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Review by Freddy Jay (Blog)



In Clutter we meet Red. I like him. I see him being a character that is around for quite a while, or at least I hope so. The Parker's garage kinda sounds like mine, and my basement. I like the Parker kids they are typical kids don't like to clean, bickering, makes it seem more like reality, and reminds me of the Barclays. The way David convinces them to help is genius, and very dad/parent like. The chemistry of the Parkers is great. Andre is really beginning to grow on me as Whit. I can really relate to them, clutter builds up quickly, and is somewhat hard to sort through. Great episode with a good theme and some humor, I give it a 4.5/5.



Review by Audrey (Blog)


My thoughts on clutter:
  • When everyone said "A garage sale?!" it sounded strange...
  • I could relate to Matthew, finding something old and getting distracted. 
  • Why did they change the Barbie brand name when they could use the real name in "And the Glory...". 
  • When David said "Quick, everybody, to the front yard!" he didn't sound very concerned
  •  I love the line "Like a duck doing the jitterbug!" 
  • It was groovy when the sprinklers went off!


Review by Marvin D. (Blog)



First off, Red Hollard. He sounds rather amazing. But he owns the Harlequin? Way-out!

The Parker Family, now that I know more about them, sound rather interesting. Eva (though With pronounces her name, Ava; I don't know why) is such a nice and calm person. I like it when David comes to take her stuff (the remote control and stuff like that), she told him to back off! 

The Parker Kids were great; I guess I can get accoustomed to Olivia, but I love Camilla. I also like the line (I forgot which one said it): Dad, can you please send this girl to wherever you picked her up?!, when the two of them were fighting.

We learned a valuable lesson about storing up clutter, and I'm glad everything worked out in the end. So, in short, I give this is 5/5 rating, or 9.5/10


Review by Original Joe (Blog)



This episode was pretty good. This is one of those "listen to 'em once, then the magic is away" kinds. I mean, it's kind of repetitive. Kids and Eva don't want to sell stuff, Dad wants them to sell their stuff. But I like Red. I think that he'll be a long-term character "like a sleeping hog in the sunshine!" But overall, it was a good episode. But it isn't the type of episode that I'll jump on "like a duck on a dune bug".



Review by Christian A. (Blog)


I overall really liked this episode. Throughout the episode there was great chemistry between characters. There were several specific things that I wanted to mention about this episode.
  • I like the character Red. He was a great, original, corky neighbor character. I didn't like him much at first, but he grew on me and even made me laugh once or twice. (Which, by the way, is not hard to do when it comes to Odyssey.)
  • I especially like the characters of Mr. and Mrs. Parker. They reminded me a lot of the Barclay parents. I liked how they continually called each other "Mr. Parker" or "Mrs. Parker". My mom and dad don't usually call each other by their first names either. The only problem I had was that the Spanish-speaking by Mrs. Parker struck me as a bit odd for Odyssey. As far as I can remember, we've not yet heard any Spanish-speaking characters. (Correct me if I'm wrong.)
  • I really liked the father-son conversations between David and Matthew. They sounded very genuine, like a father talking to his son. I appreciated how we continued to see the inventive side of Matthew. His invention was...interesting.
  • Olivia Parker wore on me a little in this episode. She didn't sound nearly as much like a 38-year-old as in The Inspiration Station Part 1. The chemistry between her and Camilla in the quarreling scenes was very good.
  • I appreciated the fact that Camilla's athletic abilities were introduced and that she values soccer and other sports above more girly things (such as Barbarina dolls). This explains the team's choice of an actress who sounds more like a tomboy. Hopefully we'll see more of her athletic side in episodes to come. Maybe even a sports-related episode or two. (Hint-Hint)

This episode reminded me of early Odyssey and the more family-centered, learning episodes.

At some points, the dialogue was such that it seemed like the Odyssey writers had placed a recording device in my house when Mom tells us to go through our stuff and decide what to give away to charity.

Out of ten stars, I give this episode an 8.5.


Review by Laurie (Town of Odyssey)



Excellent episode, good and very relevant lesson. I know from recent experience that clutter can and does take over and getting rid of things is anything but easy. A couple of things that are starting to bug me: First, the music between scenes is rather annoying as it seems to go on for longer than is probably necessary. Second is Olivia, I like her but she doesn't sound eleven enough for me. She comes across as whiny. You can tell that an adult is doing her voice. Other than those two points: 4.5/5



Review by 31899 (Town of Odyssey)


Red seems to be a Bernard Wooton cross. I think he is supposed to be the Bernard replacement unfortunately.

It just doesn't work when they get adult actors to act kids. It's all I can think about when they are talking making it very difficult to enjoy the episode.

Whit was worse in this episode. He still needs lots of work. If Mr. Parker hadn't said "Hi Whit" I wouldn't have known it was Whit he was talking to Whit.

Children arguing was much better.

I thought this episode was going to have a double meaning.



Review by King Butter Turtle (Town of Odyssey)



Main Thoughts
  • I thought it was good. It reminded me of when the Barclays had a garage sale in Treasures of the Heart.
The Parkers
  • I think I'm really going to like the Parkers. This episode made them seem very real and fun. I knew they had potential and now am assured that they will be a good addition. I think a Parker specific episode (without Connie/Eugene/Whit's End)(similar to the classic Barclay episodes) was a good way to get to know them.
  • I did notice that they spontaneously gathered again. It seems some sort of device like the Barclays' family meetings would be useful. It could be something as simple as family dinners.
Red Hollard
  • I'm excited to find out more about this character. He sounds like a cross between Tom and Bernard. I found his Bernard-like similes to be amusing but, he was a little over-the-top red neck, if you know what I mean.
Whit's End
  • Whit's End will have a train set now.


Review by American Eagle (Town of Odyssey)

Overall, I'd say it was onpar with the two Inspiration Stations. It was good because I'm getting used to the Parkers, and can easily recognize each of their voices now. I only laughed once, and no, it wasn't at Red Holland. Not sure I'll like that character much. He's rather annoying, and I'm still hoping for Bernard in album 52.

Overall, a good episode. 3/5 stars.

Review by Jonathan (Town of Odyssey)



I was looking forward to this episode for two reasons. First, it wasn't written by Paul. Last week, and the week before, I attributed the "feel" to Paul, for there are few that know it better. Second of all, when I read the description for this episode the first thing I thought of was episode 219. Granted, none of the writers from that time period are still around, but I was still interested in seeing whether this episode would be receiving it's own story.

Boy did it.

For the first slice of life episode post-hiatus it was incredibly relatable. I'm dealing with my own issues right now, both at home and at work, so I know where they are coming from (and I didn't learn the lesson of negotiation such problems from the Parkers, for when we get a dumpster again at work I'll borrow my co-workers principle of "do it now and if the boss doesn't like it beg for mercy later").

The oldest--was it Olivia? I don't have the kids real straight yet--was also incredibly relatable. Speaking as an oldest I said some of those same things, made the same arguments, and got the exact same rebukes. Brilliant. I don't know if I've had a moment in Odyssey where I've related more to a child character than there.

Whit sounded more like Whit. Perhaps that was because he had one scene and I didn't have time to really identify the differences, but it was better this time around.

And now I understand what people meant when they said Olivia doesn't sound like a kid. But I'll let that go because 1. I've said in the past we shouldn't get too hung up on voices and I've been a hypocrite enough times already and 2. I really wasn't noticing it by the end of the episode.

I really am enjoying Mr. and Mrs. Parker (was it David and Eva? Again, I'm still working on names here). Particualarly David. Pleny of moments to smile about here, and those two actors play off each other well.

And lastly, this episode definitely stands on it's own apart from the aforementioned episode. I've always maintained we shouldn't compare new familys to the Barclay's, and I still believe that, but I was afraid it would be hard this time around. It wasn't.

Overall, I'm really beginning to enjoy the Parkers. For the first slice-of-life episode since the hiatus, it was very, very strong. If this is what we get to place The Inspiration Station in context, it's up against some tough competition. Prelimanary rating, 4/5. Well done Mr.s Hoose and Deihl.

Review by Mandy Straussberg (Town of Odyssey)


Unlike Jonathan, I found it extremely difficult to not compare this episode with the Barclay episode. (Though maybe it's because I just listened to that episode last week.) And, again, unlike Jonathan, I felt like the interaction between David and Eva was kind of strained. But I just haven't really warmed up to Eva's voice at all yet.

I really liked their overall chemistry as a family, but I still sort of tune out whenever Eva or Olivia are in a scene. I know I like David and Matthew, but I still just haven't found anything appealing about Eva or Olivia. I don't really feel like Camilla's had enough of a part to play to feel one way or the other about her.

Overall, I thought it was an enjoyable episode, but nothing terribly new or exciting. Just about average.


Review by Catspaw (Town of Odyssey)

I thought this was a better episode than "The Inspiration Station." The Parker family was actually quite likeable, and there were a number of funny moments that weren't goofy or cheesy. Just a nice, simple slice-of-life story that probably won't be memorable but still is entertaining enough.

What a perfect slice of life episode! I like how they didn't try to go overboard and fit too much stuff in. It's just a regular family having a regular kind of situation. I thought the episode was easy to relate to (especially since my mom thinks that I could get rid of a few things) and I liked getting to spend more time getting to know the Parker family. I definitely thought of the Barclays in "Treasure of the Heart," but this episode was quite different. I can see myself enjoying this episode multiple times in the future.

Red - I love Bernard, and I don't think that he could really be replaced. Red is amusing and has some odd expressions, and he seemed interesting, but I hope he doesn't have too much in common with Bernard. I'd like to get to know him as a new character with his own traits, not one who could (probably) never measure up to an existing character who is loved by almost all AIO fans! I'm waiting to hear more from and about Red and I don't want to make Bernard comparisons, because then Red would have to lose, and that isn't fair. Hopefully he goes in a direction that makes it easy not to compare them, though his voice will make that more difficult. I don't know how much sense that all made, but it makes sense in my head.

I agree that an adult playing a kid isn't ideal, but I can see some advantages from a recording/continuity standpoint. I do prefer kids to sound more like kids, but like Jonathan said, it isn't a huge thing. It isn't a bad voice. It just sometimes doesn't sound quite as kid-like as a real kid would sound.

Review by WindowWasher (Town of Odyssey)

I liked it. I like the Parkers, especially the parents. The verdict is still out on Red. He was ok but nothing special. When I hear him, I start to miss Tom and Bernard. You know, I don't expect every episode to be excellent. If I think an episode is average, that's not a bad thing. If the writers/producers can limit an album to no more than 2 or 3 "less than average" episodes then I'm happy. So far, all three episodes have been enjoyable and that's ok with me, of course I certainly wouldn't mind a few "excellents" thrown in there for good measure!

Review by Trixie Belden (Town of Odyssey)


I gave Clutter 3/5 stars. I subtracted a star each for Red and for Olivia's voice. It's just so whiney and unrealistic sounding! Would it have been that hard for them to get a kid to play a kid? This is the first true kid character to be played by an adult. She's not a bad actor, she just sounds old. Red was terrible, in my (biased) opinion. He's a bit of a Wooton, but not really. He's just a down home, Beverly Hillbillies type a guy who happens to collect bobble heads, which makes him worse. His lines were a bit cliched, and I really didn't like him all that much.

Is it just me, or did this episode seem a little short? It seemed like it was over without much happening in it. It was a nice concept that could have been taken a lot farther.


Review by Sapphire (Town of Odyssey)


I really liked it. I got to know the Parker family better. I gave the episode a 4/5 stars


Review by The Top Crusader (Town of Odyssey)

I never even notice that Olivia is voiced by an adult... I don't even think of it when I'm listening. Maybe if I focused on it I could tell, but I don't get the big deal. It's certainly not the first time AIO has done this. >_>

Anyway, I liked the episode fairly well. Even as a child I never REALLY loved the "slice of life" episodes nearly as much as the more mystery or adventure driven ones, and I've always liked the ones centered more on adult characters than kids. Still it was really well done and had a good point, and was entertaining. The Parker family is pretty easy to accept as citizens of Odyssey, for me at least.

Red... I don't know, I'll have to listen again. I didn't hate him by any means, but he didn't really stand out. Maybe once I listen to this episode again or he makes another appearance I'll have more of an opinion on him.


Review by Crazy 4 Pugs (Town of Odyssey)

I thought this episode was actually really good. It seems like AIO is getting back to its roots, and it's high time. I know, to each his/her own, but personally I've had enough of the over-dramatic adventures of the last few albums. It seemed like they were really scraping the bottom of the barrel for ideas and most of the episodes ended up being unrealistic and contrived.

Okay, so this episode wasn't exactly exciting or one of my top favorites, but it's a real improvement on the last few seasons.


Review by Taq (Town of Odyssey)



Anyway, I really liked Clutter, mostly because we got to know the Parkers! I agree with Jonathan that Mr. and Mrs. Parker are outstanding and play off each other well. Who else loved the "muy bueno" lines!? Last week I was partial to Matthew because we got to know him; this week we got to know the girls and I like them too, Camilla moreso than Olivia probably because C. Parker more resembles me (soccer shoes + stuffed animals >> barberina). Having three kids so close in age (Olivia=11, Matthew=10, Camilla=8) makes things fun.

My views on the issues:
  • Olivia's actress's age- don't care.
  • Red- don't care.

4/5 stars, a step up from last week. Great writing, Bob Hoose. Great acting, producing and engineering all around! I wasn't especially stoked after The Inspiration Station, but after Clutter my avidity has gone way up. Can the new episode arrive any sooner!?

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