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Review by J P



I enjoyed the episode For The Birds . This episode was great. ,I liked how Eugene and supposedly,Wooten both shaved thier heads in this episode.



Review by Bennett (Town of Odyssey)


There are a few nice scenes in this episode, but it was probably not at the standard I would want it to be. The episode seemed to be, like last week, going back and forth multiple themes: Curses, Responsibility, why should we play, God's will--just a host of different lessons thrown together. Eugene being chased by birds is something I would see used on "rejected storyline ideas" list. Again, there are a few good moments and it has its strengths. But there were way too many weaknesses --even when taking into consideration the age level they were perhaps going for--I do recognize this episode's target audience is "8" year olds in the "8 and above" range.



Review by Catspaw (Town of Odyssey)


I really enjoyed it - it was another great story that could happen to any normal family in a variety of locations. I really liked the emphasis on prayer, but also how praying doesn't mean that we'll get exactly what we want, since sometimes God has other plans. The storyline with Connie and Eugene providing the cover of "Take it from the Top" was fun and provided some comic relief from the baby blue jay story, though there definitely were humourous moments within the family storyline as well. It wasn't perhaps the most realistic thing ever, but hey, what do I know about birds coveting Eugene's hair? Maybe it happens all the time! Wooton was nicely used. I liked the family consensus on how they didn't understand the connection between the meaning of Dexter in Latin and how it applied to his moose being given that name. I love Wooton, and he fit in well without going too overboard on the goofy side, which is what I think he sometimes receives criticism for.

Overall, this was another solid episode that a lot of families will relate to and enjoy again and again! Plus Chris was funny at the end. On the CD they had a little blooper bonus from Chris's wrap-up. It was short but amusing.

Oops, Bennett posted while I was posting. I think I had a higher opinion of the episode than him, but I'm not being quite as analytical, either. It wasn't the best episode ever, but it was good, and I really do think that while it is aimed at kids, there will be parents who are nodding along in sympathy for the poor parents, since they've heard the pleas for pets and gone through similar situations with their own kids. It's the kind of episode a family could enjoy together and relate to together. Maybe us middle-range young adults without kids don't relate quite as much, but think back a few years, or look a few years into the future.



Review by American Eagle (Town of Odyssey)


  • I like Susie's voice, and good to get to know Camilla.

  • Wooton was good again.

  • The whole episode was a bit far-fetched, but still pretty fun.

  • I loved Camilla's scream when she saw Eugene's (lack of) hair.

Overall, I liked it. Not as much as Target of the Week, but still pretty good.



Review by American Eagle (Town of Odyssey)



I really liked this episode. I loved that Wooton was in it. I am glad that we got to get to know more about Camilla and the rest of the Parker family. I loved the father and daughter talk. Eugene getting rid of his hair was hilarious.



Review by Audrey (Blog)

  • The conversation in the first scene (between Susie and Camilla) was a realistic for two 8 year olds

  • Eugene being attacked by a dove was... odd

  • It was kind of strange that David wanted the whole family to hear the pet history, but I'm glad he did because it was really funny!

  • The "Parker family curse" was a cute title, and a great opportunity for a lesson.

  • I loved Wooton's part

  • The line with the Moose was great!

  • I felt so sorry for Camilla

  • I still wish there were some older sounding characters.

  • Poor Eugene, getting his head shaved, but what happened to Wooton?


Review by Freddy Jay (Blog)



Here are some general thoughts.

  • Eugene gets attacked by a dove? Comical, but realistic? I'm not so sure.

  • The part where the family is discussing why pets is a bad combination for them is pretty funny. I don't really like Matthew's line "They had a suicide pact." Referring to the fish.

  • Wooton's part(s) in this episode were great. Quote: Matthew: Hey maybe Wooton knows
    Wooton: Wow! Well I never did before, but there's a first time for everything. What is it?.

  • This episode gives a little more about the Parkers.

  • I like that this episode doesn't have the expected ending. The baby bird doesn't make it. Also Camilla doesn't get a dog, even though she proved how responsible she is.

  • We hear the explanation behind the cover of the album.

  • Camilla's scream when she sees Eugene's shaved head, priceless.

Conclusion: This episode has a good funny side to it. It was good to here more of the Parker family's personality. The theme was good too. Although it seemed to hit several;curses, responsibility, prayer. The theme that they hit the most in a way, and the one I like, is that even if you pray for something, it doesn't guarantee it's gonna happen. Also I liked how they had a serious moment, and then it ended with a funny one.



Review by Marvin (Blog)


First, let me begin by saying this is a great episode. There was humor, just a bit of sadness, and as usual, a good lesson was learned.

We hear some more of the Parkers, particularly Camilla. But somehow, she sounds a bit like a boy, which is what bothered me. We get to hear Wooton! Woot! And as always, he's as goofy as he ever was.

As for EUGENE CUTTING HIS HAIR, that was probably the best part. I never knew birds would be attracted to his hair. that's why it's called for the birds.

There was some of Whit in here, which is good. He's starting to dawn on me some more. And I liked how he explained that there's no such thing as a curse.


Review by Odyssey Blogger (Blog)


For the Birds" is one of the only episodes on album 51 that really has that "Odyssey Feel". One of the reasons i think that is because a lot of the other episodes don't have many bilble references. This one does have biblical references but not as many as i would like. Also, the parkers are in too many episodes. Correct me if i'm wrong, but they have been in every episode on album 51. I would also like to see a lot more of Connie and Eugene in future episodes.



Review by Sapphire (Town of Odyssey)



I really liked this episode. I loved that Wooton was in it. I am glad that we got to get to know more about Camilla and the rest of the Parker family. I loved the father and daughter talk. Eugene getting rid of his hair was hilarious.



Review by Jimmy Barclay (Town of Odyssey)


I liked it on the most part. It was good and had some good moments. And she didnt get a dog at the end, like "typical hollywood Ending." She learned some stuff. And we see why Connie cut Eugene's hair.

One Complaint. Matthew's "suicide pact" line. As someone very sensitive to that right now, and seeing a sad story earlier this year, I wish they hadnt included that.

I am warming up to the new Whit, and it was good to see him, Connie, and Eugene. And I like the Parker family.



Review by Anna (Town of Odyssey)



I thought that this show was actually pretty good. I think I'm starting to get used to, and like the new family! I still haven't adjusted to Whit's voice, but I'm sure that I will in time.



Review by Laurie (Town of Odyssey)



I really enjoyed this episode. There was a lot of typical Odyssey humor and I'm really starting to like the Parker family. It had a good lesson that I think a lot of parents and kids will relate to.



Review by King Butter Turtle (Town of Odyssey)



Main Thoughts

  • It was good. It was a good storyline with some funny lines. But, it was also, nothing to go crazy over, with several flaws.


  • O.k., so what's going on with Odyssey's birds? They expect us to believe that they're just going crazy attacking certain people because of their hair? That's just, uh... really weird.

  • The Eugene/Connie part was very shallow, very similar to the Wooton/Whit part last week. It's like half way between a two storyline episode and sprinkling a reoccurring idea for comic relief. I don't like it at all. It seemed like about 70/30 where I was into Camilla's story but, I wasn't into Eugene's problem. It did develop but, it just didn't work. It was almost like a split episode. I would have liked to see (err... hear ) Eugene investigate the problem much more in depth, which leads me to my next point...


  • The Eugene that I know doesn't just shave his head when he's randomly attacked by birds. Why didn't he set aside an afternoon to read every book on birds he could find, send video to an expert at Campbell College (Since the founder was an ornithologist, [see Truth, Trivia and 'Trina] I would expect the ornithology department to be very good.), or do research on the habits of various species, taking detailed notes, before self-diagnosing, "they like my hair". He was completely out-of-character.

  • Did Eugene seriously say "baby-making season"? Is "reproductive" more inappropriate or something?

  • I couldn't believe my auditory cavities when I heard Eugene speak in such an irregular manner.
    ^That's how Eugene is supposed to talk.


  • I liked the Jonathan Crowe thing.

  • Who did that Will Ryan guy play? Apparently, they've worked out a new contract or something.


Review by Crazy 4 Pugs (Town of Odyssey)


I thought the birds-attacking-Eugene thing was pretty dumb. Just unrealistic. And yeah, Eugene's use of "baby-making season" cracked me up. Overall though, I'm enjoying the return of WalkingTextbook!Eugene. I thought they made him a little too "human" and ignored his braininess in the last few albums.

But my favorite part:

"I wanted to name him Dr. Who, but I think that's trademarked."

One of the writers is obviously a sci-fi fan. (See references to The X-Files in other episodes.)



Review by H Tide (Town of Odyssey)



Overall, this was a pretty decent episode. The opening scene was quite fun and engaging, and the story played out nicely. I did think it was quite drastic for Eugene to get his hair cut so quickly. The whole Eugene subplot felt a little contrived. However, I enjoyed the Camilla plot, as it was a relevant lesson that many families can relate to. I also enjoyed the little funny moments in this episode. And Chris's bird talk at the end was quite funny. While this episode certainly wasn't as good as Target of the Week and not quite as good as Clutter, I think it deserves 3.5 stars.



Review by Taq (Town of Odyssey)


I hoping that Eugene would shave his head to give the birds a nest, not to prevent them from nesting. Oh well! I concur with the general consensus that the Eugene plotline was unrealistic. HOWEVER, I absolutely loved Camilla's story. Asking for pets is something very realistic (My younger siblings have recently asked for a dog!), and like American Eagle I really enjoyed getting to know Camilla! She acted well and felt like (was) a genuine kid. Furthermore, Wootton is doing well as a minor character.

Yes, curses are real. Jesus verbally cursed a fig tree and it withered! Stronger than thinking it was "odd," I thought for a sec that I was going to have to disagree with Whit. He said emphatically, "There's no such thing as curses!" and thankfully followed it up with, "no, not the way you mean it," as EMBEE mentioned. The first emphatic statement alone turned heads, but Whit quickly clarified that he was just wanting the Parker kids to avoid misnaming something as they were. Ergo, I'm letting Whit off the hook this time. (The dialogue is at ~13:16 if anyone wants to list again.)

To sum up, I agree with H Tide's rankings. For the Birds, a decent episdoe, is my third favorite of the season behind Target of the Week and Clutter in that order.



Review by Smaug the dragon (Town of Odyssey)


I'll admit I gave a little groan when I first heard Eugene being attacked by the dove, thinking "Oh, no, pleeease don't let it be a case of 'birds are attacking, Connie cut my hair' ". Which it was.

Aside from that, it wasn't bad.



Review by Joanne (Town of Odyssey)



For the Birds wasn't a complete disappointment but came close for me.

First the story. I thought the over all lesson was good, but the part with Eugene...was way too much.

Second the characters. I am really liking Camilla, I think the actress is doing a great job portraying the character. I think Olivia was also a little better, but I still don't like the sound of an adult playing a kid... to polished. I am still getting used to Whit but it isn't bad. Wooten was better than the last one, and had a good role.

Third my rating. This episode was ok, but a little disappointing. Over all I am going to give it 3. Not to bad but not great.



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