funny. In fact, if the episode was only about Olivia and Amber, I would definitely hate the episode even more than I already do! (Okay, so I don't hate the episode. But I thought it was poorly done.)


I also thought the scene where Whit explains to Olivia what she should do was the worst. It's so unclear. And Whit was totally NOT Whit in that scene. In fact, he's a little bit scary... Also, I think they put in "random Wooton" because he could brighten the show up. I didn't think he was bad. But I thought it was a little pointless. But nevertheless, I think it was a good idea to put Wooton in so the show wasn't so boring.


Overall, I think the show was the worst episode in the album. I apologize to whoever liked the show, but this is merely my opinion. The show was poorly done and it was hard to find a point to it. Just like Wooton's Pencil Show... :)



Review by Abby Hawthorn



Great Show!,It teaches you just to be yourself!


Review by iluvsns (Town of Odyssey)



It wasn't that bad... but it wasn't that good either. I don't know if I'm the only one with this issue... but it seems like Amber, Olivia, and Priscilla's voice types are very similar, making it hard to distinguish between the two. I did appreciate the message of Barrett spending too much time on a social networking site, although the issue of spending too much time on the computer has already been addressed in "Gloobers!" The whole thing with Wooton doing his own Spirit week seemed to just detract from the main point of the story... It didn't really seem necessary but I'm sure it made all the Wooton fans happy. It wasn't really clear to me what message was trying to be brought across with Olivia and Amber but maybe I just missed something there. On the positive side, I liked that they used music scores from previous albums. (somewhere in the 40s I think) It made this episode fit in better with the older albums, for those of us who are fans of the older albums. Andra Stojka just does not seem to fit the bill for the "Whit who gives sage advice." Maybe it will take more time for him to feel like Whit to me. I give this episode a 3 out of 5.



Review by iluvsns (Town of Odyssey)


I liked it pretty well... the Facebook spoof was amusing and while Barrett took it farther than I think anyone really would, it is a good message since all these dumb kids these days are on there all the time! I thought it was a little odd when he brought it up around Whit that Whit seemed to "smile and nod" instead of saying "Eh, wellll Barrett, maybe you're spending a little too much time on there." kind of thing.

The other main story of the episode--Olivia and Amber was pretty good... I think a lot of us have been in the position where we decide "Well that person is weird and has no friends--they aren't terrible, so I'll hang out with them a bit" and then they end up clinging on and wanting to do dumb things all the time. That wasn't totally the point, but it resounded regardless!

And Wooton is dumb.



Review by Tim Peterson (Town of Odyssey)



As someone else said, it wasn't bad, but it wasn't good. About halfway through I had decided my rating would be 3 stars, but I decided afterwards it deserved four. The three girls' voices are way to similar, too... And yeah, Wooton's things were rather pointless, like he was just stuck in there so someone could be funny.
And about the having too many "friends" you don't actually know, while I know someone who has 2,100 Facebook friends and counting, another person I know has 900 friends and I'm pretty sure he knows them all. And I know 45 of my 70 Facebook friends in real life....



Review by The Chairman (Town of Odyssey)



Opposite Day was a mostly decent show. Mostly. The premise of the episode was fairly decent; that is not changing yourself to fit in with other people. More people need to take this to heart.

Okay first thing's first. The voices and actors.

I agree with everyone who says that the girl's voices are way too similar. I had an extremely difficult time figuring them out. It was obvious to me that Amber was an adult. There were a couple of lines and when she laughed once or twice that I could totally hear the real voice of the actor. It kind of threw me off for a second or two, like who is this? I thought that Olivia sounde decent in the vocal aspect of her character. Definitely less squeaky.

And now the characters.

Olivia, Prissilla, and Amber were very well portrayed. Though when Olivia started freaking out in drama class, I kind of was like, "Woah, why isn't her teacher coming over and putting a stop to this?" And AUGH! Horrors! AIO pulled the evil "kids are smarter than teacher" trick! Augh! 'Cmon Odyssey! I thought you were above this! When the teacher made the comment about waiting until called on to start, that was essentially saying that she was too dumb to know that it was actually a little girl going beserk. Okay...done with my rant. On a lighter note, Barret was awesome. His whole storyline was great because it really happens. I have heard of several people going nuts over how many friends that they have on social networks. That's why I'm not on FaceBook. Just the ToO. Well and YouTube. And Blogspot. Wooten was okay, but not fully necessary. He did provide good comic relief though. My other character problem was with John Avery himslef. Uhh. He told Olivia that yelling and screaming at poor Amber was pretty much okay! Gah! Granted, he did say it wasn't the best way to deliver her point, but still. Ohh. I think Whit's been around Richard Maxwell's cologn again. Ugh. That did make me cringe. A lot.

And now to the sotry and message.
THe story was essentially, for the most part, good. THe parts I didn't like were addressed above. I don't remember who wrote the epidode, but it was pretty good. The message was good too. How many times do you hear about kids going goth or doing drugs to fit in with other people? Just sad. Just sad. This addresses the situation in a lighter, potato-ier way. (Refrence to Wooten) Good message for tody's kids.

All in all: 3 stars. Decent episode. Completely forgettable though.



Review by Moontide (Town of Odyssey)


I found this somewhat funny episode. I thought the drama club scene was very funny and well done. I think the part when Amber says about Danyelle the thing about Macs and PCs (even though Macs are PCs). I like Amber but I don't think her's laugh matches her.

I don't see why people seem to thing that the three girls sounded to much the same. I find them easy to find apart.



Review by American Eagle (Town of Odyssey)



This episode... meh. It just is so unmemorable. Barrett was actually good in this. Why? Matthew wasn't there to sound just like him. (Barrett actually sounded like a 15-year-old in this.) Plus, the whole Facebook thing was very realistic; counting your friends, having friends from far away, getting "unfriended" - I've seen it all happen.

The girls' side of this story wasn't interesting to me.



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