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"Wooton's Broken Pencil Show"

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Review by Erin



This episode is great! Whooton is really funny and it was a good idea to have him host kids radio. He brings so much humor to the show. I was laughing so hard. I think that they should continue to have him host maybe as a part time host. I especially liked the part where he talks to Harlow Doyle. It is great to have two such funny characters especially in the same show.



Review by Odyssey's Biggest Fan



THIS EPISODE WAS PARKOUR!!! It was completely awesome, rad, and totally tubular! The best part was it made a point of having no point in the world of no pointed entertainment! It was sweet!


Review by Eugene's Uke



This episode is the best one so far out of Album 52! It was fun, and also had an important point even there seemed like no point. :-) Fun to have Wooton!I've always liked him - not my favorite, but I like him! I enjoyed a break from most of the new characters, and back to the old familiar ones...excepting Red. All in all, this was a good episode. Only thing was, I did have trouble through the Captain Absolutely story keeping track of what was going on though. That's why I'm rating this episode 4 1/2 out of 5.



Review by Jordan G.



I liked this one the best from all of 52 (the 2 perter was good also, but not as much humor in that one). I love it when eugene and wooton are in the same episode and intracting and i also like it when ever wooton is on the air... so you can see why I liked it. ,,I did not so much like the hero story he came up with (about everything having a point) - to me, this was more childish then it needs to be, need to have more humor and less dumb powerboy-like stories that are unrealistic in a setting of wooton telling a story. I think it could be better is all I am saying. it is a little TO silly if you ask me, thats why I give it 4.5 out of 5.



Review by Karalena



The show was good, but i didn't see the point. (hahah) It was creative, but it got boring.



Review by Dave (Blog)


(out of 10)


I don't think there's ever been an AIO episode quite like "Wooton's Broken Pencil Show." First of all, the whole thing is a radio broadcast of a talk show. It's true that we've heard many programs on Kids' Radio before, but never 25-minutes of spontaneity. Usually what we hear from Kids' Radio is limited to one story or a bunch of skits ("Fairy Tal-e-vision" or "The Power of One," for example), but here we have a live call-in show and a bunch of characters talking together. Secondly, there is actually little plot to speak of. I suppose that really depends on how you define "plot," but you don't have one adventure or two similarly-themed stories going throughout the whole episode. Unless you consider the conflict being if Wooton can make it through Connie's show okay (which any AIO listener should know, wouldn't be a problem for Wooton). So, when you've stripped your episode of a captivating story running throughout, are the characters and messages enough to sustain it?

In this case, my answer is "maybe." I don't think this episode will appeal to everyone--it depends on how you feel about Wooton and Connie, really. Wooton's presence hovers over the whole episode (just in case it wasn't obvious that this episode is a love-letter to Wooton, he even takes over the closing wrap for Chris), so if you don't like him you're out of luck. My opinion is that Wooton is okay when he's written well, and in this episode that was mostly the case. Yes, there were some times when he got annoying (his preoccupation with the sound effects, for example), but other times he was just laugh-out-loud funny. Taking over for Chris at the end, some of his comments in the Captain Absolutely story, and anything regarding squirrels elicited some sort of a smile or snicker from me. Was he over the top? Yeah, but he was on a radio show, so why wouldn't he be a little crazy in that situation?

Harlow Doyle was also funny. There wasn't too much of him, so hopefully no Odyssey fan will get all upset about his presence in this episode. The characters of Wooton and Harlow play off each other well, I think. And on the subject of characters who sound good together, we also have Eugene and Connie. It was slightly weird for them to apologize to one another on the air, with explanations from Whit and Wooton, but they sounded natural together in the show.

Not only do we have the return of Candid Conversations with Connie/ Wooton in this show, we also have the return of Captain Absolutely. Well, maybe it's not really the return, as he's never actually been heard on the AIO broadcast before, but for those of us who heard The Truth Chronicles this was his return. I think I preferred his adventures in The Truth Chronicles, but this one felt similar. I liked that Whit and Eugene, who were already in the studio, took on the voice roles for the other two characters in the Captain Absolutely story--that makes it feel more believable (and they did a great job sounding like cartoon characters!). Despite the cartoonish nature of Captain Absolutely, I was still a bit concerned over the part when Absolutely was beat up and twisted--it felt too much for AIO. Apart from that, it was lots of fun with a clear message to it.

It was obvious that this episode was written with its message in mind--no slap-on-a-moral mentality this week! Eugene expressed his thoughts on intelligent design and meaning in life very clearly, and the Captain Absolutely story served to illustrate his big concepts in a more simple, understandable way. I can see this episode as a great discussion-starter with families about all sorts of things--entertainment, salvation, creation. However, because all these messages were presented in such a comical and almost disjointed manner some of the serious implications of the lesson may be lost on the listener--the themes may have been difficult to take seriously.

"Not enough story." "Too much all over the place." "Overly silly." "They couldn't have all fit in that closet." Admittedly all those negatives thoughts about this episode have some truth in them, but for anything negative you might say about this show, there's no denying the originality of the plot and message. It's unique for AIO, and after 669 episodes of the show that's something that you can't say very often.

Oh, and I thought it was quite comical when the space station was affected by the mind-numbing gas: "Houston, we have a problem, but...who cares! It doesn't mean anything anyway!" :-D



Review by jennifertwt (Town of Odyssey)



I admit I am prejudiced against Wooten, though there are two Wooten episodes I like one involving Grady and being a substitute father figure and the other involving his niece (titles escape me right now). This episode was 'okay' in that it is not the worst ever made. That is a toss up between Fairy-Tale-vision and The Great Wishy Woz. I would not buy the album for this episode and would probably skip over it in listening. That said, I'm definitely looking forward to the Thanksgiving and Christmas episodes in a few weeks. I will stick with 3 out of 5 stars as I did enjoy the interaction between Connie and Eugene and there was a point made at the end.



Review by 31899 (Town of Odyssey)



The Chis intro seemed rather cheesy and not really AIO like, but Chris seems to be living in Odyssey again by the sound of the rap up just like in the older episodes.

I think this episode was created just to be over the top and make Wooton fans (which seems to be almost everyone) happy. Overall it was an interesting concept but they sacrificed the concept for the sake of Wooton fans.

The part where Connie calls a locksmith seemed like it was going to be normal until the locksmith go there and broke the window, that is when I knew that the show wasn't supposed to be a normal everyday life episode but a "lets make this as absurd as possible"

On the upper hand of things there was some pretty okay comedy and Captain absolutely being back was different. Though if someone had never heard The Truth Chronicles I think they would be rather confused.

I also think Connie would know what an air-horn is especially after the listening episode where Connie and Eugene had the quiz show. On the idea of the squirrel setting of the car alarm, the Odyssey Squirrel Blog I could easily see them making a field day out of that section of the episode.

Overall an average to okay episode 2.5/5



Review by The Kings Daughter (Town of Odyssey)



Wow, Wooten got so many humorous lines in there...

All in all, I'd say Wooten's Broken Pencil Show was a good episode. The lines were well written, the sound effects were awesome, and Harlow's entrance into the show (after how many episodes of absence?) was very good as well! I cannot however, review how Whit preformed in this episode. I am still really not used to Whit's voice.

I didn't really care a whole bunch for the episode though. I didn't really like the plot. I think usually they define it a little better. And the little story about the wrestler I found didn't really capture my attention.



Review by EMBEE (Town of Odyssey)



It wasn't that bad. It was kind of odd, but I liked it. The Captain Absolutely part was fun. I think I have to give it a 3/5.



Review by iluvsns (Town of Odyssey)

Okay.. that was fine. Not in my top 100 fav AIO eps definitely. It wasnt really funny... but for an Odyssey episode with no point whatsoever, it was okay. I hope the next episode will be better.



Review by Marvin D. (Town of Odyssey)


Wooton raids--er, has to do a talk show--on Kid's Radio today! And boy was this episode...lame.

If I were to get extremely picky, I'd go on and list how Kid's Radio couldn't be held in a closet, but that isn't too important. Yay for Red being in the episode, along with Harlow, even if they both didn't play a very major role in it. Also, I was glad Matthew wasn't in it.

Connie and Eugene's tiff was almost normal, but it seemed as though they were just a little too polite for when they made up, and when they both said, "No!" to the hugging scene, it sounded as though it was just a thrown in line.

Wooton's obssession with sound effects was really annoying, but at least there was some Captain Absolutely to let us not hear about him. The whole Captain Absolutely thing was...cheesy and pointless, so I don't seen any reason why what's-his-name should take all the point out of the world. It was already pointless.

I really didn't see the point of this episode. The point, I think, is that by giving us a pointless episode with a meaningless moral, we should make all our entertainment have a point, thereby our shows/media/whatnot is point...ful?

The character of Wooton, I think, was put here just to give us an episode with Wooton, so that all Wooton lovers would be happy to hear of him. However, I think that the writing for him made him seem unrealistic. I mean, he's normally goofy, but in most places he has at least some point. I was already dreading this episode, and when it began, I knew that it wasn't going to be a very interesting episode.

On the random lines of funniness, all they really did was make me snicker or laugh, but not really make me enjoy it. There are for me, two types of comedies. The one that makes you laugh the whole way through, and you really laugh, or the one where there are random lines of funniness just...thrown in. The latter was Wooton's Broken Pencil Show.

Probably the best part of this episode, imo, was when Wooton gets to end the show instead of Chris. Though I did expect that something would happen and Chris would have to leave, just like in the "Game for a Mystery" she gave all the AIO staff a mysterious name, or in "Finish What You..." she didn't have all of her script. That was cliched. *rolls his eyes* But I still liked the ending.



Review by Dr. Watson (Town of Odyssey)



Except for a few good humorous lines from Wooton and Eugene, this episode was a flop. It reminded me of Fairy-Tail-a-Vision. It was too silly and treated the "point" with too much frivolity to be effective. 1.5/5



Review by Samitude (Town of Odyssey)


I really liked the parts about Connie and the car alarm. That seemed normal. The Captain Absolutely part was very strange. I didn't quite get it. People have said that he is mentioned on The Truth Chronicles, so I suppose if I would have heard them it might have made more sense. I actually liked Fairy-talevision and The Great Wishy Woz. Those made sense because they were obvious plays on the well-known stories.



Review by ric (Town of Odyssey)


(out of 10)


Pros:Wow. This was a great episode. It was......very different. I enjoyed Wooton and Harlow being in it. I really enjoyed the Captain Absolutely part. It was a bit random, but hey, we're talking about Wooton here.

Cons:Hmm...I can't really think of that much. I mean, it wasn't the best episode overall, but I can't really think of any reason why. It was just....there wasn't too much of a plot. But...... ya.

Overall: Great episode. Very different.



Review by DanP740 (Town of Odyssey)



It was... interesting. Wooton hosting Kid's Radio and being random and talking to Connie on the phone while she was outside was interesting. The Captain Absolutely thing was rather weird and I didn't exactly pay close attention. The plethora of sound effects was funny, and just Wooton's randomness was great, and is rather similar to the "radio" my sister and I have recorded. I would have liked this better if it didn't have Whit, Red, or Captain Absolutely in it...



Review by American Eagle (Town of Odyssey)


Wow... well, I like Wooton's car alarm noises. Harlow Doyle and Red Hollard (two characters I don't care for) were well used. This whole episode is forgettable, though.



Review by Sapphire (Town of Odyssey)



There is really only two words to describe this episode: crazy and insane. Truly a show that only Wooton could do (or my brother ). I remember thinking in the middle of the episode: why are Whit and Eugene acting so crazy? Then I remember. It was Wooton's show. I was surprised that Harlow Doyle came back to the show. At first I was opposed to him coming back, but now I'm okay with it. I guess I had forgotten how much he added to the show. I loved Chris's interaction with Wooton. Wooton ending the show was great. This show reminded me of the BTV episodes. Those were always fun to listen to. I loved that Red was in this episode too. I'm glad that the Parkers weren't in this one. I'm sure they will be in plenty of others. Overall, this was a crazy and insane episode. Very funny. I will give it four stars out of five.


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