ScoopYourself Photo Contest 2014

Adventures in Odyssey fans showcased their collections for a chance to win an assortment of AIO prizes. Entries are judged on creativity, not quantity.

Second Place: Joshua B., age 13 (Waukesha, Wisconsin)

Why Joshua's Photo Earns Second Place: Joshua's entry particularly caught our attention by the story it tells. We don't just see an Adventures in Odyssey collection here. We're introduced to a scene that could very well be a part of any AIO fan's experience in childhood: sharing incredible stories and being surrounded by the show we love most. This photo entry captures the very essence of bonding between Odyssey fansand siblingswhich is very unique and brings back a nostalgia for listeners who grew up with the show. The placement of actors, AIO items, and use of lighting brings the piece together wonderfully. After all, Adventures in Odyssey is "a place of wonder, excitement, and discovery." That's the feeling we take away from this photo. A big congratulations to Joshua!

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