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Silly Songs with Connie: Endangered Lover
Who ever told Connie she could sing? Catchy song, though.



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Approximate Running Time: 3.5 min.


It looks as if Eugene Meltsner has a secret admirer, and the admirer is right under his nose! Sang in Connie Kendall's perspective, Silly Songs With Connie: Endangered Lover is sure to have your toes tapping, hands clapping, and ears ringing for months afterward.

Behind the Scenes

This sound clip took an unusual amount of work.  However, the idea to create a silly song with Connie tormented the producer until he actually got to work on it. Creating a tune for the song was easier than expected. After the song was recorded, a program was used to synthesize the voice to make it sound as if it really were coming from a girl.

Did You Know?

The lyrics to Connie's song were originally written for the Chicken Soup section of The Odyssey Scoop. " Written by Jacob Isom and his cousin, the poem Endangered Lover was the first piece that went into the section. Please note that this sound clip was released before Chicken Soup for the AIO Soul.


For a short time, Silly Songs With Connie: Endangered Lover was available on the website as a music video! Visuals accompanied the audio and made the sound clip more fun.





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