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Review by Brittini



Awsome I Love This Episode, Though Not To be Mean Or Anything But Whit Didn't Sound right Oh Well THe Episode Was Like I Already said AWSOME!!!!!



Review by Nia



I really liked this episode, especially the the spanish music. It was quite funny when orlando came and he thought eva was Rosalita. Loved it alot. keep them coming thanks and God bless!!!!!!!!!



Review by Lindsey



LOVED IT!! fresh, exciting, funny, keeps you on your toes! AWSOME! GREAT JOB ODYSSEY!



Review by Violet



i loved the show!we lived in Mexico for awhile so i thought the show was awesome!



Review by Hannah



It didn't seem like odyssey.



Review by Lydia S.



Very cute and family oriented! I loved all the Mexican culture woven into the episode. I also found it very funny with the part about they crammed into the bathroom for a family meeting! Ha-Ha!



Review by King Butter Turtle (Town of Odyssey)




This is definitely the best episode of the season. The story was great, it was full of hilarious lines, the music was phenomenal. I love the idea of the kids telling Whit the story. All the Spanish was fun. The actress who played Abuelita had an incredible performance. The Parker kids were just bouncing off one another; it felt so natural.

The first part of this season wasn't terrible but, it just felt... significantly different; like something was missing. But, I can totally see looking back on this episode in 10 years and not being able to distinguish it as pre or post hiatus II. It was classic.



Review by JesusFreak777 (Town of Odyssey)



Oh my goodness! I loved this episode! The Parkers are officially my favorite family since the Barclays. The wedding theme was so fitting to my life also. On top of that, the whole episode reminded me of the time I have spent both in Mexico and the Dominican Republic over holidays. So authentic!


Review by Sapphire (Town of Odyssey)



I really liked this episode. It was great! I love the Spanish music they added. Rosalita's love story could be a soap opera. I am starting to get more use to Whit's new voice. I am also glad that Eva stood up to her mother.



Review by Laurie (Town of Odyssey)



A pretty good episode, nothing special.



Review by Original Joe (Blog)



I liked this episode. I liked the "story-teller mode" that it was in. I thought it was strange how the kids were acting like they were done at the beginning. Then it turns out. . . .the wedding hadn't happened! Grandma says that Aunt Roselita drove the men crazy, but also says that Eva looks the same. I give it 5/5. Good episode.



Review by Audrey (Blog)

  • This is my second favorite episode of season 51!

  • The end didn't fit well (in my opinion)

  • This episode is definitely not realistic

  • The Parkers' grandma isn't quite as strange as my grandma(s) of course it's a good kind of strange!

  • What family would be crazy enough to cram into one home?! especially a family as big as the Parkers'? You'd think the family would be more courteous.


Review by Bennett (Town of Odyssey)


Grandma's Visit: I think I'm going to give it a "B" or "B+" with this one.

A few points:

  • Not too sure why we have to emphasize the mother's Spanish heritage every episode--but I guess we could interpret those as a set up for this one.

  • Matthew Parker is a good kid, nice voice, not annoying...but he's fairly average isn't he? Nothing really distinguishes him much as a character yet. Maybe I'm just not used to him yet...

  • The humor was good in this episode. And it was actually funny. For once there was a family humor which didn't involve riding lawnmowers--which I appreciated. It is the only reason why the episode would be considered being pushed up to a B+.

  • The family is creating good chemistry with one another--whereas the Washington's existence was very, well, difficult to get up-and-running, this family is becoming more quickly accepted and lovable . It has to do with the circumstances that they are being put in, in my opinion.


Review by Christian A. (Blog)



  • All of the acting was amazing! There was not one actor who did a bad job in this episode. The casting was excellent and everyone sounded great. Even Whit, whom I was not expecting a good performance from did a terrific job. Since he was behind the counter as the advice-giving, listening Whit, I expected him to sound fake again. But he nearly nailed the performance this time. I also thought that Amanda Troop did exceptionally well as Eva. I'm liking her character more and more every time I hear from her.

  • I liked the family relationships in this episode. The Parkers came together to make room for their large family and I can relate to that. I loved the playful banters between David and Eva. They are a great example of what a mom and dad should be for each other and for their children. I appreciated how Eva stood up to her mother after trying to go along with her with the wedding plans. It reminded me of "For Better or For Worse" when Eugene and Katrina get married, and Katrina's mother wants things to go along with tradition.

  • I liked that the kids were the narrators and Whit was the one hearing the story. It gave the episode a unique twist and I was sort of reminded of "I Slap Floor" where Bernard tells a crazy story to David and Mandy Straussberg.

  • The episode had good messages about forgiveness, respect, and family.

  • We finally know why the Parkers had to meet in the bathroom! I had forgotten about it until I heard this episode.


  • I agree with those who said that this episode at some points felt like a soap opera. Sometimes it got a little too mature for the target audience. Most of the members of my family hadn't yet learned what eloping was. I found it interesting that Rosalita's love for Rodrigo was so weak that she would elope with her ex-fiancee and leave him in the dust. This aspect of the story sounded like nothing we've ever heard before in Odyssey except maybe in "The Question About Tasha".

  • There was no mention of anything spiritual in the episode, and while the episode had a good lesson and good values, I would have appreciated hearing Whit talk about what God intended marriage to be or something along those lines.

Overall this was, again, a great episode and one that I could listen to many times and keep laughing. I give it a 9/10, just below "Target of the Week". It was good to hear from Bob Hoose again.



Review by Freddy Jay (Blog)

  • What a surprise. You'd think that someone from the family that was visiting for the wedding would have called to say that they were coming wouldn't you?And then that would spoil the surprise...
    I like the Spanish incorporated into this episode.

  • Great music.

  • Lot's of humorous lines, and great quotes.

  • Aunt Rosalita seems like a soap opera character...(Someone on CC said this too.)

  • I was glad that Eva stood up to her mother.

Conclusion: Overall this is a fantastic episode. It's really, funny. It's up there with my favorite for the album.



Review by Marvin (Blog)



I didn't like this episode so much because it seemed a little confusing. I did like all the Spanish, and since my Mom speaks Spanish, I understand this a lot. The music was fun, and Whit is dawing on me more. I pretty much liked the lesson learned, though God Himself wasn't in this one much.

Rosalinda was really neat. I liked her voice also. This episode was also hilarious. What I didn't like was that it seemed like that they were trying to push too much Spanish into this episode. But of course, maybe it's because I understand it quite well. But maybe others like it because it's fun to learn.


Review by EMBEE (Town of Odyssey)



I loved this one! It was really good, probably my favorite of this season (so far).

  • The grandmother reminded me of the grandmother from Maya and Miguel. In fact, the whole thing reminded me of that show.

  • The Mexican music was nice.

  • The humor was great!

  • Now I can impress people with the fact that I can say Adventures in Odyssey in Spanish!

Five stars from me!

For anyone who wants to know, "Vaya con Dios" means "Go with God," if I remember correctly.

Random side note about the new Whit:
Maybe it's just because I've listened to these new eps a ton (out of the seven episodes I have on my mp3 player, five are from album 51, so that's why I've heard them so much), but Andre has become Whit to me. Its getting to where when I hear him in an episode, he usually doesn't at first register in my mind as the "new Whit" but just as "Whit." In fact, I went this entire episode without remembering that it was the new Whit. That right there oughta tell you that I've probably been listening to most of these new ones perhaps too much.



Review by DanP740 (Town of Odyssey)



While funny and stuff, for some reason I just don't care for things with large amounts of spanish stuff and such...



Review by Laura Ingalls (Town of Odyssey)



I enjoyed it! It was a fun episode and had some great lines.



Review by Termite (Town of Odyssey)


The Spanish on the phone was this:

Donde esta? - Where are you?
Que? - What?
No lo puedo cre! - I don't believe it!

And I didn't catch the last line. *shrugs* But this episode was hysterical. The one thing that bothered me was Eva's voice, though... Half the time it sounded as if it was supposed to be a Spanish accent and half the time an American one.

Oh, and I think Chris should have said adventuras DE Odyssey because the adventures 'belong' to the town, so to speak. (if I remember correctly. )



Review by jennifertwt (Town of Odyssey)


The last two episodes have been my favorites of the new album. I'm from San Antonio, Texas, and the Parkers are very much like many families there. We celebrate Fiesta every year in April for 10 days around the 20th of the month. Previously, I always listened to The Cross of Cortes during this week, but this was a GREAT end of Fiesta episode, even if I must make my own celebration in Sweden.

Viva! Fiesta!



Review by 31899 (Town of Odyssey)



I thought this episode was very soap opera-ish but it was generally a very interesting episode. It did not remind me of any other episode, except I thought it was weird how they would switch from Spanish to English. I also think the Parkers need to grow a back bone.

Not a bad episode but not a great episode.



Review by Amethystic (Town of Odyssey)


I loved this last episode. There's just something about it that I really liked.



Review by Joanne (Town of Odyssey)



My thoughts on this episode:

Characters. I really like the Parker family and there grandma was great! Whit is still a bit uncomfortable for me but it isn't bad. I also liked the relatives.

Story. This story was great! I loved the whole plot, it was very entertaining and I wasn't bored with it like I was with other episodes. I really like the part with all the Parkers having a meeting in the bathroom.



Review by Irwin (Town of Odyssey)


Unfortunately this was the first one I didn't totally like in the season. It just seemed unrealistic and it didn't provide much of a point in my opinion.

Although I was reminded of The Meaning of Sacrifice when the kids where at Whit's End.



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