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The Love and...CHRONICLES
Episode Three: Love and Addicting Over-the-Counter Drugs



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Approximate Running Time: 10 min.


Image of the CD version of "The Love and... CHRONICLES"Marsha is admiring a boring bottle of cough syrup one day at a local pharmacy when she meets her beloved Jon. With a fate worse than death, Marsha and Jon are split apart for the longest 30 seconds of their lives as Jon is caught up in a showdown! Can Marsha cope with this stressful situation or is it she who suggested the showdown in the first place?

Behind the Scenes

Creating sound effects can be fun, and sometimes annoying. In order to create those distinct walking sounds, The Kisses required a room with an echo, a pair of high heels, and a concrete floor. Over three minutes of walking sounds were created in this outdoor studio, and were later added into the scene to give a slice of life. It's interesting to point out that a girl didn't walk in those high heels.

Did You Know?

Love and Addicting Over-the-Counter Drugs is The Kisses' first musical drama, and another musical was later attempted in Love and the Cardboard Box, which never finished production. Also, "addicting" is not found in the dictionary. "Addictive" is, but "addicting" does not exist.






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