Eugene and Katrina Saga

Below is a complete listing of episodes in relation to Eugene and Katrina's relationship.


254: Truth, Trivia, & 'Trina

260: Naturally, I Assumed...

266: It Began with a Rabbit's Foot...

267: ...It Ended with a Handshake

283: A Book By Its Cover

294: Unto Us a Child Is Born

322: The Turning Point

323: A Little Credit, Please

330: The Time Has Come

335: Love Is In the Air I

336: Love Is In the Air II

362: The Right Choice I

363: The Right Choice II

366: Solitary Refinement

372: For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll I

373: For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll II

374: For Whom the Wedding Bells Toll III

393: Wrapped Around Your Finger

406: Malachi's Message I

407: Malachi's Message II

408: Malachi's Message III

458: Red Herring

484: Plan B I - Missing in Action

564: A Most Intriguing Question

565: A Most Surprising Answer

566: A Most Extraordinary Conclusion

570: For Better or For Worse I

571: For Better or For Worse II

573: Back to Abnormal

574: Prisoners of Fear I

575: Prisoners of Fear II

576: Prisoners  of Fear III

577: The Business of Busyness

584: Dead Ends

594: A Time for Action I

595: A Time for Action II

596: Cover of Darkness

607: The Undeniable Truth

611: The Top Floor I

612: The Top Floor II

613: The Top Floor III

619: A New Era I

620: A New Era II

621: A New Era III

700: How to Sink a Sub

706: To Mend or Repair

712: Child's Play

731: More Than a Feeling

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