History of Whit Episodes

Below is a complete listing of episodes dealing with John Avery Whittaker's past.


017: A Member of the Family I

018: A Member of the Family II

019: Recollections

049: Thank You, God

093: Rescue from Manatugo Point

094: Operation: Dig-Out

183: Tales of Moderation

187: An Act of Nobility

211: The Mortal Coil I

212: The Mortal Coil II

266: It Began with a Rabbit's Foot...

280: Gone...

297: Blackbeard's Treasure

352: Memories of Jerry

355: The Search for Whit I

356: The Search for Whit II

357: The Search for Whit III

364: Home, Sweet Home

365: Clara

367: The Decision

372: For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll I

373: For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll II

374: For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll III

406: Malachi's Message I

407: Malachi's Message II

408: Malachi's Message III

462: The W.E.

464: The Triangle I

465: The Triangle II

468: Chains I

469: Chains II

481: Grand Opening I

482: Grand Opening II

582: Silent Night

609: Prequels of Love

637: The Forgotten Deed
717: Great Expectations

789: The Journal of John Avery Whittaker

808: No Friend Like an Old Friend

844: Charlotte


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