Connie's Loves Episodes

Below is a complete listing of episodes relating to Connie's crushes and relationships over the years.


111: First Love

117: The Trouble with Girls

335: Love Is In the Air I

336: Love Is In the Air II


Connie and Robert Mitchell

463: Green Eyes and Yellow Tulips

467: Broken Window

481: Grand Opening I

482: Grand Opening II

483: Secrets

485: Plan B II - Collision Course

486: Plan B III - Crossfire

487: Plan B IV - Resistance

495: The Unraveling

496: Exceptional Circumstances

499: Exit

503: Between You and Me

517: It's All About Me

523: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow? I

524: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow? II

525: Here Today, Gone Tomorrow? III

526: Seeing Red

527: Black Clouds

530: Silver Lining

532: Pink Is Not My Color

533: Something Blue I

534: Something Blue II

535: Living in the Gray I

536: Living in the Gray II

542: Eggshells

714: Something Old, Something New I

715: Something Old, Something New II

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