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Review by John Edo



This is a wonderful episode of Odyssey. It is also close to what happens in real life. The classic story of a bully going down is in this episode. I had to laugh (mainly because I went through a similar experience and my principle believed the bully over the ten witness who's stories were all the same). So sadly this story is a little inaccurate (at least at my old school it would have been). But it does show how justice prevails. The episode is a fun episode to listen to.



Review by Ian C.



I just listened to "Target of the Week" and "Game for a Mystery". Ah, the traditional "kids' slice of life" back again with new kids.


I especially enjoyed "Game for a Mystery" but "Target of the Week" was also good.


Just a little note: I wasn't offended as I did not grow up in USA, but I know from interactions with American-born Chinese (ABCs) that they are often very sensitive to stereotypical characterizations of Chinese-Americans.


The new coach for the Odyssey Coyotes is played a bit too much inscrutable Charlie Chan and could risk offending some ABCs. My suggestion to the Odyssey team is: Keep the accent, yes, but drop the zen-like stuff is my suggestion. Have milder stuff like what you find with the Hispanic references with Camilla Parker. Make that ABC coach more of a normal human being who just happens to be Chinese and have that accent. You can throw in some cultural references once in a while, but the fact is that no real normal Chinese person speaks in these silly zen-phrases.


That said, the moral of this episode was very well done. I always felt the tension with these kids of shows as I was a perennial bully victim in the Malaysian equivalent of grade school.


If we didn't have gun control in Malaysia, I would have been the Malaysian Columbine shooter -- I was so pushed to the wall that one day in equivalent of 6th grade I brought a kitchen knife to school and tried to kill my tormentor. Praise God, they managed to stop me and the very next year I got saved and my life took a drastic turn for the better!


I'm very glad to see the principal taking proactive action to stop the bullying in this episode -- many Odyssey episodes in the past, the bully got away, which leaves less incentive for children to not take revenge into their own hands.


All in all, this was a very good handling of the bullying issue.



Review by Josh



I have to admit, I was really worried when I found out they were replacing Rodney with a new bully named Vance King. And then I heard it yesterday...and it was awesome! Vance King is what Rodney would be if he was smarter, a little more compassionate, and liked sports. I loved the pranks he pulled on Matthew, and that makes up for his lack of personality compared to Rodney. Rodney's personality was very distinct, and we haven't found Vance's yet, but it's only his first episode. I thought this was Matthew's best episode yet, and Nelson is always enjoyable to hear. Now...about Coach Chang Fang. I'm an ABC (American-born Chinese) and while I thought Coach was HI-larious, I think they should add in an Asian family or some Asian kid to Odyssey. Otherwise, it's like if there were no Parkers and there was some grocery store clerk who had a Hispanic accent, for example. I liked the storyline, and I WILL MISS MARSHAL YOUNGER A LOT FROM ODYSSEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sigh...but anyways, this was a great episode, and I think this is my favorite episode so far (out of the five I've heard) of Take It From the Top!



Review by Julia




Review by Bookworm



This was a good episode, teaching kids to stand up to bullying but not to try and get revenge. I liked the way Wooton said "By all that is American and holy!" :) It was a good episode, and you guys did a good job on it. , -bookworm out! :)



Review by Christian A. (Blog)



I came into this episode with average expectations, failing to remember that it was this week's episode that was promised by Original Joe to be the best of the season. I was looking forward to next week's being the highly anticipated episode. I'm glad that I didn't remember right, because, otherwise, I might have gone into the episode with expectations too high to like it as much as I did.

Here are several thoughts taht I had concerning "Target of the Week":

  • There was overall, I thought, excellent acting throughout the whole episode, partly due to great writing. Even Andre Stojka surprised me with his great job as Whit. Andre gives every inclination that, given the right script, he can be a great Mr. Whittaker. Also, I noticed that Georgina Cordova did a great job as Nelson once again. We hadn't seen him in a school setting before (excluding "The Science Club" episode in "The Truth Chronicles"), and the actress again did well playing a younger male of the opposite gender.

  • It was said by Original Joe that Wooton would be in this episode, and therefore I did have high expectations for him. He did not, however, reach those expectations. He didn't seem to be his usual quirky self. (For those of you who vote in my polls, I accidentally misspelled "quirky" as "corky", and unfortunately cannot change it back. So if you like Wooton, but didn't choose "corky" because you didn't know what I meant, sorry!) I think the bad portrayal of Wooton was partly due to bad writing. I don't know if Marshal Younger is used to writing for Wooton or not, but Wooton just didn't sound like Wooton to me.

  • I like the fact that the Odyssey writers are bringing Kidsboro characters into regular shows to interact with regular characters. I really liked the interactions between Nelson and Matthew. They genuinely sounded like two fellow students, as well as friends. Again, there was great acting. My favorite line in this episode was, "Warn me before you speak to me!"

  • I also like the overall real-world feeling of this episode. It really seemed like a situation middle school kids would get into. I liked the realisticness in that there wasn't really a happy ending. Vance will still be a bully, Matthew didn't convert him unrealistically. Nelson and Matthew didn't get away with wrongdoing, got in trouble, and there was a great message about apologizing.

  • I liked all of the new characters. Vance King (and cronies) seem like they'll turn out to be a good replacement for Rodney and his gang (assuming they're not coming back). I loved the new baseball coach. I think he was supposed to be Japanese, and if so, he did a magnificent job (mostly due to good writing). He genuinely sounded Japanese-American, not just his voice, but also because of his emphasis on nature and the way the world works. All of his dialogue sounded like something out of an ancient Japanese haiku poetry book.

Overall, this was a great episode! Great, original, realistic Odyssey writing. Out of 10 stars, this episode deserves a 9.5.



Review by Audrey (Blog)

  • The boys in Odyssey sound too much alike, I heard them talking in the fist few scenes, and I couldn't tell who was who.

  • Not a big fan of the new bullies

  • I wish there was more of Wooton and Whit

  • The episode would've been better if I liked baseball

  • The pranks were genius, but I would have laughed if those pranks were pulled on me. Then again, that would make for a boring show :)

  • I loved the coach!


Review by Freddy Jay (Blog)



Yeah, more nelson. This episode introduces Vance King. At first he sounds like a big bully. Kinda like a Rodney but with a twist, not quite as mean or tough.

A Wooton episode! Yes! Wooton as a baseball commentator? Excellant, reminds me of when Lawrence tried. He made things interesting in the game play.

Vance now sounds more of a prankster than a bully. Somewhat harmless.

I couldn't help thinking of The Winning Edge and The Defining Moment. These two are also baseball episodes.
I like baseball. A Player on the coyotes named Mcgwire? Funny.

When Vance dropped the ball that reminded me of my own experience on the field as a little league player......course then again my glove wasn't tampered with...

Matt's confession was an admirable one, and definitely a hard thing to do. Great speech by Kent.


This episode was pretty good. I liked this one a lot, and not just because baseball is my favorite sport. Vance wasn't the big bad bully I thought he was going to be. I wonder how much we're gonna see Vance in future episodes? The baseball game scene with Wooton helping Whit with the announcing was a nice touch. Chris's wrap up was good too. I think the theme was a good one to remember as well. This one is one of those that keeps you interested even though it doesn't have a lot of action and spies and stuff like that. I give this one a 5/5.



Review by Original Joe (Blog)



I like this episode. I liked the comedy. Vance King seemed more of an evil character than Rodney. You may not have heard, but this is the first episode to have Jay Smouse in it. You'll hear more of him in "When You're Right, You're Right." Wooton was great. Too bad this is the last show done by Marshall Younger. But it was good. Overall I give it 5/5 stars.



Review by Irwin (Town of Odyssey)


Wow, this is my favorite episode of the season so far! (Although they are all great!)

First they introduce a character to replace Rodney, who's been there way to long. He seems to be a closer to Rusty than Rodney, but he's got his own unique style.

They also bring back the Coyotes with KYDS radio commentary! Throughout the episode I was reminded of The Winning Edge and The Defining Moment.



Review by Sapphire (Town of Odyssey)


I really liked this episode. I loved that Whit gave advice to Matthew. I also liked that Nelson was in it. Vance King reminded me of Rodney Rathbone. I am glad he was nicer to Matthew at the end. Matthew's confession was hard for him to do, but it was the right thing. Kent's speech was great. Wooton was as funny as always. I am beginning to adjust to Whit's new voice. I give this episode 5/5 stars. This episode and Clutter are my favorites so far.



Review by Joanne (Town of Odyssey)


I loved this episode!

I felt like the story flowed really well, and was a great slice of life story.
The characters were great as well! I am still getting used to Whit but, I really liked his role in Target of the Week!

Over all it has been my favorite so far! Keep it up AIO!



Review by Bennett (Town of Odyssey)


This is a nice strong slice of life show. By the time I got to the end of the episode, I was thinking--"now this episode sounds like it had a good writer, who is this?" Oh. Look. Marshall Younger. Strange, since I thought that he had left Odyssey.

Just a few quick points:

Wooton was simply a distraction during the episode, but he was a very good distraction. They used him lightly, and with a couple of pencil marks, could have gotten rid of him completely from the episode. I think Wooton can be used too heavily and therefore can become a little annoying--the writers may try too hard to squeeze out jokes and humor from him every 4 seconds. Here, he was used perfectly in a secondary role. Oh yea, and he was funny here.

You would have thought... Whit would have learned his lesson about having "colored commentators" after the Jimmy and Lawrence

Matthew, Vance , Nelson , "Jay" and especially Kent were each great new kids and each better come back. They are each great and likable characters. These are the types of characters that get me exciting about the new season. Amazing how there are a lot of new characters already...

Revenge The official site says the main theme is revenge. The episode would have only been mediocre if it wasn't for the second half which there was an even better theme about "placing the blame".

Coach Chang Fang: Hmm. Do any Asians listen to Odyssey? I immediately started liking this character a lot--he makes a really unique, distinct, and hilarious adult character--but are there any negative Asian stereotypes the show is treading on? Oh well I hope it's not a problem...and I hope that we hear from him soon.

Best Lines: "You mean you felt a symbolic responsibility for his error?" and [after there's a foul] Whit: "And it's fouled off! We'll do it again!" Wooton: "Of course we will"...

What was bad? Simple. "Target of the Week" What kind of bullies have targets of the week, I'm wondering? A little lame. Oh yea, and Bonnie. Oh, and squishy shoes. These are a few of my least favorite things.

I'm voting "good" for this episode. People are always voting "great" for each episode for some reason, but, these are the episodes that Odyssey is supposed to be airing. So, nice job on this one, guys.



Review by American Eagle (Town of Odyssey)

This is the best episode of Album 51, by far. I love Vance and Kent! I would love to see them in more episodes. Matthew and Nelson were good main characters, and I had no issues with them. Jay/Vance's "tell him what he's won" speech reminded me of some of the cheesy humor in the Sherwood Pictures movies, but that's a good thing.

Wooton is back!!! I'm not a Wooton fan or anything, but I'm so glad another fun character is back. He was excellent. I'm now totally used to the Andre as Whit, and the entire episode flowed really well. I agree with Bennett's "negatives", but they weren't annoying at all, and I can totally live with squishy shoes.



Review by H Tide (Town of Odyssey)


This was a fantastic episode. Right from the beginning, it drew me in and kept me anticipating what would happen next. It had a solid lesson and while drawing memories of previous baseball episodes like The Winning Edge and And the Glory, it still was original and didn't copy too much from past episodes. I agree with others that the kid characters are interesting and have quirky personalities, which is always fun. And I really enjoyed the addition of Coach Chang Fang. Although I am Asian, I wasn't at all offended by his portrayal in the episode but found him quite funny. All in all, the episode deserves five stars!

Random thoughts:

I thought there was good continuity with the Odyssey Coyotes and the Odenton Barons.

This is the fourth time we've heard the name Ken Blaylock before (previously in Sheep's Clothing and in Tuesdays with Wooton and The Highest Stakes (as the bus drive, Mr. Blaylock). No suprise, really, since Marshal wrote or co-wrote all four episodes, and is fond of putting the name in them, but it was fun to notice.

Have we ever heard the National Anthem sung in an Odyssey episode before? We've heard the instrumental version in By Dawn's Early Light, but I don't think we've heard a vocal rendition of the song.



Review by Jimmy Barclay (Town of Odyssey)


Has there ever been an AIO episode with an all male cast ? I cant remember any females in the episode.
4 stars. I really liked it.



Review by EMBEE (Town of Odyssey)



I felt like Wooton's part of the story was a little (for lack of a better word) underused in this episode. When I listened for the first time, I was like, "Yay! Wooton!" and I expected him to play a larger role in this ep. Instead, he ended up just being used for comic relief. I think that by not doing more with Wooton's role, they missed out on an huge opportunity to have a subplot that could've contributed to the theme of the episode. Anyways, that's just my two cents.

Some of my favorite lines from this show:
"I like to wear them to prove that I'm not sneaking up on people."
"For the love of all that is great in the U.S.!"
"I'm stupefied."

Lol about the whole Ken Blalock thing. I didn't catch it until someone mentioned it on here, which surprises me 'cuz I've heard the episode Sheep's Clothing (where they mentioned a Kenny Blalock) like a million times.



Review by Catspaw (Town of Odyssey)


I really enjoyed this episode. It remained realistic but still felt like it dealt with a real issue in a responsible way. Wooton's responses as the game dragged on and on were amusing. As Whit was talking about the runs that Odenton was getting, I was thinking about poor Wooton being stuck there even longer before Wooton even said anything, because I could feel his pain! There's nothing worse than doing something you don't really want to do and then have it take way longer than you expected. It was very easy to relate to I love him anyway, so it was great to hear from him! I agree with a lot of what has already been said. This was a very good episode!



Review by King Butter Turtle (Town of Odyssey)



Main Thoughts

  • I though it was very good. It very well exemplified the slice-of-life-y-ness that they're trying to get back to; the coyotes, KYDS Radio, kids getting bullied at school, kids coming to Whit for advice at the counter. It was a good story with enjoyable characters. I also appreciated the humor in this episode. I think it might be the first time I notably laughed out load this season.

Vance King

  • I liked him. I liked the voice and I think he has a lot of potential as the school bully.

The Coyotes

  • Tom Riley has been replaced. Of course, Connie did it for a while but, it really made me miss having Tom around. I still don't think he should stay (unless they find an amazingly similar actor) but, I would really love a good solid replacement to stop by the counter for coffee and fill some of his roles.

  • Have we ever had an Asian Odyssey character before? I guess, it's about time, huh? I liked the idea for his character but, for whatever reason, it just wasn't very funny.

  • Was it just me or did the coyotes game sound like at was in Yankee Stadium? In the past it's been basically parents and a few loyal fans. (like maybe 50 people) I know it's not too big of a deal but, when they started stomping and clapping, ("We Will, We Will Rock You") I found it to be so unrealistic that it took away from the scene.

Other Notes

  • I can just imagine the look on Jonathon Crowe's face when he was told about the scene in which Matthew would be walking around in squeaking sneakers. Regular footsteps are hard enough! They were executed perfectly, though- sort of reminded me of duck-man at the live show.

  • Jimmy Barclay's right, there was only one small female role. I didn't notice that until I read it. The only all-male cast in the past (wow, that rhymed ) that I can think of is It Happened at Four Corners.

  • I'm looking forward to hearing from Connie and Eugene again next week. It's been three episodes.


Review by King Butter Turtle (Town of Odyssey)


I think Target of the Week is my favorite so far, though Clutter was very good as well!

  • I really like Vance as the Rodney replacement. He's still the overt bully but has a different dimension by being a straight A student and acting perfectly in class. Great! Dalton Kearn from the Leonard Meltsner Arc had a different dimension as well by having some kind of heart, i.e. he showed affection for Everett. Not all bullies and villains are created equal; I like that.

  • The duck squeaking could be construed as lame, but I think it was supposed to be innocuous (We don't want kids copying anything too bad!) and humorous (It was outlandish and thus funny to me.).

  • I didn't even notice the coach was supposed to be Asian, haha. I'll have to listen again. Yeah, there have been a few Asians in Odyssey, for example the guy of Japanese ancestry who was on the U.S. side at Pearl Harbor and his son who Bart was racist toward. For all we know any of the characters that we don't have a cartoon depiction for could be Asian, though I usually (rightly or wrongly) assume everyone's white unless I have reason to believe otherwise, e.g. muy bueno coming from the Parkers. All in all, I'm not worried too much about this issue, just making matter-of-fact observations. And Bennett, Asians absolutely listen to Odyssey! I met a couple in Colorado, I know a bunch on the board (10?), and I live with some at home!

To sum up, Target of the Week was a very good episode. It was traditional in that Whit counsels kid and kid makes right, but original and not fully predictable. I look forward to hearing more from Vance! Haha.



Review by Dallas R. (Town of Odyssey)


Not too bad really. Like others, it's probably my favorite episode this season. I think the main areas have been covered pretty well, but I'll skim over a few thoughts.

Vance, good, but I agree that he's not quite Rodney. Oh well. Such is life.

Andre- Fine. Great as Whit, but not as good at announcing baseball as Paul.

Matthew and Nelson were fine. I like them both better than Grady. I think they'll be great to hear together in other episodes.

I didn't like the Asian coach. I don't think that he was too stereotypical Asian, but I don't like his new age comments.

My main complaint is still Wooton. It was great to hear from him again, and I think he had some funny lines, but he still doesn't seem to be quite himself yet. Maybe I'm the only one who thought that, but he doesn't have the same heart or feeling behind the character or something. It might just be that Jess Harnell and Andre don't act as well together as Paul and Jess. It'll be good to hear from him again in an episode where he talks to Connie. The two of them have a way of bouncing funny lines off of each other.



Review by Crazy 4 Pugs (Town of Odyssey)



It was pretty good. Vance can never possibly replace Rodney, but the fact is that Rodney should be about 35 by now, so it's about time they got another resident bully I thought the Asian guy was stupid. Waaaaaaaaay too stereotypical. I'm getting used to the new Whit faster than I expected, but there are still moments when I think "wait a sec, that doesn't sound like Whit." Overall, maybe 4/5 stars (it was a good episode, even though I don't really care about the characters.)



Review by StrongNChrist (Town of Odyssey)



Well......the new characters are okay, I guess. Somehow they don't match the old ones

The bully is more childish then an actual bully. I mean...the tricks he did? They were...rather stupid. Rodney and Rusty both were much better bullies. Even Max was better then the new bully.

I was just starting to get used to the new Whit.....but him announcing the game...that was just bad. I was gritting my teeth cause I couldn't stand his voice in the announcing. It was driving me crazy.

But the story and the lesson was good...I'd say 3 stars. Mainly because I somehow can't seem to like the new characters entirely.



Review by Jonathan (Town of Odyssey)



...I liked Vance. If this is the replacement for Rodney, I can live with him. He had his own style and the actor was fantastic.

Speaking of stuff I liked, the plot was very well executed. One of my complaints regarding Odyssey in the post-Novacom/pre-hiatus.2 period was that it too often seemed 'sitcom-ish'. Too cartoony, too light, whatever word you want to put in to replace sitcomy. If the lesson was serious it was bogged down in really silly/unrealistic dialogue and actions (and while I liked the Washingtons, a lot of their episodes come to mind).

When this episode started with the plot seeming to center around really odd pranks, I was concerned that this episode was going to go down that road. And thankfully it didn't, and in a big way. As much as I like to think I have forsight, I did not see this coming. It was a great story device to have them lose the game. And then to have Whit actually give a kid advice. And then have the kid act on said advice, insanely uncomfortable though it was. It was just really nicely done.

I also liked Wooton. He was another reason I thought this episode might become silly, but he was used well. Kinda like Harlow wound up being used post DBD--sparingly and on the side. Like when you sprinkle pepper on your beef. Perhaps this is how Wooton--who for better or worse survived the character purging of the hiatus--should be used from now on. Oh, and if I were Whit I would've offered more in that bribe, Wooton would be fun to play off of as a co-announcer.

There were really only two things I didn't like. First was the squeaky shoes. That was really distracting and made the dialogue hard to hear when they were out walking. And two, like JF, I thought the coach sounded rather new-agey. I liked the character, definitely a unique one with a very talented actor, but plenty of his lines made me squirm a bit in my chair.

So, conclusion, this is my favorite episode yet of the new season. Great slice-of-life ep. 4 stars.



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