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Episode One: The Brunette



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Approximate Running Time: 11.5 min.


When a young girl wanders into Tracer Bullet's office, a suspicious line of suspects begins to lead him to uncover a chain of illegal activities involving a familiar, yet uninviting establishment.

Behind the Scenes

Unlike previous dramas done by this couplet of talented writers, actors, and production crew, Tracer Bullet, Private Eye marks the first official series mixed and recorded on a computer. This enhances the quality and allows for more creativity in sound design. To put things into perspective, the recording studio consisted of a microphone, a computer, and a cramped closet.

Did You Know?

This special drama series was originally planned to include twelve complete and unique episodes. Also, did you know that about half the voices you hear in this episode are synthesized? In other words, you aren't listening to real voices; we're just making you think you are! It's up to you to figure out which ones are real and which ones are just a little contrived.





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