Original Odyssey Promos
New Series 1: "The Last Days of Eugene Meltsner"
Adventures in Odyssey released a newer video series, with the first episode The Last Days of Eugene Meltsner. Listen to the audio promo produced to build interest in the series.



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Approximate Running Time: 1 min.



This video series was created following the success of Focus on the Family's previous video project, McGee and Me. Originally, the Odyssey video series was created by a separate staff from that of the radio series and each episode had a budget of about $400,000; by 1998 over 2 million Odyssey videos had been sold. There are currently 17 episodes in the video series and several attempts have been made to place this series on television. The New Series was released by Tyndale following the Original animated series, though it did not have the impact that the original episodes did.

The audio episode, Dobson Comes to Town, was produced to introduce radio listeners to the original video series.


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