History Episodes

Below is a complete listing of episodes dealing with history.


28:  The Price of Freedom

33:  The Day Independence Came 

47:  A Single Vote

93:  Rescue from Manatugo Point

94:  Operation: Dig-Out

104: Lincoln I

105: Lincoln II

149: By Dawn's Early Light

175: East Winds, Raining

197: The Midnight Ride

209: Columbus: The Grand Voyage

221: It Is Well

242: Hymn Writers

253: A Time for Christmas

259: The Potential in Elliot

270: The War Hero

314: The Underground Railroad I

315: The Underground Railroad II

316: The Underground Railroad III

352: Memories of Jerry

384: Amazing Grace

392: When In Doubt...Pray!

394: Patrick: A Heart Afire I

395: Patrick: A Heart Afire II

402: Arizona Sunrise

420: Telemachus I

421: Telemachus II

508: The American Revelation I

509: The American Revelation II

562: The Last 'I Do'

625: Something Significant

TC6: Stepping Stones I

TC7: Stepping Stones II

664: The Jubilee Singers I

665: The Jubilee Singers II

666: The Jubilee Singers III

708: Sergeant York I

709: Sergeant York II

710: Sergeant York III

711: Sergeant York IV

795: The Boat People I

796: The Boat People II

813: One More Name I

814: One More Name II

815: One More Name III

820: The Legend of Sperry McGerk

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