Mystery Episodes

Below is a complete listing of episodes dealing with mystery.


21:  The Case of the Missing Train Car

25:  Harley Takes the Case I

26:  Harley Takes the Case II

29:  Rumor Has It

39:  The Case of the Secret Room I

40:  The Case of the Secret Room II

70:  The Return of Harley I

71:  The Return of Harley II

82:  Heatwave

102: The Treasure of LeMonde!

113: Suspicious Minds

118: What Happened to the Silver Streak?

121: Missing Person

142: Train Ride

168: The Curse

171: The Cross of Cortes I

172: The Cross of Cortes II

182: Scales of Justice

189: No, Honestly!

200: Feud for Thought

196: Harlow Doyle, Private Eye

207: The Case of the Candid Camera

244: The Mysterious Stranger I

245: The Mysterious Stranger II

249: The Case of the Delinquent Disciples

252: The Bad Hair Day

255: The Boy Who Cried 'Destructo!'

290: A Name, Not a Number I

291: A Name, Not a Number II

297: Blackbeard's Treasure

309: The Perfect Witness I

310: The Perfect Witness II

311: The Perfect Witness III

324: Small Fires, Little Pools

325: Angels Unaware

326: Gathering Thunder

327: Moving Targets

328: Hard Losses

329: The Return

354: Blind Justice

355: The Search for Whit I

356: The Search for Whit II

357: The Search for Whit III

378: The Painting

400: The Spy Who Bugged Me

414: Buried Sin

437a: Sunset Bowlawater

467: Broken Window

478: Strange Boy in a Strange Land

483: Secrets

484: Plan B I - Missing in Action

485: Plan B II - Collision Course

486: Plan B III - Crossfire

487: Plan B IV - Resistance

490: The Black Veil I

491: The Black Veil II

492: Twisting Pathway

493: Sheep's Clothing

495: The Unraveling

497: Expect the Worst

498: Exactly As Planned

499: Exit

511: The Pact I

512: The Pact II

518: The Case of the Disappearing Hortons

520: The Mystery at Tin Flat

523: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow? I

524: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow? II

525: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow? III

530: Silver Lining

546: No Way Out

547: No Way In

548: Sounds Like a Mystery

554: Call Me If You Care

574: Prisoners of Fear I

575: Prisoners of Fear II

576: Prisoners  of Fear III

584: Dead Ends

594: A Time for Action I

595: A Time for Action II

605: The Chosen One I

606: The Chosen One II
616: The Other Side of the Glass I
617: The Other Side of the Glass II

618: The Other Side of the Glass III

634: Accidental Dilemma I

635: Accidental Dilemma II

658: Game for a Mystery

667: The Mystery of the Clock Tower I

668: The Mystery of the Clock Tower II

670: Stage Fright

677: The Malted Milkball Falcon

679: The Green Ring Conspiracy I

680: The Green Ring Conspiracy II

681: The Green Ring Conspiracy III

682: The Green Ring Conspiracy IV

683: The Green Ring Conspiracy V

684: The Green Ring Conspiracy VI

685: The Green Ring Conspiracy VII

686: The Green Ring Conspiracy VIII

687: The Green Ring Conspiracy IX

688: The Green Ring Conspiracy X

689: The Green Ring Conspiracy XI

690: The Green Ring Conspiracy XII

703: The Labyrinth I

704: The Labyrinth II

705: The Labyrinth III

713: Something Old, Something New I

714: Something Old, Something New II

722: The Lost Riddle

733: Big Trouble Under the Big Top

748: The Perfect Gift

778: Playing the Predictable

779: A Big Commitment

786: The Case of the Ball Cap Hero

804: The Key Suspect

809: Fathers and Sons

833: The Secret of the Writer's Ruse

837: Out of the Picture

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