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Review by Josh A.



I was looking forward to this episode ever since someone was saying how he liked it. And so I heard it...and was disappointed. ,,The Imagination Station scene was very....lame. The actor for Thomas Jefferson was just not right, and I never remember the Imagination Station being programmed by you. Theoretically, that's right. But the AIO team just like, threw it in now. We've never heard of it before, have we?,,Connie's 'fast' wasn't major at all. No makeup? Bleh. Lots of people don't wear makeup. While it was fairly realistic how she tried to get the guys to realize what was different with her, I don't think that was the best fast ever. I couldn't even figure a point out of her fast. ,,Eugene's fast was probably the lamest of all fasts. Oh look, in my previous sentence I used a three syllable word! Oh look, there's another! And one more! There is no way that using words with 3 syllables means you're all rubbing it into someone's face. Get real, people. That made Eugene's fast utterly lame. He wasn't concentrating on God in any way, just busy worryi--being concerned about not passing the three syllab--units of speech mark. ,,Matthew's fast was pretty good, considering that's something I could work on. However, once he finally got away from it....nothing about God. (see below),,In all of the fasts (excluding Whit's to some extent), we never saw much being centered on God. Wooton dug through the phone books and spoke to people, Connie just didn't wear makeup, Eugene panicked about not using "big" words, and Matthew only wrote letters. There's nothing wrong with these, but we really didn't see anything about spending time with God. That's what really needed to be in this episode. ,,So this episode gets a rating of 4/10.



Review by J.



They say that these fasts didn't actually focus on fasting at all, but that the episode was a bunk of one liners to get us laughing. Well... that's partly true, but after all of the jokes, eugen said that by worrying about his fast, he lost out on the growing that was supposed to be happening during it. An I found that I liked the outcome of Wooten's fast too. Connie's fast seems lame if you don't know the character, but I wish the writers had done more with that aspect of the story. Now on to Whit. You've got to give him credit, so far he has conquered a diet, he quit watching TV forever (for those of you that don't know,Whit is a TV junky, that's why he quit), and he dealt with other things on the show. So it seems newspapers are one of the only overused other pass times he has now. So it is more important than the average joe. ,,I liked the episode, the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because I reserve that for the best shows.



Review by Drew



I thought this was an excellent episode. I think it showed the true reason for fasting. Each charactor learned a valuable lesson with their fast. For example, when Wooten stoped and asked Mrs. Randolph how her grandson was doing and said that he had prayed for him, that showed exactly why someone should fast. Also each character (especially Eugene) was hillarious without being over the top corny. Definitely 5 out of 5 stars.



Review by Laura Ingalls (Town of Odyssey)


I LOVED this episode! Very well done - I enjoyed everyone's different struggles with their own fasts. Good message as well - you don't really hear much on fasting/self-denial these days.



Review by Jimmy Barclay (Town of Odyssey)


It was good. I enjoyed it a lot. It was good to see everyone dealing with this.

I liked Matthew's thing cause I am bringing back letter writing and know there is all social networks, email, texts and phone calls, and am bringing it back.



Review by Catspaw (Town of Odyssey)


I really enjoyed this episode! I listened to it a week or so ago, so I should re-listen to say more specific stuff, but this was a great episode on an underdone topic. I loved it when Connie said that they fasted at her church about important stuff sometimes, because my church does that too! In the last month we've had a couple of church fasting days about important things and in the past few years my church has talked about fasting and different types of fasts, so I loved hearing an AIO episode that shares this info. I don't know if it's a good or bad thing that I now call the "no sweets" fast the Wooton fast.

Jimmy, it sounds like you're ahead of us on the letter writing thing! There is something nice about a real letter.

Overall, a great episode with a great message! This is one I plan to listen to again soon...maybe on the next church fast day!



Review by American Eagle (Town of Odyssey)



This is my favorite episode of Album 52. The story, the characters, the moral, the humor - it was all fantastic. This episode reminds me of classic episodes like Do or Diet, but I like Fast As I Can better! The way Wooton is used (especially with the scenes with Mrs. Randolf) is exactly the way he should be used.

Oh, and every single line in the Imagination Station is hilarious. That's easily one of my favorite scenes of all time.



Review by Taq (Town of Odyssey)

High points

  • Clever title

  • Happy AIO covered the topic of fasting

  • Wooton—He cut out something realistic, e.g. junk food, and he prayed more. I liked the phone book touch. Most of us could benefit from this. (Wow, I am surprised that I am once again listing Wooton as one of the strengths.)

  • Connie—I laughed when the guys didn’t realize she was unprimped, and I loved her realization that drawing attention to herself defeated the purpose. Though this isn’t an issue with which I normally struggle, it’s relevant for a lot of girls (and guys) out there.

  • Matthew—Although his storyline wasn’t developed much, fasting time from computers or electronics is a relevant example that applies to most of us if not all. Hey, we’re all on a forum here…

Low points

  • Eugene—Not a fan of his fast of words more than 2 syllables: (1) Using big words isn’t showing off for Eugene. That’s just the way he is. (2) It’s all about context. Using scientific vocabulary at a scientific meeting isn’t being prideful; it’s simply speaking at a level that the audience can understand. (3) # of syllables is not indicative of level of vocabulary sophistication. For example, the word transportation is 4 syllables, but most people know what it means. On the other hand, the fast did make for some humor, created a tender moment when Eugene realized Whit helped him during the intro to the scientific conference, and opened up a good conversation about the scientific community and lay language.

  • Whit—Don’t think Whit’s fast was bad per se. Overall, it’s great that he spent more time in spiritual disciplines (aka spiritual privileges—worshiping, reading, praying, fasting, memorizing, etc.—we do them because we CAN, because we see the VALUE, because God ENABLED us to, because we WANT to). However, it’s all too common today to ignore the news, which isn’t a positive. (I hope to not ignore current events.)

To sum up, while Fast As I Can was at best an okay episode for me, I’m happy that the art of fasting was brought to our attention. In the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7), Jesus said, “When you fast,” not “if.” Fasting is expected and is relevant for all.

Review by The Kings Daughter (Town of Odyssey)




I think it was good to have an episode covering fasting, because many kids don't understand what it is. It was also good how the episode stressed how you need to pray about fasting and maybe even consult close family members, because we don't want kids just fasting for the sake of fasting if you get my meaning.


I think Whit played an important role in the episode, and I think he played it well. He was just...Whit! Giving advice, teaching Matthew and the others in a gentle loving way, etc.


I dislike a Eugene without long words! Good thing it was only for one episode huh? Overall I would say he did a pretty good job, he stuttered a lot like only Will Ryan can.


She was awesome! She was just like herself in that episode. That's all I can say.


I think that Wooton play a very good roll in today's episode. His demonstrating to listeners that when you face temptation, what a great thing to pray! He showed how although it was hard, with God's help he resisted the temptation of junk food.


In this episode, I think Matthew really seemed like on of the good old characters of the older Odyssey. He didn't understand something, he asked, it started a little adventure of searching and finding the answer with the help of Whit, Connie, and Eugene. (and Wooton. )

Overall episode review:

It taught an important lesson, it seemed simple enough for young kids to understand, it was well explained, it reminded me of the good old AIO days.

I'm rating it 5 of 5, it's the best episode of this album yet!



Review by Samitude (Town of Odyssey)


I loved this episode! It felt like an Odyssey episode should. There was a useful lesson for all ages and Mr. Whitaker was being himself by giving good advice. I loved the way he went before Eugene when Eugene had to make his speech. Actually, it reminds me of God. He (God) doesn't take away the difficulties (Mr. Whitaker didn't find some way for Eugene to get out of making his speech). He helps us through them by going along side and before us by making a way. Okay. I'm getting off of the fasting topic of the episode! Back to the subject. Anyway, the topic was great and they gave good explanations for the reasons for fasting, as well as, things to do during the fast. I also enjoyed the humorous lines that were given to several of the characters too.

What other kinds of things could we give up besides these examples? Hmm....texting/cellular phones anyone? The Christian school my sister teaches at has started collecting everyone's cellular phones at the beginning of the school day, putting them in the office, and returned at the end. If I had to give something up it would probably be internet, reading novels, or food.



Review by DanP740 (Town of Odyssey)



I liked this episode... even Whit wasn't too bad. If it weren't for Whit's voice, I would've thought this episode was from back right after Novacom. The Imagination Station scene was really funny, because you never think about how since it's using your imagination you should be able to change stuff in the story...
I actually got up late and only heard the last scene, and when I heard Whit say he didn't miss the news, I was suddenly thinking "he'd better not be talking about the TV news. He doesn't watch TV..." but then I listened to it later and was corrected.



Review by LizzieG (Town of Odyssey)


I wasn't planning on writing any episode reviews right away, but I had so many thoughts about this episode -- and wrote them down because my spreadsheet was handy -- that it made sense to share them here too.


I just finished a week-long break from Facebook, the ToO, and other "entertainment Internet sites," so Matthew's fast definitely hit home for me. This comes on the heels of my having to have a locksmith break into my car a few days before listening to "Wooton's Broken Pencil Show" (though my locksmith did not use a brick ).

Goof Alert!: Did anybody catch the three-syllable word Eugene used? He substituted "ideas" for "principles," when both words actually have three syllables.

Missed Opportunities:

  • Toward the beginning of the episode, I was really hoping that Katrina would come up in the course of a conversation with Eugene, because, you know, "Katrina" is three syllables long! That would've been really fun to incorporate.

  • I also think it would've been nice to reference "Do, for a Change," when Eugene fasted shortly after becoming a Christian.

The Imagination Station Scene: I didn't find the Thomas Jefferson Imagination Station scene to be that funny. Doesn't it kinda ruin the Imagination Station when you can "bring in" any number of anachronistic things, and the "characters" start talking about the Imagination Station?

My main problem with this episode: Whit and Chris (at the end) painted a good picture of the purpose of fasting ("deny[ing] the body something it enjoys in order to concentrate on something spiritual, like our relationship with God," "giving up something that's important to you during a period of prayer and Bible study," a great way to grow closer to God and focus on Him alone, etc.), but, in my opinion, that picture wasn't portrayed very well throughout the episode. It kinda stopped at the "giving up something" part. But what about the "growing closer to God through a period of prayer and Bible study"?

Only Whit and Wooton clearly connected their fasting experiences with God (and Wooton, at first only as an afterthought, if you listen to the album version). I was disappointed that, when Matthew was trying to get away from computers and came to Whit for advice on what to do, Whit said nothing about spending time with God. How can it be fasting if God doesn't enter into the equation (let alone isn't a major part of the fast)? Connie talked about trying to curb vanity, and Eugene, his pride in his intellect, which are both worthy goals, but it seemed more about "fixing something about yourself on your own" rather than a way to draw closer to God through the experience of giving something up for a period of time. I guess the words "comedic antics" in the episode summary should have been a giveaway that it was more about humor than actually about fasting.

"Solitary Refinement" was a good episode about a spiritual discipline. This one ... not so much.

SUMMARY: There were some funny parts, yes, and I did enjoy the listening experience, but I was just so disappointed that the spiritual theme was sugarcoated so much. I don't know, maybe I'm not being fair to this episode. Maybe I'm just more sensitive than I used to be to the presence of strong Christian messages. Maybe slice-of-life episodes have always been this light and it was never a big deal to me before. But ... I don't think so. This episode brought to mind "Do, for a Change," because it's the only other episode (that I know of) that mentions fasting. "Do, for a Change," however, is one of my favorite slice-of-life episodes. In that episode, the spiritual content is strong, the humor is fitting and not overblown, and the characters' dilemmas felt very real.

It was nice to have an episode totally devoted to fasting, but it felt disconnected from what fasting really is. Apart from Chris' and Whit's statements, it seemed little more than an exercise in self-discipline that may or may not include God. It just felt like sort of a game that trivialized fasting, which made it hard for me to enjoy the episode.

I'd also like to second what Taq said, particularly about Eugene's fast, and add that "fasting from two-syllable words" seems more like a distraction from one's relationship with God than something that would be helpful (for example, being so fixated on saying the right words while praying).



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