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Review by Eugene's Uke



This one was pretty funny, but sounds like a spoof off the episode with Connie doing too much at once. It's a little weird that Olivia got totally overwhelmed with JUST the play and the guitar lessons. ,,I got a little irritated when Olivia and Eugene kept saying, "Over to you".,,I LOVED Eugene's guitar solo. He sounded almost as good as my guitar teacher!! He really is a good guitar player!,,And for those of you who think it's strange that Eugene plays the guitar, don't be surprised. I play fiddle, guitar AND ukelele, and the baritone ukelele is the same as playing the bottom four strings of a guitar. ,,Overall, this episode was pretty good.



Review by Luke F. (Blog)


  • The part where Olivia broke down was really dumb.

  • The part where Eugene and Olivia kept saying "over to You" was really stupid.

  • I don't really like Red Hollard, although him mistaking cubits with cubes is kind of funny.

  • As always, I wish Paul Herlinger was still here.

  • It sounded very unlike Eugene to name his guitar.

  • I can't believe Eugene plays the guitar!


Review by Original Joe (Blog)



This was a mildly good episode. Apparently they are introducing Red as a dumb handy-man because he thought that "cubit" was "cube". I liked the humor (actually there were only three jokes in it). I feltvery uncomfortable when Olivia had a break-down. I think that Olivia sounds like a 14-year-old girl. What 11-year-old says, "I broke a nail!"? Overall it was okay.



Review by Marvin D. (Blog)


This episode was: BORING. Nothing extraordinary, nothing really interesting. Good moral, but it could have been more adventurous. That's all I have to say for this episode. Oh, and Eugene know the guitar....nice!



Review by Freddy Jay (Blog)


  • Right away Eugene starts talking in his usual confusing, big vocabulary style. Olivia though doesn't ask the usual "huh" like other kids have in the past.

  • Eugene plays the guitar? Well I suppose it wouldn't be too different than the ukulele.

  • Eugene teaching guitar lessons? I think it's going better than his substitute teaching. (The Invisible Dog)

  • Version difference: The disc version includes a scene where Eugene knocks on the Parkers door and is greeted by Mrs. Parker. This extra scene includes the fact that Eugene named his guitar Henrietta.

  • The "I broke a nail" line is kinda a little weird for an 11 year old.

  • The cubits line, best joke of the episode.

  • The endless list of things sitting around of previous commitments reminds me of......well me....

  • Yet another episode without Katrina?.......Not even a mentioning.......

  • The song played by Eugene and Olivia at the end is pretty good.

  • the wrap up at the end was pretty funny too.

Rating : Humor:3/5
Action: 3/5
Total: 3.5/5



Review by Audrey (Blog)

  • Eugene can play the guitar?! Why haven't we heard about his musical talent before? (Other than the ukulele)

  • Olivia is my favorite new character so far

  • Eugene names his guitar and his tortillas?!

  • Olivia was only committed to two things, and she still had trouble. I can relate, art class and dance class are hard too.

  • When Eugene and Olivia were playing the song, it bugged me that they kept saying "over to you Eugene" "Okay Olivia" every few seconds.

  • I love how they're putting more Chris in the episodes! Yay


Review by Christian A. (Blog)

  • I loved hearing from Connie again. And there was great writing for hers and Eugene's characters. Probably because it wasn't just Tim Hodge writing. Paul McCusker apparently had a part in it too. That's probably why "Abuelita" was included and all of the characters remained true to their personalities.

  • Olivia sounded a lot better in this episode. I just wish they wouldn't have said that she was eleven. She sounds more like fourteen/fifteen. But they probably didn't want to have her that old so that she wouldn't have to deal with teenage issues, since this is a show for 8-12- year-olds.

  • I noticed something a little weird--when Olivia walked away and broke down, she sounded a lot like Connie. I guess that was just her actress' adult side coming out. And her wanting to go back in time with the Imagination Station reminded me of the AIO book "Strange Journey Back" in which Mark Prescott tries to go back in time and change the day that his dad left his mom.

  • This episode reminded me of the episode where Connie has, like fifteen different things to do every day including writing for the Odyssey Times, and Whit teaches her how to manage her time, and she gives, like ten of those things up. Sorry for the run-on sentence, but I don't remember what the name of the episode is. (Comment if you know the episode I'm talking about!)

  • This was a very real-to-life episode. More so than we've really ever seen in Odyssey. It sounded like a real-to-life girl having real-to-life trouble juggling real-to-life activities. But the episode, as some of the other reviews suggested, was somewhat lacking. There wasn't much action, and when there was, it was Olivia. There was only one storyline involving one kid, so it definitely seemed to be missing something.

  • I liked hearing from Whit again. Mr. Stojka seemed to do a much better job in this episode. And I loved hearing him give advice from the Bible. If Andre isn't yet saved, at least these episodes can have a positive witness to him.

  • I had never heard the word "flake" used any other way than to refer to a light, flaky object before this episode. I thought that that was kind of weird.

  • I loved the ending with Chris. It reminded me of the old days when Chris had a lot more to say before and after episodes.

  • And, finally, I wanted to say something about Red Hollard. Although we didn't hear his voice in this episode, we still found out a little more about his character. It was surprising to hear that he is active at Whit's End. I thought he was just going to act as a neighbor character to the Parkers. He seems like a mix between Wooton and Bernard, and I could probably get used to having him on the show a lot. But I would be very sad if Bernard was replaced by him.


Review by King Butter Turtle (Town of Odyssey)

Rating: was a great story with some funny lines and fit right in to the classic AIO feel. I love it! One flaw was that it kind of made it sound like she couldn't handle two activities at the same time. Obviously, it was assumed that she had other responsibilities as well but, apart from one line about setting the table, they weren't addressed, which kind of made it sound like just guitar lessons and a play were stressing her out. But, overall, it wasn't a big deal.

I love what they've done with the credits this season. They've made them worth listening to again, instead of what almost could have been one audio file they just put into every episode. Chris is such an incredible actress, it's fun to use her as a host with some character. It's not like when she lived in Odyssey and did the intros but, it's also not, "read these names as fast as you can". I think that's the third time this season Chris has made me laugh, which is quite impressive.

I love the cubits line!



Review by American Eagle (Town of Odyssey)



*yawn* Another boring slice-of-life episode. The only time I came close to laughing was each time Chris said "Finish What You..." and then stopped. Intentionally awkwardly funny.

I'm afraid I have a cafe of newfandom. It's slightly frustrating. I've grown up listening to Odyssey, but never realized new episodes were coming out. (I joined the ToO at the start of AIO's 2-year hiatus). Now that I'm following each episode's release, they sound boring, uninteresting and not Odyssey. I have hope though, because I really enjoyed Target of the Week! It was funny, had fantastic new characters and a plot that actually went somewhere. (Honestly, a kid loses his video game? Creating a love note to a girl Barret likes?)

In fairness, there are lame episodes in the old days too, but this season seems to be filled with it. *sigh*

3/5 again (Target of the Week was the only episode all season I haven't given this rating to)



Review by Laurie (Town of Odyssey)



Not the most exciting slice of life episode, but okay. 3/5 I'm thinking The Jubilee Singers will be better.



Review by NateMaxwell (Town of Odyssey)



I found a few things that made this episode a little annoying.

It almost sounds like a remake of "The No Factor". Connie takes on too much stuff, Goes Insane, and has to let some people down. Olivia takes on Two things that she doesnt know how to balance, Has a breakdown, And lets Connie down.

Also, In Real Life I hear enough Emotional Breakdowns, Having Olivia throw a Fit wasnt the greatest descision they could've made.

But Alas...No Matthew Parker, Yay!

2 Stars. I dont hate the episode but it is "Forgettable"



Review by 31899 (Town of Odyssey)



I found this episode a bit odd. Since when was Eugene qualified to teach guitar? I also found the time frame slightly weird. It generally take time to learn an instrument. Also I am finding this entire album one family oriented, is anyone else? To be honest I think her parents were also stupid. They should know that you can't learn an instrument in a few weeks. I really didn't like this episode.

It goes with the inspiration station when it takes a 1/5



Review by DanP740 (Town of Odyssey)



Not too bad of an episode. Slightly just reminded me of an older episode where Connie kept making more commitments while not having time and needing to learn to say no...



Review by Joanne (Town of Odyssey)



This was a good episode... not the best, but good!

Characters: Whit is getting a lot better. Olivia Parker on the other hand is not my favorite character. Her voice is always whinny, and the adult actor talks "down" trying to sound like a little girl, which does not sound good.

Story: The story was a little slow, it wasn't terrible... just not my favorite. The lesson was good, although I was wondering why two things was too much for Olivia. Personally I have more than that to keep track of on a regular basis.

Music: Was great! No complaints here!



Review by Mrs Jason Whittaker (Town of Odyssey)


I just listened to this episode and I have to say: "Welcome to my life, kid." Seriously, the million projects and constant business make me want to go into a crying meltdown (and it has a few the last couple weeks) so I understand what Olivia was going through.

When it comes to balancing responsibilities in life, it's not only about how many things you have to balance, but also how you work them together. EDveryone seems to think that Olivia should have been able to handle two projects. And she could have, but she didn't take into account the work that would be involved for each one and where to fit it on her schedule. In "The 'No' Factor", on the other hand, Connie had a time on her schedule for each responsibility, she just had way too many responsibilities. Olivia could have done the two projects, but she didn't balance them. She didn't even realize the play was the same day as the birthday party.



Review by ricrocflow (Town of Odyssey)


Definitely a remake of the No Factor. I really think that they should of had a more mature teenager in the Parker family instead of 2 tweens and a little girl. The episode isn't bad, it is kinda funny but, I mean, having Olivia crying might have been a little to far. I'm not saying Odyssey is a reality show but, sometimes you've just got to look at things and say,"Would this ever happen in real life?".



Review by Shennifer (Town of Odyssey)


It didn't seem like Olivia had that much to do, it's just the idea of balancing the two and doing you're best to finish what you start.

I liked this episode, and I'm liking Whit more and more. I got annoyed with Olivia's voice, you could totally tell she wasn't played by a kid.



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