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Audio by Garrett Vandenberg


The Owlnapping Fan Trailer



Everyone is out to get the Odyssey owl before it's too late, and it doesn't get any more dramatic than this.



Unplugged Reviews "An Agreeable Nanny"



In this parody of the Plugged In movie reviews, Unplugged takes a look at the content of Adventures in Odyssey's "An Agreeable Nanny."



The Novafiles



Revisit Novacom from a different perspective. (Additional credits: Loren Crisp, Joanne Crisp)



"Have You Ever Been to Odyssey?" Remix



Get ready to spice things up with a remake of Eugene Meltsner's classic song about Odyssey.



The Bones of Wrath: "Why Don't You Just Hurry Up and Die?"



Experience a fan's rendition of the Bones of Wrath's 90's cassette single.



Audio by GS


Harlow Doyle Impersonation



An Odyssey fan imitates one of Odyssey's eccentric characters.



Audio by Kevin McCreary


Communicate Remix



A failing attempt at a rap song in Adventures in Odyssey history grooves its way to a new edition that soars onto the pop charts.



Secret Word Contest Rap



Created for the Official Adventures in Odyssey Podcast.



Electronic Snail Mail Commercial



Writing to the gang in Odyssey just got a little more complicated.



Audio by Loren Crisp


Weekdays with Bassett



Wooton Bassett has—let's just say—a strange conversation with a friend.



A Triple Whit Scoop



We always wondered when Whit would start talking to himself.



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