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Review by Jeff Phillips



It was pretty cool, but I think that Emily Jones is a little bit too talkative. All in all, I think that Volume 52 is WAY better than 51. Whit is doing a WAY better job, but I think his voice should be a little bit deeper.


Review by Eugene's Uke



This episode was interesting, but it wasn't the best. I am getting tired of Matthew Parker. And Emily Jones seems like a "know-it-all"; she is way too bossy. The ending was silly and disappointing-what actor would really use a school like that to get himself a big break?, Other than that, the episode was pretty good. :-)



Review by Luke



Things I Liked:

  • I LOVED Mr. Stolfitz's voice. It was awesome! (Until the end, when his voice changed and sounded more like Captain Absolutely)

  • I'm glad Priscilla is back. (Her voice sounds familiar, but I can't think of who it sounds like. Maybe someone from youth camp.)

  • There were a few parts in this episode that were funny, and made me laugh, such as the Ichabod Crane part.

  • Jay's first part in the episode was pretty funny. He sounded very villain-like.

  • Barrett has really matured since his first episode, "Game For a Mystery." His voice isn't as squeaky and whiny. (His voice sounds kind of like Matthew's, while Emily's voice sounds like Priscilla's.)

  • It was dumb that Emily was the only brave person in the episode, however, I didn't mind her as much in this episode. She, also in part of the episode, reminded me of a girl I know, named Angela. Her voice also reminded me of Julie's voice, during a part of the episode.

Things I Disliked:

  • Everyone was scared of the "phantom" except for Emily. I mean really, like pre-teen boys are going to let a girl do something that they won't do. And what about the teacher. She should be the one calming the kids, and reassuring them that their's no such thing as ghosts, monsters, and phantoms.


  • Isn't it kind of weird for Matthew to be hanging out with Emily all the time? He really needs to find some friends who are boys.

  • Barrett's song "Twenty-two Trombones" sounded kind of like a VeggieTales song. There was also a Thomas the Train Engine accent to Barrett's voice during part of this song.

  • I wondered, while listening to this episode, how Emily knew Jay's number. It's just kind of weird for her to have the phone number of one of the school bully's.

  • I noticed that, instead of saying Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Jay said Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hydelberg. I thought of the VeggieTales video, the knock-off of Dr. Jekyll, named something like Mr. Jekyll and Dr. Who.

  • I also noticed that nobody could say Stolfitz's name except for Jay.

  • It was kind of weird when Matthew said that a certain pet shop was a good place because they sold hamsters. Hamsters make a good pet shop? Maybe it was the same place where Connie's room-mate got her beta fish, kerplunk. J (Best of Enemies)

I'll give this episode 3 of 5 stars.


Review by jennifertwt (Town of Odyssey)


This episode was definitely better than Wooton's Broken Pencil Show. I thought it was pretty good until the end. The ending was kind of lame. Still looking forward to Christmas and Thanksgiving episodes. They will determine how quickly I purchase this album.



Review by Marvin D. (Town of Odyssey)


(out of 10)


I sort of had hoped that Matthew would have narrated the case instead of Emily, as she did in Game for a Mystery. It would have provided a different twist for the episode. When Emily called the mystery, "The Mystery of the Phantom Opera of the School Play" and decided that it was too long, and then shortened it down to "Stage Fright", I found it frank. I like her frankness.

Jay's role as 'the bad guy' in the beginning was rather funny, though I think his repeating of "Rue the day!" was just a little spooky. His laugh could use some improvements.

Mr. Stolfitz's voice was so familiar, that I couldn't figure out who it was, until I looked it up on AIOWiki. I knew he sounded like somebody I knew, namely, Bennett Charles.

Miss Adelaide sounded a lot like Mrs. Nietchew, but I don't think the way she acted in getting rid of all of the students because she was scared of the phantom too was realistic. I had expected her to not be so scared.

As for the mystery itself, I realized quickly that it couldn't be Jay directly causing all of the problems. Right after we heard the phantom interrupt the play, I knew that it had to be someone—or something—else causing it. After Matthew and Emily caught Jay, that only reinforced my thinking. I knew for certain then that it was something else. Jay wouldn't be that stupid and say "Rue the day," and then cause that. And after Emily finds the real culprit and exposes the parrot, I also knew then that it couldn't be just the parrot, but it had to be insert name doing it on purpose. And after he explained what it was all about, that was probably the lamest part of the whole show. C'mon peoples, add some more realism. It reminded me of The Mystery at Tin Flat. And of course, everything goes back to how it was supposed to go, and they all live happily ever after...maybe. And on a side note, when Matthew says to Emily that all their mysteries are connected to animals (the crow stealing Barrett's Verminoids). So that means, if we're realistic, this is only the second mystery they've done.


Hmm....overall, I think this episode gets a 7.5/10 stars. And I only have one more thing to say. RUE THE DAY!



Review by Laura Ingalls (Town of Odyssey)



I enjoyed this episode - it had some good laughs. Rue the day!!!!



Review by V-lady (Town of Odyssey)



I was hoping for a cool theatrical and spooky mystery. But almost as soon as it started, I knew I was going to be disappointed. I felt like there was barely any time to actually get into the mystery. There were a bunch of crazy lines, then all the sudden the mystery is solved and the episode is over. And it wasn't even a good ending. The whole thing just seemed childish and cheesy to me.

One of the main things I disliked was the narration. Narrations of this style are usually only enjoyable when the character narrating adds humorous commentary throughout. Emily did not. For an example of the way I enjoy episodes to be narrated, take "Heatwave". Was Jack one of my favorite kid characters? No. But I still get a good laugh whenever I hear it. Why? Because of the way the show was executed and Jack and Oscar's hilarious commentary.

Unlike many of the old kid characters, Emily and Matthew just don't play that well off of each other to me. Most of the time it's just Emily telling Matthew what to do, and Matthew feebly responding back to her.

To be honest, none of the characters in this episode really wowed me with their performance. Even Jay, who was the only one that made me laugh, seemed uninteresting by the end. I just couldn't get into it.

Aaand..I could say more, but I'm getting tired of bashing a show that I really do normally enjoy.

Perhaps this was just one of the episodes made to remind us that the age range is from 8-12.

I'd rate it 2.5/5. Not the worst ever, but far from being the best.



Review by JesusFreak777 (Town of Odyssey)


I personally thought this episode was hilarious. They packed so many spoofs of Broadway productions into it that I was almost rolling on the floor laughing. I Loved the references to the Pirates of Penzance, the overal spoof of The Phantom of the Opera as well as the Music Man. It was great!



Review by Shennifer (Town of Odyssey)



I enjoyed this episode, and hearing the spoofs of other plays. And I was surprised by the ending, which is always good because it didn't seem predictable.
Overall, a great episode! 4/5



Review by Sapphire (Town of Odyssey)



Very nice episode. I gave it four stars out of five. Rue the day!



Review by takeitfromthetop (Town of Odyssey)


(out of 10)


ok I really liked this episode. what I liked about it was I thought it was pretty funny and I did expect that that weird guy was going to be the bad guy but I didn't expect that he did it because of Broadway. I thought Barett and Priscilla did a good job in this episode. but for some reason Priscilla's voice just doesen't sound the same as it did in album 51. her voice sounded a little more Tomboyish here. I enjoyed the ending when they were talking about animals and the only mystery they have had that DOESEN'T have an animal involved is square one. this episode was very interesting and it caught my attention. I hoped we would know who owned the harliquein theater after this but I guess not unless I missed somthing. altogether I would give this episode 9/10 stars. it was very interesting and different then I thought it would be!


Review by Catspaw (Town of Odyssey)


I thought that the bad guy was probably the theatre guy, though I also had no idea why. I enjoyed this episode overall - it was fun and I like light-hearted mysteries sometimes. Emily can be a tad annoying at times, but that's just the way the character is. I think a lot of people know somebody who thinks they know everything and/or likes to figure things out (a.k.a. are nosy). I was hoping that the teacher would take more of a stand against the fear of the phantom, but that was just a minor thing.

Timeless classic? Not so much. Fun to listen to now and then? Absolutely!



Review by 31899 (Town of Odyssey)



This was an okay episode although the episode seemed really fast paste for AIO, I really don't have much to say about this episode. Maybe I should listen to it again.


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