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"The Mystery of the Clock Tower I & II"
[#667, 668]

*All ratings are based on a 5 star scale unless otherwise noted.


Part One


Review by Big Odyssey Fan



This episode is the best so far of the two new albums! Andre Stojka did a much better job of sounding like Whit, and this episode sounded much more Odessey-like than any of the episodes in Album 51. ,,The only downside is I wish they would bring some of the old kid characters back instead of just the Jones and Parkers. ,,I can hardly wait to hear Part II next Saturday!



Review by Jonathan Valentin



I really liked this episode. It had a good morale. It was also very adventurous. This episode scored a a+ with me.



Review by American Eagle (Town of Odyssey)


Firstly, I love every character in this episode! The news ones were great! Mayor Spencer Hicks was very good, Alicia has a good voice (she reminds me of Monica Stone), and even minor characters like Andrew were enjoyable. I felt album 51 was ruined due to both poor characters and an overall lack of characters, so this was fantastic.

Some good lines:
"If you're going to give a girl a rose, it shouldn't be black."
"Because in the mysteries, the butler always does it."

Speaking of black roses, I remember those from the "clue" image we got for Album 52. There's one mystery solved. The mystery of this episode is completely out in the open, though. I was entertained and mystified through every second of this premiere. Although The Inspiration Station wasn't bad, this beats it in every way.



Review V-lady (Town of Odyssey)


I liked it! The story was entertaining, the characters played well off of each other, and it was definitely nice to see Eugene working on technical stuff again instead of running away from birds.



Review Dave (Blog)


(out of 10)


AIO returns for a new season of small-town fun with "The Mystery of the Clock Tower." Or small-town mystery, as it turns out.

This show almost felt like a Father Gilbert mystery, except it was set in America and there were no British accents. It felt awkward at first--I found it hard to get in to--, but as the pace picked up a bit and the mystery grew deeper I started to get interested. Probably the best part of the episode was the two scenes which went back and forth: Alicia Jennings telling Eugene and Matthew about her role as a courier twenty years earlier, while Michael gave his side of the story. That was written very well and made the presentation of the back story stay interesting without resorting to flashbacks. We also get different perspectives on the same event, although we miss out on hearing the voice of Wendy, the third character in the twenty-year old tale.

We meet a new mayor in this show, whom we can assume has replaced Mayor Faye. How this has transpired is left up to our imaginations, as it mustn't have been exciting enough to make it in to an AIO episode. I'm not sad to see Margaret go--thirteen years as a liberal mayor of a conservative town was a good run for her, although I'm not sure who voted for her all those elections--, but Mayor Spencer Hicks doesn't have much of a character in part one of "Clock Tower." Nothing connected me to him as a person, and unlike with Tom Riley and Margaret Faye we haven't gotten to know him before he became mayor. I'm sure he could become more interesting with future appearances, but right now he's one of those stock characters (but he did only get one scene in part one...).

Whit, Connie, and Eugene are our main investigators here, which makes the story move smoothly. When you have old and beloved characters in every scene, it's just got to make the episode better. And Matthew's occasional comments let us know that he's still there, but not trying to take the spotlight away from AIO characters that we like better. It turns out Dreams by Constance has made it past the hiatus and actually gets events to cater for! Why a 16-year old who's never had a good boyfriend or healthy romantic relationship is running a wedding planning service is anybody's guess, but at least the writers have let Connie keep helping those who do manage to find true love in Odyssey. It's a reassurance that the main AIO characters haven't changed much since before the hiatus. On the topic of Connie, I thought her moment of inquiry at the flower store was a nice scene--some gentle humor with Connie getting out and about.

The music was notably different from what we usually hear on AIO. Sounded more like what you would hear on Left Behind, but it worked for this episode. And they actually used the new 30-second theme to start off the episode--I appreciated that.

Not being able to listen to part two of this show right away was not a problem for me--I felt the denouement could easily wait. Somebody's trying to re-create the events from 20 years ago--my guess is the mysterious Wendy--, but it wasn't a show which really left my head spinning with questions. Yes, questions were left unanswered, but the answers can wait. I'll have to wait to reserve my verdict on this episode until part two has aired, but so far it's been well done and easy to listen to. Connie hasn't gotten addicted to anything and Whit hasn't invented an incomprehensible new invention, nor has Mortimer made an appearance (or was that Finnian? ;-) ). So far so good!

Those "Jilted" flowers sound seriously sick, by the way. :-D



Review by AIOCREFan (Town of Odyssey)



Wow!! This episode is even better than I thought it would be! We finally have a complicated mystery that is more than just a single episode. We haven't had that since Album 48 with "The Top Floor" & "The Other Side Of The Glass". Also, even though I liked "The Inspiration Station", I would definitely agree with those who said that this episode is a much better season opener. (By the way, I tend to like every AIO episode that was ever produced, even the split episodes. That's just me, I guess. )

One of the things I liked best about this episode is where it switches back and forth between Alicia Jennings and Michael Butler telling the story.

Connie, Eugene, Micheal, & Alicia played their roles nicely. I am glad that Matthew was in this episode, as he is my new favorite kid character. Mayor Spencer Hicks wasn't as much of a part of this ep. as I thought he would be, but it appears that he will make a good replacement for Mayor Faye, whose time as mayor has been a bit too long in my opinion. Andre as Whit has been the norm for me since Album 51 and he did an exceptional job as Whit in this episode. Anthony (the Janitor) was good as well.

The last few scenes were heart-pounding (at least for me) and they were very well done from every angle of production, as was this whole episode.

I also enjoyed the electronica/techno style music woven into the transition music in this episode.

One thing I wish they would do is include the Andre Whit saying his lines during the theme when they air them on the radio. The only place that this is found is on Album 51. Also, since this is the "fullest" AIO album yet, I wonder what extended/new scenes will be found for this episode on Album 52.

I enjoyed this episode immensely. 10 out of 5 stars!!



Review by Peachey Keen (Town of Odyssey)


All right!! We finally here the new Odyssey theme on the radio version. The theme makes the show after all.
Hearing all the most important Odyssey characters with a mix of the new characters was great. The music was awesome. It reminded me of Novacom.

I think I already know who's the culprit but I hope I'm wrong. I want to be suprised.

Overall, great show! Sooo much better than the last season's premiere.



Review by Jesus_Minime (Town of Odyssey)



I'm shocked and awed with the quality of the great music in this episode, John Campbell is really getting modern with his compositions and I'm likin' it. the story so far has been mind gripping, and I can't wait to see what happens next.



Review by TigerintheShadows (Town of Odyssey)


W00t! The return of Dreams By Constance! And with it comes a strong episode that surely bodes good will for the newest season of Adventures in Odyssey. A well written mystery bringing back both the nostalgia of Novacom and a true Odyssey feel to the show, it seems to me like this episode might just be the start of a season making up for the number of flops in 51.



Review by EMBEE (Town of Odyssey)



I love this episode! It is awesome! A very good start to the new season. The characters and story are great. It gets a 5 from me.



Review by Taq (Town of Odyssey)




  • Does the device remind anyone of Call Me if You Care? It's been 20 years. There is a relationship rift. There is a crisis that needs to be attended to now. (There will be forgiveness/reuniting/a relationship restored at the end? I would not be surprised to find Alicia's sister in Part 2.)

  • I enjoyed Matthew as a supporting character tagging along with Eugene.

  • I was surprised but not disappointed to hear Chris step out of the bookends of the show in her reporter role.

  • I thought Emily Jones was randomly inserted into the show for a sec, then laughed when I realized it was a commercial.

  • Dreams by Constance-- gotta love the continuity.

To sum up, I enjoyed The Mystery of the Clocktower, Part 1. I am giving it a 4/5 for now, but the rating could go higher or lower depending on how I like the conclusion. I concur with American Eagle that this season premiere beats The Inspiration Station in every way. After not listening to or caring about Odyssey for a while, I'm looking forward to seeing how this mystery wraps up.



Review by Laura Ingalls (Town of Odyssey)



I really liked the episode! Much better than the majority of album 51, in my opinion.




Review by ric (Town of Odyssey)



Great episode. At the moment, I don't have a single idea as to the ending of this mystery.

I like Matthew kinda tagging along with Eugene.

I still can't get used to Andre Stojka, but I guess that'll come eventually.

I especially like the last few minutes, where it starts to sound like and Alfred Hitchcock movie.

Overall, a really great episode.



Review by DanP740 (Town of Odyssey)



I have to admit, I was impressed by this episode. It had the old two-parter mystery feel to it. One thing though... in the promos for album 52, I thought I heard them say that the clocktower's time hadn't changed since it had been struck by lightening x years ago, which is not at all the problem in this episode. What?

I give it 5 stars, which the first of the newer episodes I've ever given a 5, I believe.



Review by Anna (Town of Odyssey)


This actually was a great episode! I was a little disappointed with album 51, but this seems like it'll be a much better season!

It was really intense in some parts and I can't wait for next week to hear how it ends!!!
Eugene and Connie made me happy. I love hearing them.

I still can't get used to Andre as Whit... He's just not Whit... I hope I get used to him soon!



Review by Jimmy Barclay (Town of Odyssey)


Very enjoyable and I am ready to see how it ends. It has me into it. I have a suspect in mind too. I like how it went back and forth in telling the story from 2 viewpoints.



Review by Marvin D. (Town of Odyssey)


And it's time for the kick-off of Album 52: Cause and Effect. Huzzah and Wooton! When Eugene tells Matthew about the effects of cause-and-effect, I wondered if there would be more mentions of it. Now onto the review.

Every single character was great: Eugene, Whit, Connie, Alicia, Michael, even Andrew. (I didn't mention Matthew on purpose though, because I'm already fazed out on the fact he's gonna be around a lot). The music was so much different from AIO, sort of electric, I think. But it definitely made the episode stand out. John Campell did a great job on it! Kudos to him. I'm glad we still have enough of Connie and her insatiable curiousity; that made her better. In fact, Eugene, Connie, and Whit all seem like themselves in this episode. Take it From the Top didn't make them seem like the good old ones. The mystery itself has gotten me well intriuged, and I'm dying to find out what happens. I wonder if Andrew has anything to do with it. Not because of Matthew's theory...but just a gut feeling that's driving me insane. Maybe I'll feel better next week. I enjoyed how the AIO team mixed the Eugene's conversation with Alicia, along with Whit and Connie's talk with Michael, together. It was more interesting. I have no real negatives for this show. The only one I can think of is that we have to wait till next week.



Review by AIO Psyche (Town of Odyssey)



Thoughts on this amazing episode:

As someone who hasn't listened to AIO in YEARS, thisis quite a pleasant and nice suprise. Amazing ep, actually feels alot like classic 90s Odyssey!

The music reminded me alot of Novacom. Loved it!!

I honestly have no clue what is gonna happen next. We don't have enough info!!!

Nice to hear they got rid of Ms. Faye!! Never did care for her too much......

Where is Harlow when you need him?? This would have been a great place to bring him into the story for some great comic relief.

I do agree though, that I'm just not diggin this new Whit. He just doesn't sound or feel like Whit in the least to me.

Overall, AMAZING episode! CANNOT WAIT for the second part!!



Review by iluvsns (Town of Odyssey)


It was FANTASTIC!! i really enjoyed the music. Its still hard to get used to the new Whit, but I think i'll eventually adjust. I think album 51 was sort of a test to see how people would react to the new changes and now they've got it a little more figured out and they're doing a great job! Keep it up! cant wait to hear the end...



Review by 31899 (Town of Odyssey)



This episode was a far better season opener than last season, in fact it was better than every episode last season. I'm warming up to the new voice of Whit and this season seams to be off too a good start. It's hard to tell where this episode seems to be going but because it's AIO it will probably be the happy Disney like ending where every thing is perfect and the two people get together again under the clock tower at 11:45pm or the clock is a bomb and explodes, perhaps the person's sister is already married, Mathew hits the self destruct button. It would be far more interesting if it were one of the last options. Something I noted is there seems to be no lesson to the episode at this point, perhaps I'm just missing it, but I can't find one. On more positive basis there was a very nice cliffhanger ending and more than four characters.


Part Two


Review by jennifer twt (Town of Odyssey)


I thought it was a good start, like the previous album, but the story didn't go in the direction I thought it would. I was hoping it was something more to do with Whit as a previous 'clock tower episode' was alluded to earlier in the series. Don't remember which episode, it's a fleeting line and if you're not paying attention, you miss it. Anyway, I was hoping the series would go back and pick up that thread and make it more of an intrigue tale rather than unrequited love. Not a bad episode, just not awesome or fantastic.



Review by ric (Town of Odyssey)


(out of 10)


Ok, nice episode.
Pros:It was a good plot. Pretty unpredictable. I still don't think there was too much of a lesson, but the lesson that was there was good. (Every decision matters and your sin will always find you out.) I like how it seems James and Alicia's sister get back together.

Cons: Um, the janitor was a bit predictable, but, you know.... There wasn't much suspense. The plot wasn't too interesting. Um....a bank robbery? I was kinda hoping for something bigger. It's kind of unbelievable (notice I didn't say unrealistic) that Andrew would go to all the trouble of getting the flower, and placing the wedding veil and all that stuff, just for a diversion. I'm sure the clock counting down was enough.



Review by Smaugh the dragon (Town of Odyssey)



Aww, I wanted Andrew to be innocent. It sounded like he was guilty, but I really hoped it would be Alicia or something that was responsible. He seemed like a sweet guy, except for the whole 'stalking' thing... I thought that a little creepy for Odyssey.

At any rate, I enjoyed the episode, although I was a little disappointed that the ending wasn't bigger. Like Whit's End being bombed or Dr. Blackgaurd returing to life or something.

4.5/5 coz I love mysteries!



Review by takeitfromthetop (Town of Odyssey)



I knew it was the Janitor and I knew when it was counting down it was going to be a diversion. a little predictible but still good. I gave it 4/5 stars. also we got to hear more from the mayor this episode!!



Review by Marvin D. (Town of Odyssey)


(out of 10)


Wow, this was an...interesting episode to say the least. It was too predictable, though. As I said last week, "I wonder if Andrew has anything to do with it. Not because of Matthew's theory...but just a gut feeling that's driving me insane," I figured it out now. I just felt that he had something to do with it, and in the end, it happened. And the closest thing to a surprise ending that was in it was the fact that Andrew's father was a part of it. But after knowing enough about mysteries, I had a hunch it was him. The music also didn't seem to really be that related to the previous one. The last one was more...electric, and this one was back to what I'm used to. I'd rather that a show keep the same music standard, instead of changing. Also, the lesson learned seemed to be summed up in what Matthew said. No more than a sentence, really. Not that big of a lesson learned. And it looks like we got romance starting, also. The mystery part was intriuging enough, though it was spoiled with the fact that Andrew was guilty. When it was found out that he was 'stalking' Alicia, it sort of a mature scene there, not so ordinary. I'd say more, but I'd rather not. Stalking in Odyssey. Weird. >_> And also, I think Spencer Hicks is an OK character. Nothing really special about him. Just ordinary. Connie and Eugene were played as they normally have been, so I don't think much was changed on that part. There wasn't enough Whit for me to really talk about him. But, he'll hopefully be around more. So I give this episode 6.5/10, which has sunk my total rating of The Mystery of the Clock Tower down to more of a 7.5/10. Mystery, yes, which got my interest. Few moral lessons, fairly predictable plot, yes, which lowered my interest.



Review by iluvsns (Town of Odyssey)


I enjoyed this episode... but it wasnt as interesting as the first part. I had suspected the janitor already, so it wasnt really suprising that he had masterminded the plot. This episode really showed how the writers have lowered the age range for Odyssey... I'm sure it would be more suspenseful for younger listeners, but for an older audience it wasnt as captivating. Overall it was very interesting, but I was hoping the ending would've had more of a climax and suspense. I'm hoping to see more complicated plots in the future.



Review by JesusFreak777 (Town of Odyssey)


I am surprised they even touched a topic like stalking, but I think they way they handled it was professional and audience appropriate. They did not outright call it stalking so as not to give undue exposure to adult themes to children, but at the same time they allowed the seriousness to show though with the synonyms they used for stalking, the explanation of what was happening, and the serious tones of voices they used. This way the adults listening could get the serious aspect, but not have to worry about it being too much of a mature theme for the target audience.



Review by The Kings Daughter (Town of Odyssey)



Part 2 was very good! Although I was a little disappointed with the ending. I, like some of the others, would have preferred a little something bigger.

FotF did a superb job of drawing you attention to what they wanted you to think about though. I thought it was all centered around Elisha.

But a downside for me was, at the end, how did Whit know to go to the bank of all places?? That just seemed...interesting.



Review Jesus_Minime (Town of Odyssey)


I loved this story, but I kind of wish it had have gone deeper, like it should have been the last episode in the season linking to "The Green Ring Conspiracy" but it kind of ended up ending (semi) anti climactic. I suspected Andrew the whole time, and speaking of him, I don't like the guy who played him either . The episode itself was great, and I enjoyed it, but it could have been better. I'm still looking forward to the rest of this season, and hoping it will be as good or better than this episode.



Review by EMBEE (Town of Odyssey)



I really liked this episode. I had a very well written story, and the music was awesome too. Will Ryan did an amazing job as Eugene, as he always does. I have to say though, I am starting to get really tired of Matthew. I'm giving this episode a rating of 4.



Review by Shennifer (Town of Odyssey)



I give this episode a 4 out of 5. I thought it was good, though I thought the janitor had something to do with it all along-but was held in suspense as to how he was involved. Indeed, I didn't expect how it ended, but I felt like leading up to it was very complicated. I didn't understand all the details. And I thought it was a bit far-fetched about Andrew and the diary. But on a better note, I'm glad Wendy and Micheal are reunited, and how it worked out.
The first part was amazing; this part was good.

oh, and as a sidenote, when Andrew's father was talking to Whit and Connie about their security people or their staff or whatever, he mentions a Mr. Kincaid, which of course made me think of Dave Madden and the Partridge Family.



Review by 31899 (Town of Odyssey)



The second part of the episode seemed to clear up my confusion about the message, but having to wait for the message was a bit of detractor especially for the average Joe listener who may not tune in every week. A second message I noticed but may not have been intentional, is the whole crime revolved around money, which takes us to the point of 1 Timothy 6:10. On a different note there seems to be a general lacking of kid characters although it is probably too early to tell. The whole love story thing seemed a bit too perfect, too Disney like, because in Odyssey people never get back together so easily. Example Eugene and Katrina, Connie and Mitch (pretty much any AIO character relations.) It almost seems like Connie has nowhere left to expand her character unless she starts taking classes at a post secondary institute or gets into another relationship. The episode also was rather predictable to who the culprit was, because the person I suspected was Andrew, because why else would they have him in the scenes and he had keys to everywhere, where as one wouldn't of suspected it as much to be the "victim." Also in the end they one with no problems a bit too easy almost. Overall it was an okay episode and get 3/5 star rating.



Review by Taq (Town of Odyssey)



4 stars. The most enjoyable episode since the reboot. The clock tower diversion reminded me of another diversion, namely the burning down of Tom Riley's barn.



Review by American Eagle (Town of Odyssey)



This was a good episode! I didn't like it quite as much as Part I, though. I suspected Andrew from the very start, but his father being involved was a surprise. The final confrontation at the bank was odd. After Whit came in to stop the robbery, I halfway expected the thieves to pull out guns and shoot our heroes.

The Whit/Connie phone conversation was VERY cheesy. However, I loved it when Whit said, "...and neither of them are married."


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