ScoopYourself Photo Contest 2014

Adventures in Odyssey fans showcased their collections for a chance to win an assortment of AIO prizes. Entries are judged on creativity, not quantity.

Third Place: Michal M., age 12 (Round Rock, Texas)

Why Michal's Photo Earns Third Place: Michael's photo entry is very unique and impressed us with its creativity. The central focus of this piece is the concept of imagination. It shows us the extent to which Adventures in Odyssey fans go to when they've been captured by the series. Michal's attention to detail in his map of the town of Odyssey inspired us. We especially enjoyed the many references to locations around Odyssey such as FInneman's Market, Gower's Field, Chatwick Hill, Holstein's Books, and other less-mentioned places in Odyssey that make Odyssey, well, Odyssey. Overall, this photo entry displays a fan's creativity and imagination while listening to Odyssey. We could very well see ourselves surrounded by the show we love as we attempt to bring how we imagine the layout of the town of Odyssey to life. A big congratulations to Michal!

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