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Jungle Jam and Friends: The Radio Show
Whit, Connie, and Eugene make a surprise visit to another radio drama for kids.



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Approximate Running Time: 2 min.



Jungle Jam and Friends: The Radio Show!, or simply Jungle Jam, is a radio show with Evangelical Christian themes as well as humor. The show was created by Jeff Parker and Fancy Monkey Studios, featuring voices, writing, and sound editing by Nathan Carlson (known for his role as Richard Maxwell on Adventures in Odyssey), Phil Lollar (AIO co-creator), David Buller, and many others.

The program first aired in 1993 and within two years it had been aired on over 800 radio stations. Cassettes of the broadcast were available from Word Entertainment until the year 2000. At that point, the show was taken over by Fancy Monkey Studios, Inc., who sell CDs of the broadcast. Jungle Jam continues to air, with most recent episode, "Driving Miss Lazy," released in 2006. The series features songs by award-winning husband and wife musicians, Buddy Miller and Julie Miller. The team also released an animated Christian video series, Little Dogs on the Prairie. One of the projects Fancy Monkey Studios was, in fact, what became 3-2-1 Penguins!, successfully pitched to Nawrocki and Phil Vischer at Big Idea.

The show is usually set in the jungle, although episodes occasionally take place elsewhere. Episodes follow a pattern: an introduction will be followed by a ten to forty-five minute story. The shorter stories end in an upbeat song; the longer episodes are divided into two parts and have songs scattered throughout. Although most episodes feature the Jungle Jam gang, some follow a boy named Marvy Snuffleson and his sister Katie and their visits to the remarkable RazzleFlabben Island. All episodes teach a lesson about the Bible or about Christian life.


It is interesting to note that the format for Jungle Jam is similar to that of Adventures in Odyssey's split episode format which wasn't so popular in its day. This is mainly because Phil Lollar was involved with both Adventures in Odyssey and Jungle Jam. Also, several familiar Adventures in Odyssey voices appear in the jungle setting, including Phil Lollar, Nathan Carlson, Chris Anthony, and others.






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