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The Love and...CHRONICLES
Episode One: Love and War



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Approximate Running Time: 6 min.


Image of the CD version of "The Love and... CHRONICLES"Jon and Marsha are enjoying a relaxing afternoon at the river when the upsetting news of war sweeps Jon away. Will Jon be able to survive in the war so he can see his dearest Marsha again?

Behind the Scenes

Believe it or not, The Love and... CHRONICLES began with three kids, a tape recorder, a microphone, and some music CD's. The production of Episode One was easier than future episodes. With only one evening to spare (Valentines Day 1999) the episode was produced. It's interesting to note that the music in Love and War and future episodes was not timed and placed in carefully. It just sort of happened perfectly!

Did You Know?

The name of the host of The Love and... CHRONICLES is roughly based on a renowned British actor. The host of these dramas is named Robert Sushi, while the host of Focus on the Family Radio Theatre is named David Suchet. He is most-known for his role as Aslan in the seven Chronicles of Narnia.






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