Album 61, “Without a Hitch,” Debuts on the Odyssey Adventure Club

By | July 15, 2016

Album 61: Without a HitchAdventures in Odyssey fans are anxiously awaiting the next audio album, which releases this fall. In the meantime, Odyssey Adventure Club members can listen to a new episode from this collection each Thursday, which officially began July 14th.

Here’s what you can expect from your friends in Odyssey in Album 61, Without a Hitch:

Wedding bells are finally ringing for Penny Wise and Wooton Bassett, but the journey to the altar takes several unexpected side roads. Meanwhile, the Jones and Parker Detective Agency faces its most perplexing case yet, Olivia and Matthew compete against each other for student body president, and Whit finds himself in the middle of a feud between two warring clans. Celebrate marriage, family and friends in Odyssey with this hilarious six-episode collection!

Members, login at today to follow the latest adventures. If you’re new to Adventures in Odyssey or have not yet registered for the OAC, Focus on the Family now offers a 14-day free trial of this awesome club. It’s a host of content that no AIO fan can do without.

You can learn more about this release at our product page. Fans, be watching for the digital download later this summer and the CD release in October!

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