Bible Episodes

Below is a complete listing of episodes dealing with the Bible.


41:  Return to the Bible Room

46:  The Shepherd and the Giant

56:  By Faith, Noah

66:  The Imagination Station I

67:  The Imagination Station II

80:  A Prisoner for Christ

87:  Elijah I

88:  Elijah II

130: Bernard and Joseph I

131: Bernard and Joseph II

135: Back to Bethlehem I

136: Back to Bethlehem II

137: Back to Bethlehem, Part Three

165: Bernard and Esther I

166: Bernard and Esther II

176: The Star I

177: The Star II

190: Moses: The Passover I

191: Moses: The Passover II

210: On Solid Ground

226: An Adventure in Bethany I

227: An Adventure in Bethany II

229: The Marriage Feast

231: Hallowed Be Thy Name

237: Deliver Us from Evil

272: Two Brothers...and Bernard I

273: Two Brothers...and Bernard II

292: Siege at Jericho

304: St. Paul: The Man from Tarsus

305: St. Paul: Set Apart By God

346: St. Paul: Voyage to Rome

347: St. Paul: An Appointment with Caesar

360: Three Funerals and a Wedding I

361: Three Funerals and a Wedding II

389: O.T. Action News: Jephthah's Vow

399: Bernard and Job

404: Hide and Seek

416: The Tower

449: The Big Deal I

450: The Big Deal II

477: O.T. Action News: Battle at the Kishon

541: Bernard and Saul

601: Bernard and Jeremiah

641: The Imagination Station, Revisited I

642: The Imagination Station, Revisited II

715: The Perfect Church I

716: The Perfect Church II

TC8: The Final Call

715: The Perfect Church I

716: The Perfect Church II

727: Your Servant Is Listening I

728: Your Servant Is Listening II

765: Follow Me

773: Hidden Gems

835: David and Absalom I

836: David and Absalom II


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