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"When You're Right, You're Right"

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Review by Leanne


All I can say is that I hardly recognize the Odyssey that I remember. These new episodes are just not very interesting. I really do not think that there should be anything about children having girlfriends and boyfriends. While this may be accepted by the world, I know that Odyssey shouldn't have anything about this in their episodes. Overall, this episode wasn't absolutely terrible, but I think these new episodes have been too juvenile for children who are in the 11 or 12 age range. Maybe the next season will be better, but I doubt it.



Review by Audrey (Blog)

  • I've never heard a more in-depth description of chili.

  • Emily is sounding kind of fake to me.

  • The scene where they watch Barrett and Priscilla is kinda funny.

  • I loved the card!

  • Emily changing the card was weird.

  • Matthew is unrealistically smart

  • Not a huge fan of Barrett

  • I was expecting this to be the best episode of the season, but I think Grandma's Visit and the Jubilee Singers are the best, so when they air, tell me if you agree! Please.


Review by Freddy Jay (Blog)



  • In this episode we hear more of Barrett and Emily.

  • We have a brass player in Odyssey now. Barrett's playing was good. Although it's not a trumpet, I still really like it.

  • Barrett's song is kinda rough, but entertaining none the less.

  • Emily's line, (No offense Matthew, but you're a boy. You wouldn't know what a girl wants........Yes! In case you haven't noticed. I'm a girl!) made me think of Connie.

  • The technology mentioned in this episode. Matthew being able to create a card like that sounds really cool.

  • We learn more about Emily's character. She seems to have a take charge attitude.

  • I can see the Jones' family competing against the Parker family for being replacement for the Barclays.

  • The Emily/Barrett, brother/sister chemistry is pretty good.Same for the Parker siblings.

  • Matthew has been in every episode so far this season. I think they could have had more balance with the character selection. But I do like Matthew. So I guess I won't complain too much.


Review by Marvin (Blog)




I liked the beginning because it had the theme at last! I also enjoyed how Emily explained to Simon about the chili. And then as for the part about Matthew and Emily discussing romance. Even though it wasn't much, it was funny. And then how Emily always wanted to be right.


Matthew has been in every episode. It's getting somewhat tiresome. And I really don't like Simon's voice. He sounds too old to have 11-ish year old kids. And I don't think a 10-year old could invent a card like that.


A somewhat good episode, so it gets a 3.5/5 out of me!



Review by Original Joe (Blog)



I thought this was a very good episode. I don't know why, but it seems that Emily isn't the girliest girl, but she has a very, very girly voice. I don't see why that would be. When I heard Barrett's happy birthday song the first time, I literally cringed. Good writing, entertaining, I see no reason why I shouldn't give it a 5/5 arrows



Review by American Eagle (Town of Odyssey)


  • Mr. Jones has an enjoyable voice; I could see him being the 'next' Mr. Barclay

  • Yay for audio editing!

  • Not at all a fan of the sensual "happy birthday baby" part

  • All these kid characters talking to each other are confusing...

  • No subplots? Okay...

  • Wow, maybe I was just doing other things, but that seemed super-short.

Review by Laurie (Town of Odyssey)



A very good lesson, but nothing spectacular.



Review by NateMaxwell (Town of Odyssey)


Barret is now my favorite character for like ever! I Loved the episode it was hilarious but I'm really starting to bear a grudge against Emily Parker and her um...(How should I put this...) Gender-ist ways.



Review by EMBEE (Town of Odyssey)



I listened to this one half expecting Barret to get on my nerves like he did in his first appearance, but he didn't, which was good. I'd probably give this one a 3/5. I may have more thoughts later after hearing it a few more times.

BTW, has anyone else noticed that Matthew Parker has been in every single episode so far this season? I'm kinda starting to get tired of him.



Review by Bennett (Town of Odyssey)


I'm having fun doing my reviews the lazy man's way. Obviously these ratings will all change once I listen to these again:

But if...

Inspiration Station 1+2: B+
Target of the Week: B+
Clutter: B
Game for a Mystery: D-
For the Birds: C+

This episode might be a B-...

Another Subpar episode, I would say. I'm just a little confused by the, as Top says, "A Reboot"...

I mean, I never really enjoyed the earliest days of Odyssey too much--at least not the first few albums. They were good--and I like them for nostalgia reasons-- but it just feels like they're trying going back to those times. The only difference is that the characters now are recurring a lot more often. Back then, I felt like the recurring kid characters didn't really appear until album 5; a lot of the earliest kid characters had a life span of like 3 episodes.

The problem was that they would be episodes like the ones airing now where the"stakes" weren't high--that's the trouble I'm seeing with the season far. Even a more "dramatic" episode like the "Inspiration Station", the stakes aren't going very high these days. These "Slice of Life Episodes" are about really the lowest activities--and aren't really "adventures" as the title suggests--"clutter", "wanting your brother to feel good and switching a happy birthday card", "finding out what happened to a video game a bird took it", and the episode "For the birds" was so uneventful that I can't even remember what the main storyline was.

And so, I know that's the very definition of "slice of life"--the everyday, the ordinary--but we listen to this stuff so we can have predicaments that are slightly higher stakes than what we have today. I liked "Target of the Week", because the stakes were higher..they dealt with "everyday ordinary issues", but in an interesting suspenseful way. Who really has their ear glued to the radio hearing of some of this stuff? Sometimes I don't mind it, and I think it is good for a family show to have these typical issues that we can relate to and think "hey--that's like us". But I think for "entertainment", it's not doing as well as it could be. These episodes are really on the 8 year old side of "8 to 12".

And I think I lot of it has to do with the fact that it is very kid-focused. And no, I don't mind that. After all, I'm sure I'll learn to grow used to a lot of the kids. The problem is, it's not feeling like Odyssey. It's not a good "transition" for a lot of us fans. To wipe out almost so many existing character at the same time, and, by focusing entirely on these new kids so much is a problem. Why? Because once all their voices change, they'll get kicked off the show. We need to have grownup characters we can relate to because they usually stick around for 20 years whereas kids stick around for 5...And let's admit it, the best episodes I always found as a kid were the adult ones--where Bernard, Tom, Whit, Jack all were trying to figure out a problem---"Tom For Mayor", "A question of Tasha", "The Other Woman", "An Extraordinary Conclusion". And sure, their are plenty of simply kids shows too, "Another Man's Shoes", "Gloobers", "Snow Day"...and many more.

Odyssey needs a balance.

I mean, remember Album 50, when the show asked themselves, "Is Odyssey stuck in the past"? Well..let's think about it. Eugene is back at Whit's End working like the past 20 years have never happened. They fired both Aubrey and Nick Mulligan. Connie never seems to go to College is continue in her ambitions that she's been dealing with forever. Eugene doesn't even seem to be married at all! No mention of Whit's End Connelsville. It's like everything that Odyssey has "progressed" in doing, Odyssey likes to just keep going back to how things were because they are comfortable in. So yes, they are stuck in the past--it only results now is familiar situations. And sure, I don't mind it too much. But let's at least acknowledge that changes HAVE occurred in the past 20 years. Get Eugene out of working at Whit's End, already--switch things up...Have Connie go into teaching and have us learn about how she deals with a classroom. And sure, we might think--well "Eugene wouldn't be Eugene if he had a kid", or "connie wouldn't be Connie if she went off and tough at school"--well the truth is that "Odyssey isn't Odyssey when we wipe out 2/3rds of its characters.

I know the writers are trying to appeal to a new generation of fans. But are they really going to be confused by having some guy named Nick working at Whit's End? Or that a guy named Ed Washington makes visits? Or that their used to be a kid named Jimmy Barclay that used to be around, and makes a monthly visit to Whit's End? Or making it clear that Eugene is married and that he probably shouldn't be flirting with Connie?

I'm not complaining. Don't get me wrong. It's only half way through the season! Plenty more could happen. These are just my concerns--Odyssey needs to acknowledge the past in the way it makes it easy to listen to for the "new listeners".

As for the episode--it kept my attention, at least. The "Chilli" dialogue at the beginning of the episode when on for way too long, however. That's my sole complaint really. It almost deserves a "B"...and I might give it that if I listen to it again--but the whole theme didn't really seem to fit into the story too. Regardless, I chuckled at the "new recording" that was made for the birthday card.



Review by Joanne (Town of Odyssey)



My rating was 2/5, this episode disappointed me. Here is why...
The Story: The Chili part was too long and a little boring. The part with Barret was to me weird. Do we know how old Barret is? it was weird to me that the relationship was encouraged. It seems they were a little young for that. I agree the Emily version of the card was too much. Overall the story was kind of disappointing.

The Characters: I was pleased that with Barret much more in this episode, he was pretty good! Emily sounds so much like Olivia, if the get in the same episode together I am going to have a hard time telling the two apart. Mathew was good but they have been using him a little too much. Mr Parker was a pleasant surprise for me! in Game For a Mystery he really irritated me, he didn't in this episode.

Quality: The episode was very slow and had way to much music. I noticed they had a new composer, did they get rid of John Camble? The music didn't seem like Odyssey either. I was disappointed.

I want to think that it will get better, Odyssey has had some bad albums and they will probably get through this. This episode however was only a 2/5 for me.



Review by H Tide (Town of Odyssey)



I guess I'm in the minority this time. I actually enjoyed this episode. It was fun, silly, and incredibly light-hearted. The chili part reminded me of when previous Odyssey dads would goof up (like Mr. Washington being too silly or George Barclay getting lost while on family vacations). It actually made me hungry for some chilli! And I liked the Barret/Emily plot as well. I could certainly relate to Emily trying to help her brother and failing. So the lesson hit home for me. I thought the whole card part was pretty funny, and although I was surprised at Odyssey for discussing that sort of relationship, it didn't detract from the episode as a whole. I can see why others didn't like it that much, but for me, it was pretty good. I give it 4 stars.



Review by DanP740 (Town of Odyssey)



Well, I'm in your minority too, H Tide, I guess. I actually liked this episode enough to give it 5 stars, the first of this new season. The story was good, the remixed song funny, the encounter with the bully funny, and.... I liked it for once. Although Emily's voice (and Priscilla's) sound a little too fake for me...



Review by Trixie Belden (Town of Odyssey)



I didn't like this episode very much. It had no climax! It was sort of everything works out well and everyone goes on their way. Where was the drama, the angst, the thrill of Mr. Parker's chili? Okay, it had that part, but that's it.

Agreeing with DanP740, I dislike Emily's voice. Is she played by an actual child, or an adult, like Olivia? I also didn't like Priscilla's at all.

I was kind of surprised at Odyssey for doing an episode related to 11 year old relationships. I mean, it's starting to sound like the DIsney channel with the crushes, boyfriends and girlfriends and the like. In that respect, I wasn't really pleased with that. I think it's fine if he likes her, but it's not Emily's place to encourage it.

Also, I did NOT like Jay, the other new bully. I guess you could compare Jay to Rodney and Vance King to Rusty, in that Jay's the whinier, more annoying of the two. Also, he's played by a 40 year old man that looks nothing like how his voice sounds.

One thing I did like was the card, and that's what brings this episode up to a solid 2 stars.



Review by Smaug the dragon (Town of Odyssey)



I thought Barret was Emily's younger brother! That was scary, I thought AIO was encouraging 9-year-old boyfriend/girlfriend relationships. Although... Barret isn't much more than that, he's about 12/13 right?

What's with that?!

I didn't like the music at ALL! Totally not Odyssey. And totally overused too.

But both the cards were funny.

So, I need to warm to this episode some more. 2.5/5 stars



Review by 31899 (Town of Odyssey)



It has been one of the better episodes in the season, but the entire time I was listening I felt like it was really similar to another AIO episode, but I couldn't remember which one. (That was very distracting) Other than that it was a fairly good episode. I felt that the one sister of the guy that plays the trombone was a little over the top, but that is just my opinion.

I have no major concerns or complaints about this episode so it receives a 3 of 3.



Review by Christian A. (Blog)


I didn't like this episode very much at all. It got a little better near the end, but there were a lot of objectionable elements in it, at least for me. I'll address the episode by giving the positive and negative elements. Negative first:

  • There was a lot of disrespect toward parents, particularly Mr. Jones. As in the episode, "And That's the Truth", we need to be honest, and yet caring and respectful. There wasn't much of that, just a lot of needing to be painfully honest on Emily's part. I don't know who Kirby Atkins is, but he/she definitely has different views than Paul McCusker on telling the truth.

  • I didn't like that a kid who sounds like an 11-year-old had a girlfriend from school whom he meets with privately and accepts hugs from. And when did we find out that Barrett was older than Emily? She sounds way older than him.

  • I didn't like the namecalling or bickering between Emily, Barrett, and Jay. Jay is definitely more of a bully than Rodney Rathbone ever was. He is mean and he hits where it hurts. The kids in this episode sounded like any other kids of the world, not godly, Christian kids from a small town middle school.

  • They didn't really address that what Emily did was wrong. She shouldn't have been messing with her brother's love life (even if he shouldn't have one to begin with). The only good message in this episode was a slightly noticeable message to take advice, and long for wisdom and discernment.


  • I was glad that Mr. Jones talked to Emily near the end, and that there was a message about asking for forgiveness again.

  • One thing that was kind of positive was that Matthew took action against Emily's wrongdoing. He told her that what she did was wrong and that she shouldn't do that to her brother.

  • The acting was good, I think Barrett's actor found the right voice because he sounded good. We heard from Matthew again, and I'm sure we did in "Grandma's Visit" too. Hopefully we get a break from him in "Finish What You..."

Not much to say on the positive side of things. This episode could have been any other radio drama of the world, and that's not what Adventures in Odyssey is. There was an okay message, but over all, I didn't like this episode. I give it a 3/10.

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