History of Whit's End

Below is a complete listing of episodes surrounding Whit's End's rich history. Owned by inventor John Avery Whittaker, Whit's End is a local ice cream shop and discovery emporium.


001:  Whit's Flop

004:  Connie Comes to Town

019:  Recollections

036:  Kid's Radio

039:  The Case of the Secret Room I

040:  The Case of the Secret Room II

041:  Return to the Bible Room

051:  Connie I

052:  Connie II

066:  The Imagination Station I

067:  The Imagination Station II

074:  A Bite of Applesauce

077:  The Nemesis I

078:  The Nemesis II

083:  The Battle I

084:  The Battle II

102:  The Treasure of LeMonde!

114:  The Big Broadcast

168:  The Curse

169:  Hold-Up!

244:  The Mysterious Stranger I

245:  The Mysterious Stranger II

266:  It Began with a Rabbit's Foot...

306:  A Victim of Circumstance

316:  The Underground Railroad III

327:  Moving Targets

331:  Checkmate

334:  The Final Conflict

414:  Buried Sin

424:  Blackgaard's Revenge I

425:  Blackgaard's Revenge II

562:  The W.E.

631:  A Capsule Comes to Town

632:  Suspicious Finds

637:  The Forgotten Deed

641:  The Imagination Station, Revisited I

642:  The Imagination Station, Revisited II

655:  The Inspiration Station I

656:  The Inspiration Station II



Whit's End, Connellsville

468:  Chains I

469:  Chains II

481:  Grand Opening I

482:  Grand Opening II

505:  The Toy Man

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