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The Love and...CHRONICLES
Episode Two: Love and a Jungle Treehouse



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Approximate Running Time: 10 min.


Image of the CD version of "The Love and... CHRONICLES"An exciting cruise to Madagascar opens up a new relationship for Marsha. Will she and her new beau be separated when he goes on a trip to Bolivia? Will Marsha be trapped watching lonely episodes of Wheel of Fortune alone?

Behind the Scenes

The toilet flush heard in this episode was not an easy sound effect to create. First, the entire studio (not much equipment at all) was moved from a small bedroom to the nearest bathroom down the hall. Caleb, voice of Jon Dinkleberry, stretched the microphone across the hall and into the bathroom. Jacob, voice of the Narrator, flushed the toilet. Abigail, voice of Marsha Jonworthy, accommodated by shutting the door. All in all, a very renewing scene was created.

Did You Know?

If you pay closely attention, there are a few bloopers. In the Target scene, a vacuum salesman knocks on the door of the store. Now when in reality would a salesman knock on an automatic door to sell used vacuum cleaners to a department store? Also if you listen closely, you may hear a few commonly-known phrases in the advertising world.






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