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Plan B: The Other Side

By Silva


Katrina watched the computer screen as Eugene downloaded the Radio Wave Study research onto a disk. As she stood behind him, she thought of all that had happened in the past few days. First her father had had the stroke, which had been caused by a brain tumor. It had been growing much faster than normal, and the doctors had said they couldn't operate on it. Katrina had called her old friend Brandon Teller, and then had tried to reach Eugene all morning. When Eugene was finally able to come up to Chicago, he and Katrina decided to get married right then. Since Brandon was a pastor, he had done the ceremony. Three minutes later Daddy had died, after telling his daughter how proud he was of her, and apologizing to Eugene for "getting him the job at the college." Eugene and Katrina had decided that Armitage must have been working with Andromeda, and had somehow gotten Eugene the position of researching the effect of converting brain waves to radio waves.


Katrina was so happy to have a husband who held her through the tears and the fear, and now, as they prepared to go into hiding. Which was why they were back in Odyssey, stealing the RWS research from the Campbell County College so they could mail the disk to Jason. Eugene and Katrina both knew how risky, but important, this was. If the information fell into the wrong hands, Novacom would use it to take over the world. Katrina shivered as she thought of the danger they were in. Eugene finished the download and stood up.


"Let's go," he said quietly, and his young wife took his hand as they walked quickly out to where their bags were waiting in Eugene's car.


Later, they watched out the airplane window as they began to leave Odyssey, Novacom, and the college far on the ground below. Katrina thought about what the future would bring. She started to tremble as she imagined Andromeda tracking them down, trying to find the research. They probably already were. Tears came to her eyes as she tried to think of how long she and Eugene would have to live in hiding. she thought about her father...


"Oh, Eugene," she whispered, her voice shaking. "I'm... so... scared."


Eugene looked at her, his blue eyes filled with fear and love.


"Me too," he admitted.


He put an arm around her and hugged her tightly. "We'll just have to keep trusting in God."


Katrina felt safe in Eugene's arms, and she started to calm as she thought about God holding them both in His hands. He wouldn't let them fall.


"You're right," she murmured in answer to Eugene. She leaned into him and closed her eyes.


"I love you.",


"I love you too, Katrina," Eugene said softly., Katrina let herself drift from all the problems they faced. Eugene was there, and she would be there for him. And with God showing them the way, they would be all right.

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