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By Connie's Vacuum


Connie was silent as she made her way out of Whit's End and into the parking lot. The shiny red car Whit had gotten her for Christmas gleamed in the sunlight. The car was beautiful, and she had named it "Cookie Dough" to remind her of her favorite food and ice cream flavor at Whit's End.


"Hi, Cookie Dough," Connie whispered to her car as she ran her hand over the side mirror. "How are you today?


She couldn't believe she was talking to a CAR, but Cookie Dough was her friend. She was always ready to listen and she wouldn't interrupt a single word.


Connie started to get in her car when she noticed a piece of paper stuck in her windshield. She got out and took the paper. She was surprised that it was written to her and put there on purpose. Was it from Whit? It didn't appear to be. Eugene? No, he wouldn?t do that. She unfolded it and read it.

Dear Connie,

We are having a meeting at the Library at Whit's End tomorrow at 2:00 pm. We hope you can join us.




Connie was puzzled. A meeting at Whit's End? If it was a staff meeting, surely it was from Whit, and he wouldn't sign it anonymous. If it was from Eugene, he would definitely sign it "Eugene Meltsner, your co-worker at the local ice cream parlor and discovery emporium, Whit's End" or something long like that. Who in the world would want to write her a note like that?


Connie wondered all the way home. She knew it would be very silly to ask Cookie Dough, but she knew Cookie Dough had seen who put the note there and she probably knew why.


"Oh Cookie Dough, if you could only talk," Connie whispered to the vehicle. Connie loved Cookie Dough more than any other car she had ever owned; it even topped her very first car. It was partly because Whit, her boss, friend, and second father to her, had given it to her.


Connie parked Cookie Dough in her apartment parking lot and said good-bye to her. Walking into the lobby, she didn't even bother taking the elevator but took the stairs. She wasn't in a hurry, so why not ponder what had happened by walking?


Jared had been acting strange lately. He was trying to convince her to let out her feelings against Mitch. But she didn't have any feelings against Mitch. Mitch had been her almost-husband and she still loved him enough to marry him. Jared was wrong. Very wrong.


She's go to that meeting tomorrow, whether it was a staff meeting or a freak-out-'cause-you're-single party. Either way, she was in Odyssey, surrounded by people who cared about her. And that was what was important. It really mattered.

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