Imagination Station Episodes

Below is a complete listing of episodes that take place in the Imagination Station.


66:  The Imagination Station I

67:  The Imagination Station II

80:  A Prisoner for Christ

87:  Elijah I

88:  Elijah II

104: Lincoln I

105: Lincoln II

135: Back to Bethlehem I

136: Back to Bethlehem II

137: Back to Bethlehem III

149: By Dawn's Early Light

161: Isaac the True Friend

176: The Star I

177: The Star II

184: Isaac the Chivalrous

190: Moses: The Passover I

191: Moses: The Passover II

209: Columbus: The Grand Voyage

211: The Mortal Coil I

212: The Mortal Coil II

226: An Adventure in Bethany I

227: An Adventure in Bethany II

253: A Time for Christmas

259: The Potential in Elliot

304: St. Paul: The Man from Tarsus

305: St. Paul: Set Apart By God

318: A Touch of Healing I

330: The Time Has Come

331: Checkmate

370: Christmas Around the World I

371: Christmas Around the World II

392: When In Doubt...Pray!

404: Hide and Seek

416: The Tower

424: Blackgaard's Revenge I

425: Blackgaard's Revenge II

436: A Look Back II

449: The Big Deal I

450: The Big Deal II

499: Exit

508: The American Revelation I

509: The American Revelation II

549: Think on These Things

566: A Most Extraordinary Conclusion
601: Bernard and Jeremiah
608: Run-of-the-Mill Miracle

625: Something Significant

641: The Imagination Station, Revisited I

642: The Imagination Station, Revisited II

715: The Perfect Church I

716: The Perfect Church II

717: Great Expectations

726: Push the Red Button

727: Your Servant Is Listening I

728: Your Servant Is Listening II

773: Hidden Gems

794: Things Not Seen

835: David and Absalom I

836: David and Absalom II

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