Storyteller Episodes

Below is a complete listing of episodes in which a particular character narrates the episode.


005: Gifts for Madge and Guy

007: Promises, Promises

012: The Tangled Web

019: Recollections

031: Family Vacation I

032: Family Vacation II

035: VBS Blues

037: Camp What-a-Nut I

038: Camp What-a-Nut II

041: Return to the Bible Room

043: Back to School

046: The Shepherd and the Giant

047: A Single Vote

049: Thank You, God

056: By Faith, Noah

058: A Matter of Obedience

061: The Boy Who Didn't Go to Church

069: Go Ye Therefore

074: Connie Goes to Camp I

075: Connie Goes to Camp II

082: Heatwave

089: That's Not Fair

092: The Ill-Gotten Deed

093: Rescue from Manatugo Point

094: Operation: Dig-Out

101: Scattered Seeds

109: Two Sides to Every Story

130: Bernard and Joseph I

131: Bernard and Joseph II

154: Coming of Age
158: A Day in the Life

165: Bernard and Esther I

166: Bernard and Esther II

171: The Cross of Cortes I

172: The Cross of Cortes II

175: East Winds, Raining

179: You Gotta Be Wise

180: Isaac the Pure

181: It Takes Integrity

182: Scales of Justice

184: Isaac the Chivalrous

185: A Question of Loyalty

186: The Conscientious Cross-Guard

187: An Act of Nobility

188: The Courage to Stand

189: No, Honestly!

192: Modesty is the Best Policy

197: The Midnight Ride

217: Rights, Wrongs, & Reasons

221: It Is Well

224: Greater Love

237: Deliver Us from Evil

266: It Began with a Rabbit's Foot...

270: The War Hero

272: Two Brothers...and Bernard I

273: Two Brothers...and Bernard II

277: It Happened at Four Corners

282: The Fundamentals

283: A Book By Its Cover

297: Blackbeard's Treasure

314: The Underground Railroad I

315: The Underground Railroad II

316: The Underground Railroad III

340: Pokenberry Falls, R.F.D. I

341: Pokenberry Falls, R.F.D. II

346: St. Paul: Voyage to Rome

347: St. Paul: An Appointment with Caesar

348: With a Little Help from My Friends

352: Memories of Jerry

360: Three Funerals and a Wedding I

361: Three Funerals and a Wedding II

365: Clara

372: For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll I

373: For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll II

374: For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll III

384: Amazing Grace

394: Patrick: A Heart Afire I

395: Patrick: A Heart Afire II

399: Bernard and Job

402: Arizona Sunrise

420: Telemachus I

421: Telemachus II

422: Passages I

423: Passages II

428b: Imaginary Friend

430: Blind Girl's Bluff

432: You Win Some, You Lose Some

437a: Sunset Bowlawater

437b: The Long Way Home

438a: The Lyin' Tale

440: I Slap Floor

464: The Triangle I

465: The Triangle II

466: Snow Day

476: Relatively Annoying

527: Black Clouds

539: Called On in Class

540: The Girl in the Sink

541: Bernard and Saul

560: The Present Long Ago

574: Prisoners of Fear I

575: Prisoners of Fear II

576: Prisoners  of Fear III

583: The Champ of the Camp

609: Prequels of Love

626: Life, in the Third Person I

627: Life, in the Third Person II

631: A Capsule Comes to Town

643: Kidsboro I

644: Kidsboro II

645: Kidsboro III
TC1: Here Am I
TC2: The Truth Be Told
TC4: Three in One

TC5: In My Image

TC6: Stepping Stones I

TC7: Stepping Stones II

646: Passages: Darien's Rise I

647: Passages: Darien's Rise II

648: Passages: Darien's Rise III

649: Passages: Darien's Rise IV

650: Passages: Darien's Rise V

651: Passages: Darien's Rise VI

652: Passages: Darien's VII

653: Passages: Darien's Rise VIII

654: Passages: Darien's Rise IX

658: Game for a Mystery

662: Grandma's Visit

664: The Jubilee Singers I

665: The Jubilee Singers II

666: The Jubilee Singers III

670: Stage Fright

675: A Thankstaking Story

676: An Agreeable Nanny

698: Never for Nothing

708: Sergeant York I

709: Sergeant York II

710: Sergeant York III

711: Sergeant York IV

722: The Lost Riddle

733: Big Trouble Under the Big Top

737: The Pilot I

738: The Pilot II

741: In a Kingdom Far Away

742: Drake the Cosmic Copper

746: The Lone Lawman

765: Follow Me

771: Pinocchio: The Tale of a Foolish Puppet I

772: Pinocchio: The Tale of a Foolish Puppet II

786: The Case of the Ball Cap Hero

789: The Journal of John Avery Whittaker

793: The Good Soil

795: The Boat People I

796: The Boat People II

804: The Key Suspect

808: No Friend Like an Old Friend

813: One More Name I

814: One More Name II

815: One More Name III

820: The Legend of Sperry McGerk

833: The Secret of the Writer's Ruse

841: Drake and the Time That Time Forgot

844: Charlotte


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