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Trip to Ireland
The gang in Odyssey is packing their bags and headed for the beautiful land of Ireland. But why?



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Approximate Running Time: 2.5 min.


Pack your bags and get ready to travel across the continent with Whit, Connie, and Eugene! In Trip To Ireland, the Odyssey gang is headed for an exciting trip to the beautiful country of Ireland. What is their reason for going and what will they encounter? It's up to the roadmap to tell.

Behind the Scenes

The low, sinister voice heard in this production is not a computer-generated voice. What you hear is what you get. This voice was done by none other than the webmaster himself.

Did You Know?

Unfortunately, some sound clips don't make it to the world wide web for various reasons. Trip to Ireland sat around for several months before its release. During production, collection of numerous audio bytes of characters from the show was tedious and overwhelming. Fortunately, this clip finally made it through production and is now available for the world's enjoyment.





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